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Originally posted by S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.
Hey, that looks rather nice right there. Although, the transition from brown to grey is pretty sudden, but I don't know of what can be done there except for graphical work in the 8x8 tiles addressed to said area. Anyway, I don't have any idea of what a Moai statue is doing there. Could be serving as a warning of some sort? Give me a cookie if the guess is correct.

The level uses both types of land, but I'll see if I can make some extra tiles to blend the two together.
As for your guess, indeed it is a warning! *gives you a cookie*. Though, if you know enough about Kirby's foes, you'll know what it's warning you for!

By the way, some very interesting looking screens you got there, and the amount of detail really brings them to life! For the last three screens, I'd guess that we're either inside some sort of life form or in a Metroid-type area.

Originally posted by The Oncoming Storm
This is a Horndon (the big one), and a Hornaplup (the little one). They're the Dino Rhino replacements for Ogg and came out quite well IMO.

That's a cute Dino-rhino replacement right there! Their graphical style works well with Ogg, but I'd add a little bit more shading to it to bring out the shape a bit more.

A few screenshots of an oasis level I recently finished. Went for a sort of beach/desert mix in terms of the aesthetics, but Raisin Ruins 2 from Kirby's Return to Dreamland was a big source of inspiration for this level.

With that said, enjoy! #w{:>}

Originally posted by Jonny
I have something to show of my own as well. This for the second JDCGames collab...


Looks like we both made Oasis's! :P

Either way, the level is looking very nice so far! Though, I'd change the upper sky color, as the white looks a bit odd. Keep up the great work!

Originally posted by S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.
Yes, very nice graphics indeed. Oh, I got a few things while I'm here. I don't know why, but I barely see any hacks with custom pathed Creating/Eating Blocks. I have about three already...

Didn't The Crater use custom paths for the creating/eating blocks in Hunter's Cyber Castle?

As for the screens, the level is looking very nice, and I like the creepy and dark feel you gave the interior background. Though, the foreground coloring is a bit light, so darkening it a bit would help add to the mood of the level.

By the way, when you said the previous screens were inside a womb, are they
Inside that orange orb/egg that Scorpion, Hunter, and Sputnik found in the level "Disturbing Evil" in The Crater?

Originally posted by Oh Hell No
This is the first GFX I made by myself, what do you think?

I'd add an extra shade of brown and an extra shade of green into it to help out the shading effects, but other than that, you did a great job with this tileset! I especially like the shading style you used with the trees.

So, after waking my computer up, for some reason Youtube stopped working properly. So, I checked Firefox's addons page to see if it was disabled somehow. It was enabled, but it told me it was out-of-date. So, I downloaded the new version and went to install it. Though, it wouldn't let me click anything else on the desktop when Windows asked me if I wanted to run the installer (that security warning).

The install its self worked and Flash was working again and updated normally, but I noticed an application called "timeout.exe" in Task Manager near the end of the install. Also, I noticed that Firefox was still running in Task Manager even though I had closed it before starting the update.

What exactly is "timeout.exe" and what could've caused this sudden weirdness?

Completed the first area of the level I previewed in my previous post, along with most of the level's sprite graphical work. So, today I present: Kabu Caverns!

This is a cave level based around the Kabu enemies from the Kirby games, though expanded upon and in a few different forms as well! The Moai statue was a sign of the inhabitants, as the Kabu enemies seem to resemble them. Said statues will be a frequent decoration throughout the stage.

Now for the screenshots!

The ladder separates two small paths, the top being only accessible from hitting a switch in the starting area.

Taking the lower path!
Swoopers > Babut. The Chuck's/Charlie's footballs were even changed to Kabus! I used ExAnimation to put a spinning Kabu animation over the football tile instead of using a stationary frame.

A look at the upper path!
Changed the Spike Tops into a sort of Spiny Kabu, plus more Kabus of different behaviors.

A little drop-down in case the player wants to switch paths. The red pipe at the end rejoins the two paths and leads into the next area.

