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Na sua versão do Lunar Magic, sim, depois disso acabou suas map16. Ja os negocios de "FGs", "SPs", nao, eles nunca acabam pois são especificos de tal level. O Lunar Magic 1.7x permite voce ter 4 vezes mais paginas de BGs e FGs. Voce tem de 3F até 7F para BGs!
Bom, agora no novo LM é mais pratico ainda! Voce tem as maps em bankos, ou seja, vc pode usar 10 maps para fazer 1 bg! Se eu nao me engano (to com preguiça de abriro LM), cada banko tem 10 maps pages (1000 tiles). Voce pode usar todas as 10 maps de 1 banko para montar 1 bg se precisar. Agora nao é que nem no antigo LM, uma map por BG... Mas o metodo de incersão de GFX, pages, é a mesma.
WOW, thanks!! But can I use this code with levelASM from ersanio?
Ok, technically it works, but the layer 2 moves ONE PIXEL!!
Ok, it works but it doesn't run every frame! Only when level loads! I'm puting this code on level105, main!
Yes, I'm sure!! Here is a screenshoot:

Did I forget anything?
Doesn't work... BUT... I DO IT!!! BUUTT... there's a bug.. See the video:

<object style="height: 344px; width: 425px"><param name="movie" value=""><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" width="425" height="344"></object>

I use these RAMs:

$7E:1462 2 bytes Misc. Layer 1 X position (level) (16-bit)
$7E:1464 2 bytes Misc. Layer 1 Y position (level) (16-bit)

I just change the RAMs from your code.. How can I fix that?

I DISABLE both vertical and horizontal scroll..
Well, firstly, these RAMs are only timers for shake the ground. If you want to check if the twomp hits the ground, try this:

-Don't put sprites that shake the ground except twomps...

LDA $1887
BNE DoCode

LDA #$01
STA $140D

I relly don't know if it works, but try it!

Sorry by the grammar errors, I don't speak english too good

Here is the ROM:

0101A $00:8E1A 480 bytes Layer 3

The routine that updates the values of all the addresses used for the status bar ($0EF9-$0F2F).
x1028 - Change this address to AD to disable the timer.
x102E - Timer speed (USE WITH F8B)
x105C - Time is Running Out SFX. Change from FF to 00 to stop the music from speeding up when time reaches 99.
x106B - [22 06 F6 00] Change to [EA EA EA EA] to not kill Mario when the timer reaches zero. The timer will count down normally and stop at zero, but Mario will not die
x10DB - Change this and/or 01109 from 20 12 90 to EA EA EA to disable writing the score to the status bar when playing as Mario and/or Luigi, respectively. Useful if you want to place another counter in place of the score using Smallhacker's Status Bar Editor.
x112C - How many coins you need to get an 1up (USE WITH 01137)
x112F - [EE E4 18] Change to [EA EA EA] to not gain a life after collecting enough for one.
x1137 - Number of coins to subtract from the counter when you gain enough for a 1up (Default: $64 (100). Change to [01] to create a coin wallet effect - use with x112F.
x1162 - Number of bonus stars required to enter bonus game
x1167 - [8D 25 14] Change to EA EA EA to disable entering bonus game when player has 100 bonus stars.
x116F - Amount of bonus stars that will be subtracted when 100 bonus stars are collected. Change to [01] to make 99 the maximum amount of bonus stars you can get - to create a bonus star wallet effect, use with x1167.
x117E - Writes coins to status bar. Changing to [EA EA EA EA EA EA] will disable the coins from being written to the status bar.
x1195 - [09] The X position of the small bonus star counter in the status bar.
x11C5 - [20 79 90] Change to EA EA EA to disable the item GFX in the status bar
x11CF - Length of "LUIGI" text (Status bar)
x11E7 - Tile used on the status bar when there's no Yoshi coin in that spot.

Change the address with a hex editor to AD.
Ok, let's do a hard thing..

