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How many of you are actually getting in? It's been processing forever for me. :/
Originally posted by Dotsarecool
Apparently everything should be sorted out by 9pm EDT, which a little over an hour after this post.

I guess not...

One of my friends had a theory that they were just letting in a few people at a time to make sure the server didn't crash. After all, there's over 900 thousand users registered, and the Dream World is still on "Quiet".
Originally posted by Dakress
Originally posted by Superdragonyoshi1
Caught Thundurus, probably 30 times easier than Kyurem.

Now to trade with my sister to get Landorus :>
How many of you guys have Landorus?

In this Gen. the legendaries are so ridiculy easy to catch, even a metang gives me more challenge that any legendary.

Oh, and I have a Jolly Landorus.

Actually, many legendaries (not including the cover legends, who are as difficult as an Aipom) have a capture rate of 3, which is equal to that of a Metang. The fact they seem easier comes down to just luck. Victini has catch rate 3, and I caught it in one Nest Ball.
Pop-Tart Cat is taking over the world. Seriously.

Me gusta.
Originally posted by Pikerchu13
You know, I have an idea. How about we get as many people as we can on this site to get on the dream world at the same time, and then, our odds of meeting eachother will increase. Then, as we continue to become pals with people on this site, we will create a massive web of dream pals. However, we should do this at a time when most children under the age of 13 would normally be asleep worldwide.

That would be pretty hard to organize. As far as I know, the main countries that use PGL are America and Japan, and they're on about opposite sides of the globe.

Also yeah. Snagging from Share Shelves is the easiest way to do anything. I got most of the berries within my first couple trips by trading (or rather, "sharing") with people, minus the EV ones.
Originally posted by Pikerchu13
The only thing I hate about sharing is that if you already have something, you can't get more. I feel like a kindergardener saying that. SHARING IS CARING.

I didn't like it at first, but when you think about it, it sort of makes sense. If the limit wasn't there, you'd have a billion idiots running around with Pass Orbs/PokeBalls/etc. and robbing sharing with everyone until everyone loses everything of value on their shelves.

In short, the limit makes it so you don't cheat the system too much.
Originally posted by Mr. Weegee
Sadly, my Pop-Tart Cat seems to have been exposed to the bubonic plague. Honestly though, what flavor of Pop-Tarts are colored black? I'd like to try one, if they have any. #w{=P}

On the Night Scheme, it almost looks like yours is transparent. I like it a lot, actually.

Also, are these colors set? IOW, are these the colors we're assigned to permanently (until it's changed manually by someone), or do they change every month or something?
I find the easiest way to get points is to do useless things. For example, sometimes I trade item A for item B, then trade item B back for a different item A. You get points every time you trade, and your inventory doesn't change if you just trade back for the same thing. Also, do every mini-game, unless it's the ice cream one, where you should just use your judgement.

I actually haven't gone to PGL for like a week. Maybe I will today.
Originally posted by Pikerchu13
Why do people hate on the icecream one so much? It's not great, but not something worth hating, I like it alot better than the Wailord one.

I don't like it because it's the only minigame that isn't free when you play it. :/
Hm, not bad. I can't say I didn't see these coming at some point.

But really, nobody remembers the old moltensnow? I would say that's a pity, but eh. Not sure about that.
I went to sleep from 9pm-1am, and now I'm winding down before probably going back to bed at 5am.

such is life, see you never
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