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OK, I have been working on my first ever SMW hack and I wanted to change the BG in the Switch Palace to this: SMB3 Question Marks

I inserted the ExGFX correctly and saved the GFX to Map16. The background appears fine in Lunar Magic but when I test it in the ROM itself I end up with this garbage in ALL the levels:

I'm playing this in ZSNES 1.51.
Is there any way to fix this?

D'OH! *slaps self* I just found the problem. There was an IPS file in the folder causing the ROM to screw up. I didn't know that they could cause problems in LM.
I attempted "Tower of Impossible" and decided to make my own reaction video.

<embed width="440" height="420" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="">

Enjoy! :)
I SUCK at key jumping! :P
Recently, I started working on my first SMW ROM hack. It's been fun using Lunar Magic. Currently, I've done 2 levels. I don't know how many I will do. Overworld is not yet changed. No story yet but it'll probably be the generic rescue the Princess stuff again. :P

Title Screen - Not changed level yet

Level 1

I changed this so that the Note blocks are more spaced out.


NOT A CHANCE! :P Will apply Fade Fix later.

Level 2 (Yellow Switch)

A puzzle to get the Blue P-Switch for accessing the Yellow Switch.
^ Yeah, I'll remove that. Just did it for lulz.

Thanks everyone for the comments! :)
I'll get rid of those lines below the Item box.


-Removed Kaizo joke
-Fixed Item box
-Applied Fade Fix
-Increased time limit to 650.
-Level 1 now has a name: "Y. Switch Path."


Started Level 3

Blue Switch blocks lead to Keyhole exit which will be used much later.
I've played several Kaizo hacks before but come on, that's just beyond RIDICULOUS! |-O
Also, that Ludwig boss battle is glitched so badly! You can't even see where Mario is.
Ummm... what am I supposed to do here? There's a Flying Hammer Brother to the right but he is too far away to land on.

This is in "The Power of 5."
There was a Jumpin' Chuck there and the only other enemies were Fish and Saws.
Hunter & SCORPION's Bet Saga - SCORPION's Ravage

I enter this pipe and it takes me to an endless Bonus Game. Is there a new IPS Patch I should download?
The level is "Spiked Up Castle."
UPDATES - 23/12/2009

Y. Switch Path (Level 1)

This is above the Munchers in the screen before.

What's in this "?" Block?

A STAR! :D I made sure there was enough enemies to hit for just a 1UP.

The Yellow Switch (Level 2)

This is what happens when you hit the Blue P-Switch here.

Level 3 - No name yet.

I changed this so that there is just one YS Block to prevent multiple Mushrooms.

SMB3X - Giant Isle (World 3) Ghost House

I must be going mad. I'm trying to find the 4 Red Coins but I can only find 2. Is there something I'm missing?
Ah, thanks. Why didn't I think of that? Then I ran out of time trying to figure that out! :P
UPDATE - 31/12/2009

Video of the first 2 levels (1-1 & Yellow Switch). Overworld has not changed yet.
I'm aware of the glitched Munchers at the end of the first level (5:31). I'm trying to make those insta-kill. They're not supposed to be lava or mud.
There may still be some parts where I need to change the Initial FG/BG settings. I also forgot to set the level to "Vertical Scroll at Will" at 5:43. That will be changed.

<embed src="" width="640" height="380" allowFullScreen="true" wmode="transparent" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"/>

1-2 is still being worked on.
I have GH3, GH World Tour, GH Metallica, GH Greatest Hits (that's what it's called in Europe), GH5, RB2 and Beatles: RB all on the Wii.

TTFAF is just far too hard for me. I couldn't even pass 2% on Expert in GH3 and I somehow managed to pass it on GH:GH but only got 3* and 280K. Probably because of the Purple Notes.
I recently bought "The Day That Never Comes" in GH5 and I just love this song. Although, the Purple notes are IMPOSSIBLE!

My best 100% is "Broken, Beat & Scarred" on Expert Bass. It took me like 20 tries to finally get this and I also got 1st on the Wii Leaderboards! :D

I got 5* on War Ensemble on Expert Guitar but it took me ages to do that! Bass is also INSANE! :O
UPDATE - 05/01/2010

Edited block GFX in YY-CHR

Brown used blocks are now yellow with screws in the corner. I made "?", Note and cement blocks more square to prevent small pipe and bone cutoff.

Thanks to the fomelogo's YY-CHR Basics Tutorial. :)

About the Silver P-Switch glitch. Is there a way to fix that?
Also, I have removed several of the bushes.
TTYD is one of the best games I have ever played. I still have mine and would never trade it in. I have completed it about 6 times and I never get bored of it. LOL at the story. I would be scared of the thought of owing about £800 for a game! :O

The prices of the game here in the UK are just beyond ridiculous! It's like £53 on Amazon. I got TTYD back in 2004 for Christmas.

Has anyone ever won the lottery thing in the game? I think I got 3rd Prize once.
Thanks everyone for the comments. The SMB3 music I'm using comes from Midiguy's SMAS Soundtrack.

Oh yeah, about the P-Switch glitch, there was a patch in the Patches section that fixes that along with the "S" palette in "MARIO START."

UPDATE 09/01/2010

Finally, I have edited the Overworld of World 1! :D

I plan to release a one World (6 level) demo sometime. 2 levels are done. The Secret Exit in the level to the right of Mario will not be accessible in Demo 1 as it will require the Blue Switch which will be used much later.

BTW, my Yellow Switch in the OW appears Green. How do I change it so that it appears Yellow?
Pit of Death = WTF?!??! :O

Never in a MILLION YEARS would I EVER be able to complete that! 5 P-Switch jumps IN A ROW? I suck at doing even just one of those without slowdowns.
OK, I have inserted the Switch Palace into the OW in the Yoshi's Island submap but I want the switch to be Yellow and it appears as Green.
How do I change the palette?

Thanks! :)
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