LDA $1887
BNE DoCode


LDA.W $148F
BNE Return
STA.W RAM_IsSpinJump
LDA.B #$04 ; \ Play sound effect
STA.W $1DFC ; /


LDA.B #$01 ; \ Play sound effect
STA.W $1DFA ; /

Well, I don't know it it works, but I rip the code from All.log
.. Search in the ROM map for these things. But here are them:

0101A $00:8E1A 480 bytes Layer 3

Here are the offsets:

x1028 - Change this address to AD to disable the timer.

01253 $00:9053 3 bytes Layer 3 Change to EAEAEA to get rid of the small bonus stars. Use in conjunction with address x01268
01268 $00:9068 3 bytes Layer 3 Change to EAEAEA to get rid of the small bonus stars. Use in conjunction with address x01253

07543 $00:F343 3 bytes ASM Change [EE 22 14] to [EA EA EA] to disable the Yoshi Coin counter in the status bar.

x1167 - [8D 25 14] Change to EA EA EA to disable entering bonus game when player has 100 bonus stars.

0C37A $01:C17A 4 bytes Misc. Change 22 CA F1 07 to EA EA EA EA to disable the digits made up of star tiles at the goal tape (which resemble the amount of bonus stars gathered)

2CE66 $05:CC66 2 bytes Misc. Change to 80 1C to prevent the player from getting a free 1UP at the goal if the tens digit of your bonus star counter and the tens and ones digits of your time are all the same

2D11B $05:CF1B 3 bytes ASM Change to EA EA EA and the player will receive no bonus stars at the end of the level.

3F463 $07:F263 1 byte Misc. Change to 80 to disable getting a 3-UP when getting the above number of bonus stars
Well, I don't understeand some questions but..

1-Yes, you set the boss HP like this

2-Copy from iceguy's ultimate n00b boss!

3-The frame counter is $14. When the game freeze (like when mario get a mushroom), it stops. You use it like this:

LDA $14
AND #$frames
BEQ SomePieceOfCode

4-Yes this is correct

Sorry for the grammar errors, I don't speak English very well
.. É literamente 1 saco fazer isso. Voce deve baixar o TinyMM (ou alguma coisa assim), baixar a mid, arrastar a mid. Agora vc tem 1 arquivo MML e tem que portar ele. Para maiores informações, veja 1 tutorial disso feito por shinok
..Vamos lá.. Vou te dar explicações melhores:

Xkas-Isso é 1 assembler de codes ASM. Voce nao precisa saber o que é assembler, mas ele simplesmente insere teus codes ASMs na tua hack. Os patches por exemplo sao codes ASMs certo? Ele lê estes codes e insere eles na sua hack!

Palleta-Vá em "Level", "Enable Custom Paletts". Pronto, agora voce pode trocar TODAS as paletas do teu level sem interferir na dos outros =D. A do P-Switch mais especificamente é a paleta B, a azul. Mas voce pode editar outras alem dela.

Patch De Levels-Nao por que aqueles sao todos os levels presentes na ROM. Se voce quisesse fazer 1 novo ia precisar de 1 conhecimento ferrado MESMO de ASM.
Nao, nao faça isso MESMO, isso é TOTALMENTE errado pois além de nao ser a ferramenta certa para isso, voce vai mudar coisa que nao deve. Mas quanto a imagem, isso ocorreu porque os outros sprites usam as paletas que voce pode ter mudado. Infelizmente nao tem jeito de mudar isso, pois o tweaker e o sprite paint mudam a paleta permanentemente. Eu aconselho ja que as cores de outros sprites mudaram, mude elas totalmente, vai dar algo de novo! Fica legal, acredite, é só saber usar a cor
Just copy CMD and paste in your addmusic folder, open it and type:

Addmusic.exe test.smc
What PEA command does in ASM?
Oh, thanks guys. It's like a easy form to load A in 16 bits mode right?
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undefinied3's Profile - Posts by undefinied3

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