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Thanks a lot! :D
It worked like a charm.
A suggestion I want to make. The Pipe would look better on a small island. As it is now, it looks a bit odd just floating on the water.
I fixed it last night. I got help in the "Basic SMW Hacking" forum.

Just been playing Beatles:RB and have FC'd "Helter Skelter" on Expert Guitar. I also got 5th on the Wii Leaderboards for this song! :D
Originally posted by Fourpify
another level TASed and breaked really easy.

Well, that brings a new meaning to the term "Spider Mario!" :P
He was literally climbing like a spider.

Also, LOL at the victory climb at the end! :)
Video 1 - Yoshi's Valley 1-2

0:05 - The corner land tile SLIGHTLY cuts off the toxic water.

0:25-0:32 - That looks a bit too Kaizo. Spin jumping off a falling rock might be too hard for some players.

0:33 - The Bullet Bills appear out of nowhere and don't make any sounds meaning you don't know that they are coming.

0:48 - The pipe is cutoff on the land corner and causes cutoff on the water. The cement blocks also cutoff the water.

0:53-0:54 - What the heck is going on with Mario there?

0:55-1:12 - That huge mass of cement blocks looks a bit ugly. Why not use normal land tiles? You can use the 16x16 Editor in Lunar Magic to flip tiles rather than using masses of cement blocks everywhere.

1:13 - Pipe causes cutoff on the water.

1:26 onwards - That's a pretty good boss battle but what if a player happens to miss Ludwig unintentionally with the throw blocks? Also, what if they miss when throwing the shells?
Another thing, the water is cutoff by the Blue "!" blocks.

Video 2 - Castle A

0:05 - Why is Mario able to walk through the Pipes? I have nothing against that but it looks a bit odd.

0:24 - What's with the big cluster of useless "?" Blocks? Also, give Mario a platform in order to jump up rather than using a Spin Jump. Put a cement block there or something like that.

0:32 - That multi-coloured Pipe looks weird. Those two squashed pipes look a bit ugly.

0:39 - Moon is a bit easy to get. Replace it with a 1UP Mushroom. Also, Castle blocks are cutoff. Simply put some corner tiles where it's cutoff.

0:49 - Grammar error in text. Change "I'm surprised that to see you two make it here!" to "I'm surprised to see that you two made it here!"

1:00 onwards - What's the point of the Star and why are there THREE Lemmy Koopas?

Overall, this hack has a lot of things that need to be fixed.

Yeah, I'm afraid that this is NOT POSSIBLE to do. No matter how far down Mario climbs he just won't make it through that gap and touches the bottom of the Muncher above him.
Another thing, why SO MANY Munchers everywhere? :O

Overworld Submap (YI) I've been working on. Inserting those events is such a pain.

Completed Submap in LM:

In-game submap:

How's this?
UPDATE 16/01/2010

Video of World 1-3:

<embed src="" width="640" height="380" allowFullScreen="true" wmode="transparent" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"/>

Ignore the Init FG position at 6:04, I will have fixed this already.
Is this level good? Does anyone like the 3UP Moon idea?
Video of the 3rd level in "Another Generic SMW Hack."

<embed src="" width="640" height="380" allowFullScreen="true" wmode="transparent" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"/>

Aqualakitu: That OW is quite simply AWESOME! I love the way the clouds are visible at the top and I really like the Star Warps. Also loving the way the waterfalls come out the gaps in the cliffs.

Darky: I love it. Very nice OW graphics!
When Mario passes a level that has a 0 second time limit, is it possible to stop him gaining a 1UP?
A small level showing how the different Custom Blocks work in my hack:

<embed src="" width="640" height="380" allowFullScreen="true" wmode="transparent" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"/>

I'm aware of the 1UP Mario gets at the end. I'm trying to find out how to disable that.
Played some GH:Metallica yesterday and got 891,576 on Mercyful Fate on Expert Guitar. I'm gonna try to get 900K. 1M is possible but I'd have to get a NEAR FC of that song for a score like that.

I also played some custom songs of GH Tunes on GH5. The Wii version has one called "SMW Castle" and that song is just CRAZY! It starts of with some alt strums and then the rest of the song is INSANE HAMMER ONS!

Here it is:

That's not me playing obviously. I just BARELY managed to pass it. I was FLASHING RED on the LAST note. I got 82% and 3*.


Originally posted by ChaoticFox
Originally posted by MarioFan22
When Mario passes a level that has a 0 second time limit, is it possible to stop him gaining a 1UP?

Go to x2CE66 in a hex editor and change it to 80 1C.

Thanks! That worked great. :)
UPDATE 19/01/2010

Screens of level 3 (linked because of huge resolution):

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Oh no, I can see future Kaizo levels probably abusing those ideas. :P
My first time editing the "Nintendo Presents" logo:

Blaze: Very nice looking OW. I bet that was a pain to make.
How do I stop my note blocks looking like this when Mario bounces on them?

I'm loving this. :)
I like the SMB3 style OW paths and the title screen is great.

Just one thing. At 0:33 in the video, how come the note block is green?
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