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I have concieved a rather ambitious storyline, but lack the time, patience, and resources to create a mod based upon it myself. However, I would also like to be able to see such a project through by a more personal means than that which would involve me revealing the plot in its entirety on the forum. Please send me a private message if you are interested in aiding me in this undertaking.

(If this post is considered to be spam, I apologize sincerely)
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Where the fuck are Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Paper Mario? Anyway, here are my favorite VGMs, in the order in which they came to my mind:

Mt. Blaze Peak- Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue
Temporal Tower- Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Time/Darkness/Sky
Sky Tower- Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue
Shiver Mountain- Paper Mario
Bowser's Theme- Paper Mario
Bowser's Galaxy- Super Mario Galaxy
Hidden Land- Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Time/Darkness/Sky
Vast Ice Mountain Peak- Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Sky
Main Menu- Halo 3: ODST

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Depends. Blindness can be caused by failure of the eyes to collect visual sensory information, or of the brain to interpret images.
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I am partial to Dr. Pepper and Sprite. Anyone who does not enjoy either of those is either partially or totally insane.
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No. Assuming that the person only has prenatal neurological blindness (eye failure from birth), they would still be able to dream in images. However, the images projected during memory-based dreams would be garbled in comparison with those of a sighted person, because the images would have no "direct" baisis.
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They don't have to know what an image is in order to percieve one.
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What can cause a mod to crash (or, if my terminology is incorrect, become inaccessible via LM)?
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How true.
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I am currently in the process of creating a hack. This hack, as the title of this thread may seem to imply, has been assigned the name "Super Mario World: Origins". The hack depicts, as its name may suggest, a speculative origin of the Mario Universe and its current state. The hack's ability to entertain will be based mostly upon the quality of the story it presents, and, as such, I am unwilling to reveal any further information pertaining to such.

Below is the set of screenshots that I am obligated to provide. The top screenshot depicts the main overworld, through which the submaps are accessed, and the bottom depicts the submaps, through which the twenty or so levels that I intend to include in the patch are accessed.

Although I will not be devoting any substantial amount of effort to the development of the overworld, criticism is welcome.
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I am presently unable to provide screenshots of my levels. However, I am still able to present visual representation of the aforementioned.
Below is a blueprint of the final level of the ice world, Mt. Permafrost. Lines with slashes through them punctuate passable foreground borders, while the large letters denote different sections of the level, and the small letters represent points of transition between the aforementioned regions. A has been assigned to the first, and longest, section, the initial ascent. B represents the second section in terms of both time of encounter and size, the cavern. Section C is the third in these terms, and represents the final ascent. Section D is a temple that was constructed within the mountain for reasons that will be revealed during the hack, and its relative size and location can be inferred based on that which has already been stated.

Originally posted by 2technogeeks
Also, the ice palette at the top looks pretty well, and the yellow submap is a tad bright. Also, it would look better if some trees overlapped.

Thank you for your critique. Since these issues are easily rectified, I will tend to them as soon as I can.
Originally posted by Hobz
kind of bland overworlds. just a bunch of flat lands. at least add hills or something.
and the yellow-to-green transition in the first screen is too fast.

Your critique is appreciated as well, but it will likely have little to no effect on the final product, for two reasons, the first being the intentionality of the blandness you noted (which was due to the fact that I want to give the overworld a somewhat more realistic feel), and the second being my inability to rectify the transition in the face of more pressing issues.
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I just beat the Boomsday Machine... and it was perhaps the greatest boss evar. Seriously, someone deserves some sort of award just for that one boss.
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Originally posted by Demonsul
You can talk, your layout tiles repetitively.

It's supposed to repeat.
edit: And by the way, why do your posts take up so much space?(I'm not trying to start a flame war, I'm just curious)
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Originally posted by Demonsul
Originally posted by The_CowDestroyer
edit: And by the way, why do your posts take up so much space?(I'm not trying to start a flame war, I'm just curious)

What are you talking about? My posts are smaller than most users...

The text boxes are really long, regardless of how much text there is.
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Hm. Maybe there's something wrong with my computer.
edit: Ninja'd twice.
edit2: @demonsul Wow, that was quick.
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Originally posted by Lu-kaz
Gotta admit, I'm a pretty big fan of that Giygas layout. I would use it, anyways.

I made it with the layout generator here and the image

Have fun.
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I really like that song. Sorry for my unenthusiasm, but the only other thing that I could think of that was more enthusiastic was something along the lines of "omg that vids sooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!11"
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