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I know it's possible, but I can't figure how to make a kill all enemy-triggered goal/door/pipe. Can anyone tell me how?

Is it possible to make Yoshi's House invisible until activated by an event?O.O
Well, that's not exactly what I had in mind. What I had in mind was that the level automatically finishes after removing all sprites, or a door/pipe appears. I don't really have enough hacking knowledge to "tinker" with this No Sprite On Screen = Goal sprite :O

And the key/keyhole thing wouldn't work with a door/pipe anyway.
1) I can't figure out how to put a Baby Green Yoshi or a Green Yoshi Egg inside of a block.

2) How do you disable Yoshi in a level?

3) What happens if Yoshi is disabled in a level, so you leave him outside the level, and you get a Yoshi inside the the level and take him out? Since you now have two Yoshis on the overworld, will the game glitch out? O.O
Thanks guys. I've figured this out now. I'll just leave this thread up for the Invisible Yoshi's House. :D
I'm having trouble with this code. Addmusic says that octave 27 has an error, but I don't really know if I count the octave symbols or what's in between them. Also, it should be noted that when converting the MIDI, tinymm spawned channels 1 through 7, then randomly has channel 10, which is apparently not allowed.

Thanks, Maxx. It seems that two of the o7's were removed, and Addmusic seems to be ignoring the others for now. Now the problem is "line 206 octave is too low". How do I find line 206 (besides counting), and then know which octave is too low? |-O
These are some questions/problems I have.

1. I'm trying to make custom tilesets with YY-CHR. To convert them to ExGFX, I'm supposed to use the "Save As" function. Whenever I do that, though, it becomes a "file", not a "BIN file". How is this fixed?

2. YY-CHR isn't in English. It's not in any other language either. Not even Gibberish. How is this fixed?

3. How do make the corners of the Switch Palace blocks not look stupid? By corners, I mean the corners that are all based off of one corner tile.

4. How do you change the palettes of the File Select?

5. How do you change the green background of the apples?
Okay, this sort of follows up with YY-CHR not being in any language at all. In order for me to copy graphics correctly, I need to be able to select one regular square at a time. But I can only select 4. Since I can't understand YY-CHR, I can't really figure out what I'm supposed to do to change it so that I can select one regular square at a time. Can someone tell me how? If so, please tell where the things that I'm supposed to click on are so I have an idea of what's going on. :P

Also, Kaijyuu, it's not in Japanese. As I said, it's not in any language, not even Gibberish.
For some reason, the bonus game is glitching up. It used to be working fine, but now it started becoming endless. Horizontal scrolling activated itself, the bonus game "tic-tac-toe" things disappeared, and a few of the coins I inserted also disappeared. What happened, and how do I fix this?
But I didn't. I edited it, and it worked fine, so I didn't touch it afterward to prevent this from happening. Now it doesn't work for some reason. This started around the same time I switched from Carol's Addmusic to Romi's, but I don't see how that would screw up the bonus game.
Whenever I go through a pipe with a P-Switch active(I don't know about a door; I haven't tried it), the game gets stuck in a black screen with the P-Switch music infinitely playing. How is this fixed?
Nope. I was just minding my own business, testing a level.
Music in level: Bomberman Land Grass Route

P-Switch music: Played A Live

Destination music: Varies. I have multiple pipes leading to different levels, all of which have different music, and it still crashes. The music IS custom, however.
Yeah, I was using Carol's and switched to Romi's. But how do I stop this glitch? Just port everything to a new rom?
Now, this is extremely basic, but I've never done this before, so bear with me.

How do I copy my changes to Map16?
Thanks! Good luck moderating!
I have a level on the overworld that Mario swims on. But for some reason, he stands on it in-game. |-O
Already been done before the first post. Jesus Mario refuses to go away.
There is a level that I want Mario to get a save prompt in. When he beats the level, it doesn't show up. But once he moves, it appears.|-O How is this fixed?
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2technogeeks' Profile - Posts by 2technogeeks

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