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Originally posted by Italian7
Ok, the contest is still open? How do I participate? I'm kinda new here


You have about three days.
I really like those Muncher Coins. I do have a couple complaints, though:

1) The original coin is very different. I assume you plan on changing it (haven't read the whole thread), but for now, it clashes with the style of the fancier ones.

2) After spinning diagonally, the Muncher Coins seem to stop mid-spin, and restart the spin. It's kind of hard to explain, but if you watch the video a few times, you should be able to see it.
mockingod should be banned because apparently God lives in hell. >_>
Originally posted by Jacob
Damn, just burned through ~30 Ultra Balls and ~10 Great Balls on Cobalion.

I've usually been pretty unlucky when it comes to legendaries, but it's been going pretty well so far for me. I got Victini, Cobalion, and Verizion (the only legendaries so far for me) all on the first ball. It took a while for that first ball to come for the second two though, since I was about 10-15 levels under them. Sequence breaking with a surfing Ducklett from the GTS is very satisfying.

I'm currently stalled at the Celestial Tower shiny hunting for a Shiny Litwick as my last member. I already have a Dusk Stone thanks via my Ducklett, so all I need to worry about is the catching/hatching part. I have four PC boxes full of candles at the moment, not to mention all the random encounters I've had. >.<
Originally posted by Quizler
Anyone got any suggestions?

Lillipup. Do it.
Originally posted by MarioPikachu11
Does anyone have money? I want Pokemon Black or White.

You're probably better off either making your own money, or asking family/real-life friends. I doubt anyone on the internet (including me) will be nice enough to buy you a copy.

If you're really desperate you can start walking around the city and finding spare change. If you're really lucky you'll find a copy of the game lying on the ground.

E: You could also save up for a 3rd installment, assuming the rumors of a 3rd not coming out are false.
Originally posted by DDDchu
I never have my starter in the PC. I do but only to move pokemon around. It's always on my team.

Same with me unless I decide not to use my starter. It only goes off into the PC during post-post-game, when I don't need it with me anymore. During all five generations, I think the only exception to this is right now, when I've had a Munna, Lampent, and four eggs with me for quite a while now. @[email protected]
Originally posted by That Guy
I kinda screwed my self with action replay and now I'm stuck in Johto.

If you're using Action Replay anyways, why not just give yourself a free Dark Pulse?
Originally posted by LudwigVonKoopa
Also what is with this entralink thing and what does it do?

It's like the Union Room as an independent video game. Or something.

You can warp to the Entralink from most places, and you can still do things like hatch eggs and such.
Originally posted by LudwigVonKoopa
bummer, then what is this dream world?

Serebiiiiiiiiiiiii (・ω・)
(you get to grow berries and get Pokemon with special abilities, which are the main positives here)

Global Link:

Go ahead and make an account now as you might as well.

E: I might as well point out that if the female in the Day-Care has its Dream World ability (including that one Musharna you can find in the Dreamyard), and the father isn't Ditto, you can pass on the ability.
I was kinda disappointed with the removal of those awesome features, but I try to think of it in a different way; I try to consider the Gym Leader rematches and stuff bonuses to the older games, not "negatives" to Gen V. If those extra perks weren't in the other games, we wouldn't be complaining now, would we? B/W wouldn't be any different, we just wouldn't be comparing it to anything.

On a completely un-related note, does anyone have any suggestions on what to do with my (currently) 334 candles? They have some decent to good natures and moves, so I figure I'll just trade them all away, but I might just release them. I've almost reached filling up all 24 PC Boxes and I still have like 2/5 of the game left...
Originally posted by Chikane
it feels so emptry after you completed the main story compared to the other games, unless that's just me :<

Well, R/B/Y, G/S/C (if you count Kanto as part of the main story), and Ru/Sa weren't really that great post-game, unless I'm missing something painfully obvious. FR/LG was the first to really open up new areas after you beat the game, and the Battle Frontier showed up. So yeah, not as many games were that great post-game as you may think. Even FR/LG and D/P were a little empty post-game as well. The Battle Frontier, in my opinion, is what saved everyone.

I've heard B/W has a pretty good post-game, but I haven't gotten there, so meh.
Originally posted by Riolu180
words and stuff

Sure, I guess. I'm not doing anything with them right now. I've gotten a lot with Modest thanks to my Everstone. I don't check the IVs of my trash though, so I'll take a look at some of the more promising ones and get back to you on that.

I have been putting them up on the GTS, but only for other Litwicks. I'm trying to get a foreign one with Heat Wave, but so far, no luck. Thanks to this though, I have a ton of foreign ones, Pokerus ones, some with TMs, and some with Haze and Clear Smog.

I'm not giving up on this hunt and moving on either. I've already lost all the default members of Black City (I think), and I'm not letting that go to waste.

E: I've tested one of them, and it seems decent. It excels in Sp. Attack and Defense, and has pretty good HP and Attack (if you care about this one, uh...). Sp. Defense and Speed are pretty bad, though. I don't really have much experience with calculating IVs, so bleh. I'll figure this out someday.
Originally posted by shiva
Why did this happen whith custom pipe ?

Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
which is only noticeable when the graphics are edited, due to symmetry of SMW's pipe tiles

What he's saying is the original graphics were symmetrical. This means, even if they weren't flipped, they would still look perfectly normal. Yours doesn't have the top and bottom identical, so it is much more visible. (in short, the original had the problem it just wasn't noticeable)

If you didn't edit what the tile acts like, then yes, the pipe should still act the same way.

Sort of off-topic: You might want to change the yellow to green like Alcaro said, just for consistency. Completely unimportant though, just voicing my opinion.
Originally posted by Quizler

I bred them, and all I did was play around with different methods of IV calculation. Since they're only level one, I just saved before leveling them up on Route 1 and checked their stats.

Before I do anything related to IVs, I need to really figure out a good consistent way to do this. Any help?
Originally posted by Quizler
Talk to the Ace trainer in the gear station.

Knew about him, just not any specifics. Thanks.

Originally posted by Chikane
Currently assembling my team for the tournament, and I'm having a hard time getting the natures right, they just don't want to be the nature I want D:

Are you breeding or catching? If you're breeding, get a female that has the nature you want, and give it an Everstone. If you're catching, go find a Pokemon with Synchronize like Munna or something, catch it, and hope it has the right nature. If it does, stick it at the head of your party (with a Smoke Ball if its too weak). You could also use this Synchronizer to find a female to stick an Everstone on.

If you can't pull of either of them then that means you're just very unlucky. D:
The lottery was a nice touch. Heck, I would even like it if there were no prizes. I just felt like it was neat, I guess.
Originally posted by Desert-Fox
I'm currently trying to buy Paper Mario on Ebay, but the prices are way too high for something I can buy in a pawn store for $50

What about Virtual Console?

/doesn't know anything about australian VC
Originally posted by leod
Hardly readable layout is hardly readable.

I can read it fine. Did he change it? It says he was online 54 minutes ago so I think no? (this daylight savings thing is messing with me)
Originally posted by kirbyeatsbomberman
Hehe best way to kill garchomps. Cloysters ICICLE SPEAR!!! Basically nerfs yache berry too.

...unless Garchomp outspeeds (which is very likely) and one-shots.

I find the standard Ice Shard Weavile more effective, since most people don't even use Yache Berry.
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