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Posts by MarioFan22
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Some screens of the 4th level in my hack. Not many screens as it's unfinished.

Ignore the P-Switch in the 4th screen. It's just there for testing purposes. Mario will have to find it down the Pipe to the left of him and I haven't finished that area down there yet.

The blocks just above the water in screen 2 are One Way Down Blocks meaning Mario can only go down through them.
Thanks for the advice, RTL. You are right about the blocks. :)

One Way Down

One Way Up

Also, I changed the FG & BG palettes.

Minor edit: Changed palettes on One Way Blocks.

EDIT 2: Video of the Blocks in action:

<embed src="" width="425" height="344" allowFullScreen="true" wmode="transparent" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"/>

I know about the glitched Note Blocks. They work fine in other levels.
Hack: Notte Luminosa

Level: Palude Calma

I can't seem to find the secret exit here. I can find a shard piece but don't know where the second piece is.

EDIT: Never mind. Found a hidden Pipe.
Started playing last night and I'm really enjoying this hack.
I came across one problem. There seems to be BG garbage in the Mt. Moule level. It also appears in the next room.

Level 4 of "Another Generic SMW Hack" is finally done! :D

<embed src="" width="425" height="344" allowFullScreen="true" wmode="transparent" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"/>

Ignore the throw block at 3:00. I'm gonna take that out as it's too hard to get the 1UP in the turn block.

Most blocks edited by myself in YY-CHR. Point values taken from SMW Redrawn.

Next up is Castle #1 and then the secret level.

Vista Lattea - Secret Exit

Go back down this Pipe:

If there's 42 Stars where are the other 3?
In MP2 Echoes, I spent about 4 hours looking for a way to get up to the temple not noticing that there was a scannable control panel nearby to activate a Morph Ball cannon and I was getting my ass kicked by War Wasps.

I felt like such an IDIOT! :P
SML 1&2 (I don't have 3) were my favourite games to play on the Game Boy. A remake of all THREE is gonna be awesome!
Graphics look fantastic and I really like the SMAS style status bar.

Really looking forward to this! :D
Started working on Castle #1.
I edited the stone bricks and platforms in YY-CHR.

Played around with the palette settings and came up with this:

I thought it looked great. :)

ARGH! I hate gaps this SMALL!

BTW, all the levels seem to be accessible already.

EDIT: Finally made it through. What the heck?! I know this is Kaizo but COME ON that's TOO HARD. It took me about 20 attempts using 4x slowdown.
I couldn't pass that level either. I tried scrolling the screen left as far as possible but Mario still falls in the pit.

Now, HOW the heck do I get up there?!

There's a Keyhole up above but how in God's name do I get up there WITH the Key?


So close! |-O
Originally posted by Sadistic Designer
Originally posted by MarioFan22

There's a Keyhole up above but how in God's name do I get up there WITH the Key?

So... let's see... you have a key, and a wall, and you are in a Kaizo Hack. You need to go seems to be quite hard without glitches...perhaps we can abuse a glitch? we know any glitches involving a key, wall and vertical climbing...hmm...try keyjumping?

No to be honest I haven't gotten to that level yet as I only just started on this hack, I have not a clue if there is a non-levelbreaking path to get up there.

Also: How do you get to the secret exit of LUKEWARM LEAP?

Yes, I could do that. Except... I SUCK at Keyjumping.

However, I managed to figure out the Lukewarm Leap secret exit.

You need to abuse a glitch with the cloud. First make sure the "ALLOW U+D/L+R" option is on in ZSNES. Config -> Input

Now at the area in the picture below press both left & right AT THE SAME TIME and Mario will move really fast and go through the wall. Jump off the cloud and then hit the glass block to get to the pipe.

First I have to jump off 7 Bullet Bills and then I have to throw a Spring at the wall AND bounce off it?! :O
I'm presuming that shells drop down from the two gaps at the top and Mario throws the shells at the cat. Is that right?

Preview of Castle #1:

<embed src="" width="425" height="344" allowFullScreen="true" wmode="transparent" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"/>

Also, brand new status bar! :D
Animated Coin counter and GFX by IceGuy.

YC = Yoshi Coins

YAY!!! :D

Now to see how much harder this can get.
Without quotes = 6,210
With quotes = 6,180

First result is a Youtube channel going by the username of MarioFan22. No, that ISN'T me. :P

SMWC is 10th result! :D
It's called "Yet Another Mario World."

The link is on this post:
Mario's Adventure 2

Give me a fucking break! >8(

I just did THREE P-Switch jumps earlier in the level against a wall and now I have to do one in MID-AIR?! I can't even do this with slowdown. If I can't do one mid-air P-Switch jump then there is no way I'm even attempting Pit of Death.

Before anyone asks, the P-Switch does NOTHING.


I got through that level now. I'm on the (I think) last level and I guess I'm supposed to take Yoshi through this Pipe in order to get up to the area at the end of the video. However, if I go through with Yoshi I appear back at the start with NO YOSHI and I can't proceed.
I tried taking the Key through but that didn't work either.

So, am I stuffed at this point?

<embed src="" width="425" height="344" allowFullScreen="true" wmode="transparent" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"/>
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MarioFan22's Profile - Posts by MarioFan22

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