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The problem had already started before the castle top was removed.
I start a new file every time I test my hack. Also, Lunar Magic says that the tiles will malfunction id they are even slightly misaligned. Although, I don't see any misalignment with the tiles. How do I fix this??
Your background might still be using the default map16 page for the background. When making the background, did you press PageUp or PageDwn until it was using the correct page, or did you copy and paste the tiles into the default map16 background page (page 10 or 11).
Ok, now I fixed some misalignment in the path between the 4th level and the castle. Now when Mario touches the exit tile, it fades out, fades back into the submap for half a second, fades out, then fades into the main overworld where I want it to go. NOW, even though the green paths are correct, Mario walks ABOVE the level he's supposed to. What does pressing A take me to? Endless bonus game. Now how do I fix THIS?
The castle top has to be destroyed on event 6 like it was in the original same, although, that event isn't on the list. Also, the castle top shows up on the regular editor but not the event editor.
For me it would be either:

Candice (Pokemon)
Cirno (Touhou)
Chii (Chobits)
Haruhi (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
What everybody's opinions on Chobits? I though it was an awsome anime, with a good mix between themes. It got sad in later episodes but the ending felt so heartwarming. Here, have some general discussions on Chobits and feel free to post your opinions!
Does the ROM have a header? The IPS will patch the wrong part of the ROM if it doesn't have a header.
Anyway, just add a header in SNESTOOL or Lunar Magic (the latter will tell you to add one when you first open it.). After that, patch the ROM and you're good to go! ^-^
I'm trying to make a background and foreground of a level compatable. I edited the color info on the palette used in the file for the background. I looked up the color info in MS paint, and edited row 2 which is the foreground palette. Although, after editing the palette, some stuff was still discolored.

Which colors do I edit to change the rest of the colors for the foreground?
1. I'm just copying the colors from the other palette.
2. I'm talking about the DISCOLERED spots on the map16
they are the outlines for the snow fg, posts, and the green spots on the snow platforms.
Are there any other rows that the fg uses?
I have a few levels that use waterfalls in my hack. The thing is, how do I make them ACT like waterfalls instead of like regular water. The waterfalls don't move, but that's because I haven't applied ExAnimation yet (which I don't think was included with the graphics). Anyway, I looked through the graphics ans custom blocks section and couldn't find anything. Is there a custom block or sprite needed for this? Or do I need to learn some ASM?
I'm using Romi's addmusic and am following the readme, but I can't get the program to make the addmusic.ini file. I input Addmusic.exe and the the romname.smc and it doesn't make the file. I also tried adding INIT afterward, and it didn't work either.
I inputted:
AddMusic.exe Super Mario World (U) [!].smc LEVEL

Note: The rom its'self isn't clean, I just didn't rename it.

I'm also not getting the MSC file.

EDIT: Ok, now I looked and the ROM file can't have spaces in the name, so I renamed it to EliteBrawlingYoshis.smc. Not it says "Couldn't open ROM file"

I already tried that. The songs didn't insert.
Yes, but I deleted it after it failed to work.
I'm using Romi's addmusic, but it gives me the error: Invalid option, Couldn't open ROM file" whenever I try to use it. I inputted the command correctly, but it just won't open. There re no spaces in the ROM name.
Yes, both are in the same folder, they have the extensions, and the rom has been expanded.
I did. It said that it isn't an operable batch file. I'm using the Windows command line. Why won't addmusic open my ROM???
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