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Its-a-me, YamiMario! (Why do i say that on all forums?)

Im YamiMario and im kinda new here. Ive had been into Mario World hacking before, but i only made bad hacks that i never finished....

But thats all changed now, im making my first REAL hack now:

Mario Plays Other Video Games!

Its bascily just a A bunch of random levels from random games (And no. It dosent start with a SMB 1-1 remake.)

This looks like a nice forum, i hope i will enjoy it.

2 Requests:

The Jazz Jackrabbit 2 lab theme titleset (Its a 2D PC platform game from my childhood thats kinda Sonic with guns, but it has a level editor, so it should not be hard to rip)
and SMW Mario sitting in front of a TV with a controller in his hand, that would fit perfectly for my hacks title screen.
Originally posted by Smallhacker
Custom objects will probably never happen.

But isent custom blocks the same as objects?
You can aslo do it the hard way.
Take a Picture, use paint to remove BG and so on.
Since Boom is from danemark like me, i should just yell "THIS MADNESS!" at him!

I was banned just before, and notied my mail was changed to yami_mario gusswhat hotmail.com >.<
O_o I met Boom.dk in real life in a Anime/Manga convention here in Denmark. He tould me the truth about this....
Wanna know the truth?...

Someone close thread?
Is it possible to add music to a hack im alredy making?

Men hate cats always; and the queer folk dish. The walrus dived in with my car s
How do you select different music for the title screen?
Requesting Lion King SNES ExGFX from this stage since it looks almost the same as one of the final stages of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 >.>
What? He won a Lego tournament?


My account has a lot of poops.
I think he would make his own SMW editor and sell it on VC.
Id probely be killed by Boom.Dk for telling the 5-minute ban screct :P
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