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I am having a common but weird problem in my editor. Mario cannot walk on paths. And yes, I used the path tiles correctly in the editor, with two green "beaten" levels connected by a green horizontal path (these levels are only a single block apart). I have even enabled movement in all directions on the level props screen. But Mario won't budge. Does anybody have a solution?
What the hell is Pop Tart Cat?
Overworld editor.
What the hell is Pop Tart Cat?
I'm not sure, but they are static. They don't "grow".

EDIT: So, I just make it into an event? Waitasecond...

EDIT 2: No luck. However, I don't really know how to make an event.
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I use a MacBook 4.2, which has no PgUp PgDw keys. Are there any alternatives I can use? By the way, just so you know, I am using Parallels to run LM as Darwine can't open a file properly.
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The reason SMW is my favorite 2D Mario game is because of its depth, all the while retaining simplicity. You see the same couple types of blocks over again and the same variety of enemies and the same powerups. However, it is damn awesome, because it implements them in 96 different ways! This is also why I am fond of vanilla hacks. Thus, I present you:

Vanilla XL

Although, due to my extreme lack of work ethic, this project will probably be cancelled in a few months, or after several weeks you will never hear from me again (it happened with Bionispore), for the time being this project is my main priority (it's winter break!). That being said, what is Vanilla XL? Well, I was thinking about a profound expansion to the Super Mario World Universe: undoubtedly split into several parts, but an absolutely completable 511 exits. I thought that a number in the 500s sounded fair, and the 11 just popped into my head. I have already begun working on the levels (if you're not tweaking graphics or function then it's ridiculously easy), but I have run into banal problems with the overworld (basically, I can't create paths without events, or even events for that matter). I cannot hope to do this alone. I was wondering if people could "donate" vanilla levels that I will implement in the game. I will also keep track of versions here and post links to demos (if it actually goes that far). So far, I am thinking about having nine gigantic worlds, plus expanded Star Clouds and Dimension M (Special World+). Here they are, and their equivalents:

1. "Easy" World; Yoshi's Island

Switch Palace- Magmar

Level One- mszegedy

Level Two (Secret Exit)- TRS

Level Three- mszegedy

Level Four- mszegedy

Level Five- mszegedy?

Level Six- mszegedy

Level Seven (secret level-make it good!)- none

World 1 Fortress- mszegedy, I guess. But it sucks so far.

World 1 Castle (secret exit)- TRS

2. "Normal" World; Donut Plains

Level One (secret exit)-

3. "Underground" World; Vanilla Dome

4. "Suspended" World; Twin Bridges

5. "Forest" World; Forest of Illusions

6. "Rocky" World; Chocolate Island

7. "Icy" World; none

8. "Evil/Bowser/Castle" World; Valley of Bowser

9. "Clouds" World; none

10. Star Clouds; multiple Star Worlds

11. Dimension M; Like Special World, but much larger, and non-vanilla.

Here is a list of all of the exits and stuff in the first two-thirds of the hack (the rest is something called Plus World, which I will add once we actually get that far).


Well, what do you say? I thinks there's something for everyone here.

EDIT 3: Well, I accidentally deleted that level when I accidentally copied level 10 into 105. I've been working on a series of tutorials, but lately this following level:

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

EDIT 4: Woops. Wrong screenies. I'll leave them up here, if anybody is curious. I think these are the correct embeds:

Level One:

(I have since changed the background)

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

Level Four:

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

Level Three:

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire
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Originally posted by JordoTheHumbug
Alright, I'll give you some advice for this. Look at this picture.

Click here!

Red= Cutoff
Blue= Maybe to generous? Not sure, just a suggestion.
Black= Maybe put the rexs up one tile so Mario has an extra step.

Other then that, it's looking good so far. :)

*Well, I couldn't figure out the cutoff (but I will!).
*So far, the mushroom has floated away before I could get to it... but the mushroom is a remnant of when the ? blocks were optional, and you could get to the mushroom if you went to all that trouble. Now you have to get it, If it is possible.
*Meh, I wanted to keep it that way, because if you clear the munchers, then you still have a chance of being run into by those Rexes.
What the hell is Pop Tart Cat?
Originally posted by 1UPdudes
Looks like a blanat 105 edit to me, try to atleast change the BG.

Well, I just put that up there because it is a screenshot. Actually, I was thinking about changing the- never mind. Wait...

Never mind. I actually like the background color; for early levels in the game, I can do a sunny orange or pale yellow, and for later levels I can do an evening darkish blue. Since this level is most likely going to be squeezed into the second half of the game, I'll leave the color as it is. But still:

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

I'll change the color of the hills when I have enough time to do that much pixel-by-pixel editing (my palettes are locked except for the background color; probably not a coincidence).
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Originally posted by Fried Yoshi Eggs
Heres what i know.

