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Tip: Do not set the music bypass to 00 in a level with a P-switch/star; the music will endlessly loop.Not logged in.
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The level looks a bit too bland. Put in a background. Just having it all light blue looks boring. Also:

0:11 - Wrong land tiles. There's dirt on the outside of them.

0:16 - If Mario misses that balloon then he will have to ditch Yoshi which is never a good thing. Put a Reset Pipe there.

0:22-0:25 - Those Bullets are silent and appear out of nowhere. Players are not going to know that they are there. Also, the balloon could make Mario go above the top cement blocks.

0:33 - Wrong corner tiles. You can see cutoff yellow on where the corners are.

0:34 - That looks too hard for level 2.

0:41 - That balloon could easily be missed.

0:48 - See 0:33.

0:52 - Bad Note Block palette.

1:15 - That Note Block will be too easy to miss. Also, bad Pipe palette.

1:21 & 1:31 - Double coloured Pipes. Don't place Pipes on screen boundaries.
I had just done some hacking in LM and edited level 001 however after doing that, my ROM won't load the title screen and I therefore cannot play the hack.

The "Nintendo Presents" logo displays and then I hear the title screen music but the screen itself stays blank.

I got a backup file where level 001 is a garbled mess but the ROM loads up OK. However, if I change it then the hack fails to get past the title screen. :(

Have I screwed up something?

ZSNES doesn't say that it's a "BAD ROM" either.

If I upload the IPS could someone look and see what I'm doing wrong?
Here it is: LINK
Yeah, I did insert some patches but it was still OK after using them.
The file is GenSMWHack.ips

It seems to be level 001 that must be corrupted. Because if I edit that the ROM gets stuck at a blank title screen with the music playing.

EDIT: I have now decided not to use Level 001 and have made the existing level in 016. The ROM works now. :)

I so did not want 4 months of work to go to waste.
It looks decent. I don't see any cutoff or bad stuff in the level. The level could use more decoration, try adding some in the soil and insert some enemies but not too many. The level looks a bit too linear judging from the screens try adding in some hills and platforms.

Also, upload screens in .PNG format as JPG makes it look a little bit ugly.

Goombas are now squishable. Speaker Box GFX edited and more decoration added to the soil.
Status Bar Coin is animated.

How do I get past ALL that?

EDIT: Made it! :)
Uhhh... with the P(MK)-Switch too. Mario jumps too high to do a spinjump on the Grinder. I got past it but now I'm at a bunch of Midway bars which also KILL you too. And there's invisible Coin blocks! No idea how to get past there.
This is looking great. I see no cutoff. Good level design. It could be longer but if it's the first level then it doesn't need to be too long.

I like the way you have the Yellow Switch needed in order to progress through the game. Gonna be looking forward to this. :)
If you go into the 8x8 OW Tile Selector you can change the Palette.
Also, pressing "Page Down" or "Page Up" will let you cycle through the current submap palettes.


EVERYTHING kills me there. The 2nd patch of grass kills me, the midway bars kill me and the brown cement blocks are FALL THROUGH. There's also FIVE invisible Coin blocks where I jumped.

The fact that there are still MORE levels after this makes me think how much harder this'll get.
I'm loving that Castle. Very nice gradient in the BG.

What are those Yoshi tiles on the OW?
More screens of my hack:

BG colour changed

More editing on the message block.

Coins on ceiling are Munchers. Inserted YI Coins too.

SMB3 Fire Flower!

Where do I go? Maybe follow that green Coin arrow.

SMB3 Star! There's a throwable block nearby to hit the ? block for the Star.
1UPdudes: Looks great, I love your graphics.

RTL: That level looks very interesting. Can't wait to see it in action. :D What's the green "!" block in the Item Box for?

Neutron: It's amazing what can be done with the original SMW graphics. Looks fantastic!
I have never seen a Kaizo YI Hack so it would be interesting to see how that plays. :)

Playing around with the palette settings is fun. I thought this goes great with the BG I'm using.

Tails_155: Those palettes are just simply AMAZING! :D

Is this better or should I try to darken the lava or something?
OK, so I decided to try and make a level for the contest:

Not much to show as I've only just started. Anyone like the plot?

Are we allowed to change the Title Screen music as long as it's an SMW track?
Title screen of my Vanilla contest level:

WOW! Those are very nice looking cliffs! :)

Some more screens of my contest level:

Guess what's in that Turn Block

Chuck is guarding a Yoshi Coin

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MarioFan22's Profile - Posts by MarioFan22

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