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Tip: If it's possible to carry a tileset-specific sprite (such as a Buzzy Beetle or Bob-omb) through a pipe, make sure it has the correct graphics and sprite palette on the other side!
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I like the look of that second mist there. The first one looks more like "underwater" than a misty boat ride, and the second looks more like the "boat ride at night" you would see in the movies. Plus, I think it looks better if the mist looks like it's concentrated nearer to the water.
I think either the jukebox, the shop or the simple intro. area would probably do it. I don't really feel like returning to the start later in the game, only for Toad to tell me how many times I died (and/or used a "Continue").


That might just be me though.
Originally posted by Giant Shy Guy
Or have a jukebox, a shop, statisticians (yes, plural), and having a "simple" place all at the same time.
Originally posted by Luigi370
Hmm... Maybe just a hub where you can take a mushroom (only mushroom).
Since Mushroom just makes you able to break turn blocks it's not really a powerup.

Shouldn't be too hard to do. We could do either a town, or a hotel, and have different rooms for each of those different features.

For giving the mushroom, I imagined an NPC that says one thing if Mario is small (and spawns a mushroom if there aren't any on-screen), and says something similar/different if he's big. (Although, an empty room with a 1-UP in the corner would probably be easier.)

For the statisticians, we could have a 2 screen-long room with chalk-boards, and NPCs with glasses that tell ya stuff. I don't know what statistics we could give the player though...

Should be able to fit these in one or two sublevels if you space each of the rooms 1 screen apart.

Working on a new actionated player character. I'm not sure how I'm doing with these two frames I've posted. I want the character to be more action-ready while in humanoid form. Should I have drawn a "Ready" pose for the fox form as well? The tail (by itself on the right) is meant to replace the cape, and will likely animate even while standing.

I have so many questions I want to ask, but they're related to the ASM patch, so I'll save those questions for... ASM & Related Topics? I dunno, I'm honestly a little nervous, since I think the general consensus is "Try it first, ask questions after it crashes." Or something like that...
Originally posted by sunwarrior25
The tail (by itself on the right) is meant to replace the cape, and will likely animate even while standing.

Although... If I'm going to end up using the 32x32 player patch, I may just make that a part of the main player sprite, and save the Cape's graphics spot for the projectile attacks I plan on adding.


Actually going to have to work on the ASM patch some more, so that I can know what frames I need.

On an unrelated note: If I were to use a custom sprite for the player's projectiles, would I set its initial speeds in the part of the "press button" routine where I spawn the sprite, or in the sprite's INIT routine?
End Game difficulty spike in World 1 because you accidentally took the wrong secret exit...
Currently balancing work and hobbies. Also I've got a job now.
Practice Makes Purrfect
Originally posted by mathelete
Originally posted by sunwarrior25
End Game difficulty spike in World 1 because you accidentally took the wrong secret exit... you mean when there is a shortcut from World 1 to World 8? Is that what you mean by "wrong" secret exit?

Yeah, something like that. And I meant "accidentally", because the player was supposed to read the forum thread to know not to use that key past that unusually difficult auto-scrolling section until they had pressed all the switches... Or something to that effect.
Currently balancing work and hobbies. Also I've got a job now.
Practice Makes Purrfect
Making a post this time instead of a thread so that I don't have to immediately post screenshots... #smw{¬_¬}

I'm currently working on another "replace Mario with a different character entirely" patch, and I feel I need some input on how to approach it. In case you were wondering, Yes. I did bite off more than I can chew, and this is my "Help! I'm choking!" post.

I plan on replacing Mario with a Fox, utilizing the 32x32 Character Tilemap Kit and the Player Tilemap Editing Patches. A short little YY-CHR preview:

I'll also be replacing what Y/X do. Fox will automatically accelerate to max speed. Pressing Y/X will cause Fox to perform an attack, holding Y/X will slow Fox down while building a charge. Releasing Y/X will cause Fox to perform a stronger attack depending on how "full" of a charge it was.
The player will have the following:

Fox Form: Small, fast, and light, but doesn't take damage well.
Tackle: A short dash to the left or right that damages minor enemies and knocks most of them back. The dash affects more enemies and travels farther when fully charged.

Kitsune Form: Big, slow, and heavy, but takes less damage.
Fox Fire (Form A): An 8x8 Fireball that travels in a straight line to the left/right for about 3.5 tiles (or until it hits a wall) before disappearing in a puff of smoke. The fireball will damage most enemies, but will not stun them or knock them back. **A partial charge will produce one 16x16 fireball that travels in a straight line horizontally through walls and enemies and disappears at the end of the screen. It will deal slightly more damage than the smaller one. **A full charge will produce three 16x16 fireballs in a spread pattern similar to Yoshi's. They do the same amount of damage as the partially charged one.
Frost (Form B): A sparkling 16x16 sprite that freezes most enemies for varying (but relatively short) amounts of time. It will travel about the same distance as Fox Fire, and turn into a Floating Ice Block if touches water. A partial charge produces a 16x16 snowball that damages minor enemies, and knocks most of them back. It'll travel the distance of the screen, but be affected by gravity, and break if it hits anything solid. Not sure yet what I want the Fully Charged Frost to do.

Invulnerable (All Forms): Fox kills most enemies simply by touching them, however, she can utilize an "instant kill" attack based on whatever form form she's in at the time, without having to charge up, and will "bomb" the screen by charging up all the way and releasing. Doing this will cause the player to lose the invincibility however.

That's the player's main "gimmick", Press L or R to rotate between Fox, Kitsune A, and Kitsune B once Kitsune A and B been collected (it'll do nothing until then). The ASM patch (as I have it) is here.