There are two types of editations you can do to the map. One is the green Hills that control land, and the others are ghost houses that control marios movements and level stuff. Use the house icons.
Second, there are two ghost house icons. One has a X through it, and the other has no X. Lets focas on the one with no X.
These are the starting paths, and what you should use to place the levels.
PLEASE NOTE: if you put up the levels in with the X marked Ghost house icon, it wont work.
Make sure you are...

1) using the Ghost house WITHOUT an X in it.
2) Making a complete path, with no errors in it.
3) I think you need to enable the directions you can go in at the start.

This is what i know about this. If you use it with the X marked house, it will be triggered by events. Stay away from this for now.

That is exactly what I am doing. Weird.
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Originally posted by Jaspers the Christmas Cat
Originally posted by mszegedy
That is exactly what I am doing. Weird.

you have to start a new file every time you change the paths, or they won't update (press the enable U/D/L/R buttons anyway.)

Originally posted by Santa Rayman
Are you using the OW editor or the Level editor?

Suspiciously sounds like postcount++. Just read the thread and guess. :\

Wait, start a new file? What do you mean? Like, save it again? Or a new hack? Or what?
What the hell is Pop Tart Cat?
Originally posted by Leftover Mashed Potatoes
1. If this is for sure going to be canceled, why work on it at all/ask others to contribute to it at all?

2. SMW cannot "hold" 511 exits. It can only hold 77(not translated out of hex)

3. Why would one of the secret worlds be nonvanilla(actually, it's funny, YEARS ago, before I hacked, I had a hack idea, the game would be vanilla except for the huge, nonvanilla secret world)? Doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose of the rest of it being vanilla?

1. Well, I hope it won't be cancelled . I'm just noticing disturbing similarities between this and a past project of mine called Bionispore, which I told everyone was going to be great but only got as far as fancy banners and such. I'm hoping this will fare a little better, as it is actually within my potential, and I have a stronger motivation.

2. I know. I will split it into multiple roms. But I have wondered about the 77 exit problem: how come there are 77 events but 96 exits?

EDIT: Oh, 77 counting hex. I meant 511 counting in the decimal system.

3. So everyone can contribute to it.
What the hell is Pop Tart Cat?
Originally posted by Magmar In the Fireplace
Hmmm... I might contribute to this.
But I'll have to see the OW first, unless it's unchanged.

So far, there is no overworld. I suck at the overworld. I can't even figure out how to make Mario move (yes, I am using the "move" blocks... he's still not moving).
What the hell is Pop Tart Cat?
Darn. I would have to delete my modded levels (well, I could save them to a file).
What the hell is Pop Tart Cat?
Originally posted by Unimaginable Christmas Name
How in the world do you plan on making 511 exits worth of levels?

*Shrugs* Lots and lots of demos, etc. Collectively, this entire site has around 400 hacks, collectively which have probably around 3,000 to 4,000 levels. I figure that if we could tap that creativity this site could come up with a huge hack. I've already made around four levels for this, in less than 24 hours. Plus with the donations, we could make this hack entirely plausible.

P. S. I loved your hack. That's the kind of quality this hack will have.
What the hell is Pop Tart Cat?
Thank you. In fact, I have since figured that out after toying around with the keyboard. But thank you. Out of curiosity, do you use Parallels or Darwine? My Darwine can't actually open files, they come out as a single empty pixel.
What the hell is Pop Tart Cat?
Nah, only to abate the cutoffiness in hills embedded within each other.
What the hell is Pop Tart Cat?
Then I guess I will use passwords. I'm going to watch the video in five minutes, and edit the post. If I like it, you can do the switch palaces. I wonder how we can fit over four switches into the storyline without editing the Map16. In fact, you can edit the graphics if you want.

SUBEDIT: Just the switch color, though.

EDIT: Huh. The glitched graphics are underwhelming, but I trust that that is fixed. The switch palace seems a little long and repetitive. But, it's pretty nice. A little shorter, though, and with a Switch Palace tileset. Otherwise, YES! You can start on the four normal palaces, and once the first ROM is full, you can do a few more colors, etc.
What the hell is Pop Tart Cat?
How do I change the tileset of a level from one built-in tileset to another without importing ExGFX?
What the hell is Pop Tart Cat?
Thank you. Which one, the blue one?
What the hell is Pop Tart Cat?
I PMed you about the Overworld.

Yes, that sort of GFX editing is allowed. You could send me a .mwl file, though, instead. That would be easier. Once I get the switch, I can do a complete substitution of Yoshi's island with user-created levels (except the castle, I'm still working on that).
What the hell is Pop Tart Cat?
Sure! I was going to do that anyway, by replacing the entire Yoshi's Island with custom levels. But I still need a switch palace and a castle.
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