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Tell me if I'm posting this in the wrong place but I'm looking for something. Does anybody know what are the names of the ExGFX that FPI used for TSRPR? So far I've only found two of them and I was looking for just two more to satisfy me: Acoustic Castle's and Volcanic Lake's ExGFX.

FPI, if your out there, please help me out!

Personally, I'd live up at Cookie Mountain and the Twin Bridges.

I had the feeling Acoustic Castle was in Sonic Advance 3 (More specifically, the world select room), partially because I owned the game. Alas, I couldn't find it here. By the way, Volcanic Lake's foreground I believe was also used in Brutal Mario.

Creating storylines

First off, I have OSX (Thanks Apple!)

I constantly use UnRarX FOR MY .rar decrypting needs
Occasionally I'll use the GM4Mac Beta
Very rarely I play Super Mario War if I'm bored out of my freaking floating skulls
Oh, and I love to use VMware Fusion and Darwine for hacking stuff

Well, I've always been very similar to Ludwig,
We're both the oldest child,
We're both guys,
We both have a love for music,
And so on...

I think it'd be pretty cool to have a Paragoomba as a pet.

I think they should revive the Super Mario World show so that the TV wouldn't be filled with this modern crap.

This issue has been bugging me for the last three days even though my game isn't ready for a demo yet: What should I call it? Then I thought: Why not have the lovely people at SMWC help me out.

Here's a bit of the storyline

After the events of SMW, a yoshi back on Yoshi's Island named (Yup, I need a name for him too) has just started a family of his own. However, all is not well on Yoshi's Island. Strange ships and facilities have surrounded the island and appear to be draining its resources. All of the male yoshis on the island start on a journey to destroy these facilities, soon figuring out that Yoshi's Island's days are numbered...

Currently I'm thinking of calling it "SMW 3: Yoshi's Island Forever" but I'm not sure.

I'd be Ludwig, cause we're very similar. We both love music, are the oldest sibling, and seem completely insane. Plus I want to have the coolest fight pattern and the most kickass airship that rules over Pipe Maze.

Since quite a few members here also have an account there. Not just that but they have a binding theme, just two different mediums (Editing and creating) of using it.

I'd give myself a creative title besides moderator. That's all.

Now that R&CF:ACIT is out, I wanted to reflect on the series. In this thread you can post your memories of some of them, your favorite installment, least favorite installment, and so on.

My favorite game had to be going Going Commando and Tools of Destruction.

I tried to run Lazy Shell on Darwine (Which I found here) and I got some error message about running it with some Mono thing. What does that mean?

1. Some of FPI's TSRPR ExGFX
2. Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time
3. New Super Mario Bros Wii
4. Mario & Luigi 3: Bowser's Inside Story
5: Success for my hack

I thinks it's because because they do cooler things like breathe fire while real pets crap everywhere and occasionally do a trick. Either that or it makes them feel like they've done something great.

Old people seem to have a strange feud against computers. My grandpa STILL has his 17 year old computer because he's afraid of all the new changes in the internet.

By the way, if you want to run Lunar Magic on a Mac, look for a thread in the SMW Hacking section of the forums for a topic about Lunar Magic for the Mac. They have a program posted called Darwine (Which I use) that allows you to run Windows apps on a Mac.

I tried to run Lazy Shell on Wine but I got some message saying something about a Mono version. What gives?

I feel sorry for him 'cause he won't be able to be intimate with his wife. However, I can't stand the story because I think it puts a negative stereotype on gamers saying we're too extreme & weird.

Besides making two SMW hacks (Yeah, I know), I also work with Hello Engine 3 and am addicted to checking my e-mail. If I get really bored, I'll use Toad's Tool.

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