• In terms of the complexity of the projectile attacks, should I Samus, or should I Megaman (Er, Should Fox be able to shoot up)? Custom Sprites or Custom Extended Sprites? Where's the best place to set the sprite's initial speeds and positions?
• Should I add a ground-pound?
• I plan on using the One file, One player patch, assuming it will free up Luigi's RAM addresses for use. But it seems to overwrite the default save routine- THAT, and I don't know how to find free SRAM...

I don't know where to post something like this, so I apologize if it's in the wrong place. I've been very VERY nervous about posting something like this, so here goes I guess. Cross-posted from here: deviantART Journal Entry

Originally posted by sunwarrior25
Okay, so for the past several months I've been brewing a video game in my head. The plot "seed" I've got so far is as follows:

9 years before the game starts, two (or more) celestial beings argue about something from the top of a mountain. The argument turns violent, and the two take to the sky. With many bright flashes of light, the fight ends when their weapons shatter against each other and fall to earth, causing disaster and misfortune where the pieces land... (At this point I'm looking for a reason for any of the pieces to remain for 9 years, as the celestials will have no doubt stopped their bickering at this point and gone to pick up their broken weapons.... Right? They can't be that stubborn, can they?)

One of the pieces, a green orb from [insert name here]'s [clever name for a collection of orbs] collides with a vixen, knocking her unconscious and transforming her into a human girl. She is then discovered by a huntsman, and adopted by his elders. The orb is then surgically removed from the girl - who remains a girl! - so she might have a chance at living. In doing so, a piece of the orb is chipped off, and the orb stops any glow it may have had.

None of the above will be revealed to the player until later in the plot.

The game would be a sort of... Role-Playing Beat 'em Up with Platforming and Puzzle Elements... BOLD TEXT!!!
As for how to resolve the game with what endings/characters/key items... I haven't gotten that far yet...
I still have to learn how to program too... That's my biggest issue right now. I have a huge project I want to start, and I have to start from hot but thin air.

THINGS I WANT TO ADD!!! (oh man!)
• 3 Dimensions. Not possible if I stick to JAVA, or coffee beans, or scribbling on the walls.
• A rather complex health bar system:
- Heart based. 50 hp per heart. Each heart can have one each of different status effects.
- The status effects stack damage rather than time. Three instances of poison are exactly that.
- Some status effects (such as Burn and Bleeding) will take longer to heal than others, sometimes even days! Though the player will likely stop feeling their effects long before, they can reopen again until they're fully healed.
- Once a heart is depleted, soft statuses (i.e. Poison & Frost) will be cleared, while Lasting Effects will stop (they'll still be there until they're fully removed).
- Max. of 7 Hearts
• A few events and even a boss where the main character encounters a "shadow" of a three-tailed fox.
• Other orbs as possible items for the player or potential AI party members to use. I can only think of Fire and Frost right now.
• A few references to dreams I've had. Possibly as dream encounters?:
- A grey fog-filled area with a ruined house, a dead tree, and a not-so-ruined house.
- A large stone pillar, embedded in the center of a town square- right where a fountain used to be. The pillar has eight sides, and at the top of each side is carved a human(?) face. A rope extends from the mouth of each face to wrap around the top of a smaller pillar opposite each face. These smaller pillars have four sides each. Hanging on each of the eight ropes are a number of paper lanterns- except, they're not. They're each little shadowy-cat-things with a paper lantern on each of their tails... Oh yeah, and each of the nine pillars is now floating, the whole arrangement now rotating around the middle of the central pillar. The "cats" are now laughing at you, occasionally shaking their lanterns to throw fire at you. Look lively!
• Wow, can't think of anything else. Oh yeah! Actual game!

Would anyone mind helping me out with this endeavor!?

I've been incredibly nervous about posting about this, probably due to social and parental training to not trust anybody?. But I kind of have to post this SOMEWHERE. um..

Anyway, what would be the best programming language(s) to learn to achieve this goal? Does anyone have a link to any good tutorials? The one I found on Java was kind of confusing. Any advice on how to get myself motivated to working on this? I've just been theorizing so far. I need to actually get around to working on the game at some point.

Man.. This is not the best post to come out of hiatus limbo from...

Moderator Edit: this thread seems more appropriate for the Game Creation forum.


Been away for a while (a few years, sorry). Found levelengine's moderation of my old hack, and was re-inspired to get back into this. Don't have the original patch, so the levels you see here came from scratch. The custom graphics I either downloaded off the site, or hand drew, I don't remember which. Gonna focus more on stage design this time around, and pay attention to the complaints of the folks that played through it. This particular portion took two and a half days out of my weekend.
Currently balancing work and hobbies. Also I've got a job now.
Practice Makes Purrfect
Practice Makes Purrfect

Mario has gotten lost on his way to the mailbox! Will he ever find his way home?

Current Demo

Current No. of Worlds: 1
Planned No. of Worlds: 3?


Really though, I don't have the patch from the last time I attempted this, so I had to remake everything from scratch. It is probably better this way, as some of the levels needed to be reworked from the ground up for balance.

I'm going to focus more on the level/stage design this time, and listen close to you guys' feedback. As I get further in though, I may start dipping into the massive pool of custom sprites we have available.

As for demoes... Last time I released them at the end of the week, or whenever I remembered. This time I'll do it at the end of a world (or whenever I remember). I rushed this first one because I want to start work on World 2. That one had some of my favorite levels, and I have a ton of ideas on how to redo most of them. That, and I never really knew what to do with this first castle. Maybe one of the custom Iggys?

The current demo ends inside Iggy's Castle, and doesn't end the level for the player (you can just walk out at that point).
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