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For GODS SAKE, most GODS are against gays. From Judaism, to Islam, to Hinduism, and pretty much every other religion out there.

"For GODS SAKE" is an incredibly poor choice of words.
These are some GFX I made a while back that I was intending to use for C3, but uploaded early.

I intend to work on the GFX some more, and hopefully upload them tomorrow.
The file downloaded instantaneously for me, I never even saw how fast it was going.

My speed according to the speed test was about 2575 kb/s.

If you could create a larger file, or tell me where I could find out the speed, I could be of more help.
It hovered at around 180 kb/s most of the time, but fluctuated as much as 100 in either direction.
Smalls had stated that he did not believe in a god, but would not deny the possibility of one.

Or something like that, you might want to go back up to his first post in this thread and check it out for yourself.

Anyways, I'm very similar to him, except for one thing. I believe there is a god that created everything, but I do listen to science, and will not deny the possibly that there isn't a god.

The truth is, nobody really knows, and nobody will for a long time after we're all dead. So prefer to take life as it is and not let such topics interfere.
Huzzah! I have a new avatar!


I would have a layout, but there's this little problem called a layout ban.
I consider my game to be a great mix between fun and difficult level designs. I do not have it hosted here, and since we cannot give ROM links, I'll just have to give you this.

(check the stuff in the channel description)

While it isn't OMGKAIZO hard, I do consider it to be of an extremely above average difficulty.
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26. Best holiday name change - andy_k_250
27. Best holiday avatar - Whoever the person was with the two pokemon, look at what Kyo voted for, I forgot the person's name.
28. Best holiday spirit - Dimentio
29. Most likely to be banned
30. Most changed (for the better)
31. Most changed (for the worst)
32. Rudest - Boing
33. Funniest - Roy/Fuzzyfreak/whatever his name is Killozapit
34. Smartest - Smallhacker Bio
35. Biggest postcount++er - Pieguy
36. Most likely to cut themselves on a spherical ball - SNN
37. Most modest
38. Most game ever - Delmaru Killozapit
39. Most missed - Schwaa Scrath799
40. Most likely to become staff - Arbe
Originally posted by Santattaire

1)No one ever said this was Earth, and that it went by earthly rules.
2)Therfore, there is no gravity.

Considering there is a moon in orbit, we must assume that there is gravity to hold it in it's orbit.

Either that or the "moon" is actually a planet, and you're on the moon. Or there is a giant rock about to crash into the planet, which could make the story more complex.

Either way, gravity exists on all stellar objects, irregardless of size or makeup. Some neutron stars are only 14 miles in diameter, but have the gravitational pull of many of out suns put together.
Wonder how two doors can be facing the opposite direction (east/west), and still be on connecting walls (there is no wall between the walls they are on).


_investigate the shape of the room.
[17:00] <&AbSeNNt> I just jumped 45 seconds into the future and noticed Spade left the channel for some reason
[17:00] * Spade ([email protected]) has left #smwc (YOU CAN'T KICK ME IF I'M NOT HERE LOL)
This reminds me of that movie called "Next"

I would have fun telling people what they are about to say.

Like posting ASM somewhere a little while before the original author does.
I saw a thread similar to this on another forum I go to. And in just a few less words, I can summarize what I said there.

The main reasons that people don't just make their own game, if they know ASM, is...

1. Because making a game from scratch is a massive project that would require hundreds of hours of work, for a team to do, nonetheless a single person. Some people, like me, don't like the idea of that.

2. Sometimes making a hack of something, rather than starting a whole new game, is more fun to do. Personally, I find making Super Mario World hacks fun, because I am making a game I like, based on a game that is one of the best games ever made.
Whenever I feel like it.

I woke up at 10 am, two days ago, and haven't gotten any sleep since.
If in the event that any of the circumstances thus mentioned happened, I would say put both the 8x8 and the 16x16 in one picture, and upload an in-game screenshot in the other location.
At least that would seem like the smart thing to do.
Here's one that's a bit more normal, as it can easily be dodged.
Make it move over to one side of the screen, low to the ground, and shots a fireball (like the bowser statue ones), move up a tile, and fires again, moves up another tile and fires again. Now there's a 3 fireball high wall coming at mario, but it is a rather easy to avoid attack.

Let's say that you do make a crazy hand, it could do the same thing, and make it double sided.
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