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Well from 000 to 1FF is a whopping 512 levels (not all editable though) if I'm not mistaken.
A good strategy is by using the selectable levels as 'parent levels', better said, the level you'll directly enter.
That amount is like 97, so that's about the maximum amount of levels on the OW (minus 104, 0 and 100, which makes it decrease to 94).
But it can still be large anyway.

--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
Originally posted by Kyoseron
which is pretty weird since French fries weren't even "invented" in France. I forget where, though, but I think it was some other country in Europe.

It's Belgium.

--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
Okay, I'm up to World 3 and a part of level 1 of World 4 (in November it was up to world 2, excluding Castle 2).

The plot (changed):

Mario has been captured by Bowser. Now, Pokey, Pogi (his brother, yep, I changed his name) and Poker and Pauley (their friends) are going to try and save Mario. This fails, however, so they go home. However, Bowser is so mad, that he will let his troops take the pyramids over. A lot of Pokeys manage to escape.
Now, Pokey will do it on his own, a second time, and now, it must work.

Changes (from November):
Pokey is no longer red on the OW
Self-edited custom sprites (but now, just 1, and it acts like a Left Moving Thwomp).
More ExGFX.
Better OW.

Things I need to do :
Paths (haha, I've done nothing on this the last 3 months)
Music (but I do have soundboxes)
World 4 (part of) - World 9 (I think).


The title screen. I'm not happy with the palette. You're supposed to see pyramids.


World 1, yay. Stayed the same, pretty much.

That's World 2. Not as empty as in November, anymore.

Well, here we are. Short Hills. This one has undergone some radical graphic changes. The (boring) green sky made me think of dusk. And seeing how this is the first level of a hack called The Nightly Task, it'd fit perfectly into the hack.
Also, there's SMB2 ground (also self-made diagonal ground, not on this picture).

And these boxes, instead of clouds.

Dark Factory. I didn't like the green stars, so I made the palette blue. I did something similar to Iggy's Castle, so I called this part of World 1 'Blue Area'.

Meh, these blocks are better than throw blocks.

No longer is this factory haunted, it fucks up the ON/OFF switch sprite.
However, I dislike this sprite choice too. I'll edit it somehow.

Iggy's Castle, you start outside. And now, you have two choices. Will you enter the left, or right door?


...or left?

Hurray, treasure room!

There's two ways to clear this lava field. No, the ground scrolls up and down, that's not the option.

Ending scene.

This level is so ugly, I will only show one pic. It'll need much more work. It has a secret exit.

Defrustation Palace. Secret exit.

Yellow Switch Palace.

Cave Mayhem Above Ground...

..the lava dash...

...and lava ride.

Bloock's Mansion. I edited the blocks around that light bulb, because it indeed looked noobish.

Inside of the mansion.

I'll do a custom boss here... but for now, Big Boo.
Ok, that was what I already had in November. Here's new stuff.

Lemmy's (Crazy Lava) Castle. I added this pipe here, because Magikoopa sometimes destroys vital stuff... so that you can restart.

Underwater part of the castle. After this, another part follows (looks like level F8) and then, it's Pokey vs. Lemmy.

This is World 3, The Old Mineshaft. The left pipe (secret pipe) does not work properly, because when I go in and return again, Pokey's position is changed and he can't go through other exits properly.

Little Lead Mine 1. First level to feature boost blocks (there's quite a lot of them around World 3). There's also a quite well hidden secret exit.

At the end, of all these pipes, there's only one which will lead you to the exit. It's pretty obvious, though.

Secret Sources (secret level). This secret exit (to be honest, it's a normal exit actually, the regular exit is flagged as Secret...) will bring you to the left pipe.

If you've been here, then be proud. Clearing this will unlock the pipe. And when it works properly, you might skip whole worlds.
As of now, all you must do is kill some Shyguys and Birdo's. I'm going to put a custom boss in it.

Little Lava Climb. At the moment my hardest level.

Coin Fortress. Don't catch too much coins here (you can abuse it though).

And Little Lead Mine 2.

Now this is Larry's Castle. You will notice that the ceiling falls down (sometimes that 'noticing' results in being crushed).
A lot of walls have spikes on them, too. Don't stand too close to them.
Ceilings fall down...

...even lava!

Everything seems to move up and down!

No shit.

World 4, Game Land. Features some SMW-ized versions of games like SM64.

The frontyard. Background uses SMAS graphics. Must be changed a bit, though.

The inside. Aww, you need 30 stars to pass... er, no. 30 coins, actually. For now, I'll use coin graphics, but I'm going to let it use star graphics, I think.

The desert.

At the end, there's a pyramid. It has two sides : the bright one, and the dark one. This is the bright...

... and this is the dark.
That's it, for now.
Comments are welcome

--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
Originally posted by Z Hacker
Bad palettes.
Pokey is red on the overworld.
Unmodified blocks.
Floating bullet bill machines.

I'll fix them right away, but for the first one, what should be changed?

--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
Originally posted by Mario_SuS
Originally posted by Joe13...

What's the reason for that Light with 4 blocks around it?

Idk, I wanted to create something that represents death.
It's shaped like a christianity cross, and that light... well, it's made to lit the area outside of the house (even though it won't really do that).

Also reuploaded the intro. Does it look better?

@ Blynd : Uhm, you mean the first pic of Bloock's Mansion?
And if so, uhm, do you mean the spinning Pokey, or that cross thing I mentioned in this post?

Btw, you won't see all of it in this picture. There's actually a stake below it.

--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
Originally posted by Aiyo
I say this is very weird, but original. A head that moves? seems a little weird, you should add the other body part of the pokey, and use that patch to make it big mario. This way the pokey will have a body.

Uhm, it's possible, judging by real Mario games.

Just look at SMW. If you eat 4 body parts of Pokey, there will be a head moving around. Thanks for the suggestion, but I think it's fine this way.

I still need to remove/edit arms (with that, I mean the arms that you see when you punch while climbing the climbing net) and Fire Mario shoes (when jumping and running fast or jumping and shooting fireballs).

--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
Stuck in a level = fail.

But anyway, some feedback.

The forest is decent, but add some more into it.

You should edit that entrance. The door is too ugly.
For instance, replace it with the ghost entrance and make the middle black rectangles of the open door act like a door. Always better than that.

And well, what Haaaaaach said, cement blocks are ugly. Replace them with, well, wood blocks, it's a little bit nicer.

Ehm... if those walls are really closing in on you, wow. How do you do that?

--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
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Roy's Profile - Posts by Roy

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