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.... o.o

Bom, em vez de simplesmente fazer isso, eu aconselho a aplicar o patch do edit1754, eu me refiro a este:

Defina o free space e coisa e tal...

Apos aplicar, vá em header, e coloque no 10. Agora voce pode colocar umas 3 banzai bill na tela que nada de ruim acontece!!! Mas lembre-se, para o patch "ativar", o header tem que ser o 10...

OFF: da proxima vez nao fica colocando essas coisas de atenção ¬_¬'...
.. Entao coloque o sprite header no 0E, ja que é o que suporta o King Boo na tela e ele tmb é 64x64... Pelomenos aqui o 0E funciona. Tenta ai
Yeah, it's possible. If you see the ground pound koopa from mikeyk, when he stuns the ground, he turns into a 32x16 sprite. For this, insted of making a YDISP table, make a XDISP table only.

Like this:

XDIPS $left,$right



LDA $00 ;\
CLC ; | Apply X displacement of the sprite.
STA $0300,y ;/

LDA $01
STA $0301,y

;rest of the code

Well, I don't know if THIS is the code, but it's something like this

Sorry by the grammar errors, I'm brazilian...:D
Well, once again I'm having a problem with a sprite.. This time is the winged routine... Well, I'm working on a flying keyhole, and it is 8x16. But the winged routine is for 16x16 sprites (I think), and the right wing ged bugged when I test, it doesn't appears...

My 16x16 winged shell is bugged too! When mario jumps on it, it change to a normal shell, but the graphics and the "code" of the shell is bugged! You die if you jump on it while it's moving, and you can't do a spin jump on it...

Let me show a video:
<object style="height: 344px; width: 425px"><param name="movie" value=""><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" width="425" height="344"></object>

Here is these sprites code:



Sorry by the grammar errors, I'm brazilian..
Hey, I need help!! I'm trying to make a NoJump NoLife code but it doesn't work! I don't know why..

I put this on level105 code in LevelASM:

LDA #$80
TRB $15

What's wrong?
... Bom, ai ja nao sei, ele me pediu banzai bill '-', sem falar que o SpriteMemory do header 0E é FF em ambos os tipos, sem falar que ele tem vairas coisas com valores altos...
That Do not Work too!!! I have already tried this but nothing happens!! I tried $15, $16, $17 and $18 but nothing happens..
Well, the $14C8 option is 9 if is That You mean. But if not, how do I do this, I'm a little noob in ASM |-O
Try this:

01253 $00:9053 3 bytes Layer 3 Change to EAEAEA to get rid of the small bonus stars. Use in conjunction with address x01268

01268 $00:9068 3 bytes Layer 3 Change to EAEAEA to get rid of the small bonus stars. Use in conjunction with address x01253

Change both!
... Ajudar a fazer 1 level? Nao tem nem como, sem falar que nao é legal ficar pedindo para outros fazerem seus levels, eu ja fiz 1 level automatico e custa tempo, agora se vc quiser fazer, ai vc tem que fazer o seu. Eu recomendo:

Custom music
Custom blks
Close Calls (QUAAASE que mario morre mas nao morre)
Well, every 16x32 sprite I made there's a problem and is the same problem. When I jump on the sprite, only the 16x16 part of the sprite mario falls
X= Mario
Y\= Sprite
->= where mario fell
<-= Nothing Happens

X Y<-

Can someone help me?

sorry by the grammar errors..
No, I try both but doesn't work...

I use this for check the "mario is above the sprite"

BPL SpriteWins
;Mario wins code...
Yes I did... My sprite have HP so I can't just JSL for this code. THIS make the sprite bug... If my sprite did not have hp, so I could just add this code and it works, but I can't...
Sorry, but what's this and where I change this?
Try make the key come stunned
Entao, coloque custom blks daquele que faz o mario ir pros lados super rapidos para dar emoção, abuse no level, coloque 1 musica boa, pois 1 automatic level sem musica boa é o cumulo do chato :(, faça algumas coisas que o player nem imaginaria que aconteceria, enfim...
Well, the title says all, how can I make the layer 2 move? Like carol :D
Ok, I think I created this topic in the wrong area .. I need a code that handles the layer 2 as well as Carol does. I'm sure that the manipulations that carol is in layer 2 are not the same as SMW. Carol uses ASM. I was wondering THIS ASM code, you know? Sorry for the mistakes in grammar .. I used google translator to translate
I need the code that "moves" the layer 2, the X and Y speed I can change. I have tried some RAMs but they don't work

$7E:001E 2 bytes Hardware mirror Layer 2 X position. Mirror of $210F.
$7E:0020 2 bytes Hardware mirror Layer 2 Y position. Mirror of $2110.

(I don't try these mirror RAMs)

$7E:1466 2 bytes Misc. Layer 2 X position(level)

I use this code for move the layer 2

INC $SomeLayer2Ram

Is this correct? If not, what's the code?

Once again, sorry by the grammar errors, I haven't used google translator but I'm brazilian...

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undefinied3's Profile - Posts by undefinied3

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