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A&W Root Beer and Cream Soda are my favorites.
What made my day was buying Pokemon SoulSilver. :)
#3 is epic, so I'm voting for it.
I'm not sure if this is an "issue" but I think the level sizes are too limited. I hate how vertical levels are only 2 screens horizontally and how horizontal levels are like 1.5 screens vertically.

Why can't a level be 1F screens horizontally AND vertically?
Does anyone know why I can't get Mario's image to change using $13E0? (My hack uses the 32x32 character tilemap patch.)
- Unbalanced difficulty
- Unfitting music
- Invisible coin blocks
- Water levels
- Jumping fish generator
- Levels with auto-scroll
- The canvas object never being used.
I have a problem.
When I use HuFlungDu's edit of Romi's Addmusic, the music changing command in VWF cutscene tool doesn't seem to work. The music just stops instead of changing. This doesn't happen when I use the older Romi's Addmusic. Does anyone know what's wrong and if there's a way to fix it?
I'm 19 and 5'7". I feel short. #w{=(}
Why do I get the feeling that iaso is Sega Fifa? Hmm...
Birdemic 2.

Nuff said.

Edit: Oh god, that's actually going to be a thing. #ab{o_o}
1) Pizza Hut
2) 3 consoles
3) 5 video games a month
4) 19 inch monitor and $2000 USD
5) Internet modem
6) 60 year old Asian woman.
7) Barbell and bench
8) Boxxy the German Shepard
9) Any person of choice.
10) Water heating unit.
Hardest game I've played was Ninja Gaiden on NES.

This is mostly due to how cruel the game is if you die during a boss battle.

Also, the birds.

Originally posted by Derpy Backslide
If the hack doesn't work in bsnes or snes9x it doesn't deserve to live.

Why do people care about ZSNES again?

Probably because it's fast and easy to use.
Well, I've been lurking here for 2 years, 9 months and 20 days.
I could totally live without smell.
I've always wanted to hack a PS1 Final Fantasy game. Preferably 9 since it's my #1 favourite game ever.

Edit: Also, it'd be kinda cool to hack Parasite Eve. #smw{^_^}
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