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Final Fantasy 9: There is an achievement for killing 10,000 enemies. TEN FUCKING THOUSAND! I've put 53 hours into the game and I've only just passed the 1,500 mark. Because of there being a max of 4 enemies per battle, it'll take forever to get anywhere near 10,000. And as if that wasn't bad enough, on the PS4 this is only a BRONZE trophy!

EDIT: I forgot to mention this achievement is also in the PC version of FF8.
Great Marlboros in Final Fantasy 10. They will ALWAYS ambush you and follow up with Bad Breath inflicting poison, slow, darkness, silence, confusion and even berserk. If your whole party gets hit with all of those, you're fucked!
I think the dislike bar speaks for itself. What the fuck have they done to Mega Man?! #smw{x_x}
The CGI looks terrible!
I searched her in Google images and all I can say is... just... DON'T!
Originally posted by kamekku14
Huh?! Never heard about Bowsette before, kinda. Maybe I'll just fire up my Google research to see what's going on...

Don't look at images... just... DON'T!! #smw{x_x}
Any enemy in Persona 5 that inflicts Brainwash on the entire party. Everyone will beat the shit out of each other for 2 or 3 turns and in some cases Joker will die causing instant game over even though everyone else is still alive.
You know the game is shit when it drops from £50 on release to under £20 in just over 2 weeks!
Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly

Having played the PS1 Spyro trilogy I was excited for this game when it was announced. When I finally got hold of it and started playing, that excitement quickly faded. First off, the framerate is absolute garbage! You could be running at 60 FPS one moment and then it would drop into the 20s. Next, is Sparx constantly interrupting you for tutorials about shit you already knew in the last 3 games. I mean I know how to break the vases you idiot!
When I started the first level, I noticed how terrible the loading times were. It can take up to as much as 2 minutes to load just one level.
The level design is bland as hell. There are big areas with next to nothing going on.
Catching the Dragonflies with the Bubble Breath is a right chore. The hit detection is godawful!
I like the concept of the different breath abilities but they are barely used at all. The wing shield ability is completely useless except for defeating a specific enemy and then you never need it again.
The game is much shorter than those in the trilogy. In the original games they would have at least 20 levels each.
This game, however, has just NINE.
But because of how broken this game is, you can glitch straight to the final boss and beat the game in just over a MINUTE!
The only positive is that Stewart Copeland composed the music like in the trilogy but it's not as memorable.
Right, time to make a level that is less shit than my VLDCX entry!
I tried using the Layer 3 BGs and it messes up the status bar palette and causes massive cutoff at the top of the screen. Can't insert the Sprite Status Bar patch since ASM isn't allowed.
Something a bit different to the usual cave levels I've made in the past! #tb{:p}
Only 4 screens done so far. Still a bit to go yet.

Thanks guys! #smw{:TUP:}
I figured out a solution to the getting hurt on non-spiky ends:

Originally posted by FPzero
I've gone ahead and clarified it. You are not allowed to reset the timer when switching sublevels by using the Time Bypass settings.

Originally posted by MarioFan22
I tried using the Layer 3 BGs and it messes up the status bar palette and causes massive cutoff at the top of the screen. Can't insert the Sprite Status Bar patch since ASM isn't allowed.

I'll admit this was a bit of an oversight on my part. We'd considered the Sprite Status Bar passed up on it. After the contest launched, I was then informed of the Layer 3 SMW backgrounds and figured we could allow them. I realize now that these obviously conflict. I'm hesitant to put out a new base rom that includes the sprite status bar if only because I don't want to mess up people who are already working on their levels. But if there's enough demand I think we can do it.

It's 3 days into the contest right now and loads of people have already started their levels so I wouldn't put out a new ROM.
This is just beyond incredible! Can't wait to play this! #smw{:TUP:}
Finally done!

UPDATE V1.1 - Fixed vine cutoff.
UPDATE V1.2 - Bramble edges revamped, gaps between bramble edges at beginning made bigger, platform below vine block widened to avoid unfair damage, decoration added to second bonus room, number indications added to 3 vine blocks section to indicate which way to go first to save wasting too much time.

MAJOR UPDATE V2.0 - Replaced the 3 vines part with a simpler conveyor belt section to save significant time, brambles no longer look like they are floating in mid-air, simplified section with 2 grey platforms, coins added to 2nd bonus room.

This level will be disqualified not only because of the custom graphics but also you haven't used the provided Base ROM in the rules thread.
Hey, thanks for the score and the review. #smw{:TUP:}
I can see why the hitboxes are an issue so I'm working on an update to make those more clearer. Also, I'll fix the unfair damage at 14:44 by widening the platform and I'll make it clear about which way to go first at the 3 vines section.

EDIT: Update submitted.
Reminds me of the DKCR silhouette levels. I like how you've used upside-down Volcano Lotus sprites to make the palm trees. #smw{:TUP:}
Very creative use of the Ghost House tileset to make a harbour style level. Looking forward to see more! #smw{:TUP:}
Couldn't wait to play this. Here's my playthrough:
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