Questions/Comments? #w{=3}

The other day I updated to Firefox 14.0.1. However, I noticed that SMW Central suddenly takes much longer to load (most of the time). Normally it loads almost instantly, but it now simply shows the gray spinning circle with "Connecting" in the tab title for a good 10-30 seconds before the page actually loads (the bar on the bottom says "waiting for Though, it'll fluctuate between this and it's normal load speed. It's not my connection, as a speed test said it was the same speed as normal. Is it a problem with Firefox's speed/consistancy or has the site simply been slower?

Alrighty then, just wanted to make sure the problem wasn't a bug in Firefox (since it's had some pretty annoying bugs recently).

Originally posted by Mario's Hat

Excellent job on this level so far! The palette looks great and the use of fuzzies in a grassland level is a very clever touch. I can't wait to see more of this!

Originally posted by Jacob
Short video of the first level of my new hack, codenamed Ø. The name of the level is Insection.


I really like the concept of the level and the sprite/enemy placement (especially the spider generating pipes). Though, I wouldn't make the player wait for one of the spiders in order to hop over a wall. Other than that, this level is coming along nicely!

Now to show some stuff from that cave level I previewed earlier!
The level is titled "Kabu Caverns", and is centered around the Kabu enemy from the Kirby games. The Moai statues are signs of their presence in the cave, as Kabu seem to resemble them.

So far this is the first room/area of the cave, having two small paths that rejoin at the end of the room, and introduce the player to the types of Kabu that they will be facing over the course of the level (along with those bats :P).

Originally posted by Footsteps_of_Coins
cat planet cat planet cat planet

Spot on! #w{=P}

Originally posted by Footsteps_of_Coins
@recent post: More people should know that you can ExAnimate sprites!

I completely agree with you! Adding ExAnimation to sprite GFX can really add more life to sprites, especially those with few animation frames.

Originally posted by negativestar54
This is for my very unknown hack, Into the Sixth Dimension: Dimension Rod Robbery. Specifically, Voided Volcano, the first level.

I like the idea, but the color choice feels very limited and adds a bit too much contrast. A smooth transition between the black and purple would make it look much nicer, and would keep the idea you're going for without the high color contrast. Also, I'd darken the color of the background shine/sparkles a bit more as well.

Originally posted by iRhyiku
Going with this style again.

You've got a neat idea going! All I'd add is a bit more shading for the foreground, but other than that the level is looking pretty good. Also, I really like the added HDMA, as it really adds to the mood of the level!

Originally posted by Magiluigi
@Karatekid: Those stones in the foreground clash with the other graphics, but I suppose it's because of the lack of anti-aliasing on its outlines (or even the outlines themselves).

Thank you for the advice! :)
Here are the edited FG rocks. I removed the black outline and added a bit more shading around the edges. It helped blend the stones into the FG a bit better and helped it fit into the level's graphical style a little more.
Do these look better? #w{:>}

I decided to utilize the One-Way Bullet Bill shooters in the Sprites Section for simple one-way normal sprite shooters. However, each direction uses a separate sprite. In order to save some space, I wanted to combine them into a single sprite that fires left by default and fires to the right when the extra bit is set. Though, what do I add into the firing routine that will utilize the extra bit and change the firing direction when it is set?

The Sprite's Code

What you'll need is a level ender that activates when all sprites are off-screen/have been knocked out (in this case the Fallen Koopa). Though, the code for the level ender sprite could be implemented into the sprite's death routine, but I'm not entirely sure.

Originally posted by S.N.N.

-I think the Muncher spam makes this room look much more unpleasant than it needs to. Could we just have a pit there instead?

Removed the munchers and replaced the Tile 100 platforms with normal ground to fix the resulting emptiness. Also added in the new bonus room background, as this sublevel still used the original.
Though, there are plenty of bonus rooms that still use the original SMW background instead of the new one. If you want, I'll change the rest of the bonus rooms still using the original background to the new one.

Just found a bug in the PM system earlier. Clicking the "Preview Message" button just brought me back to my inbox instead of actually previewing the message I was going to send. Is this happening for anyone else?

EDIT: I tried to send the message and got the same result. The message wasn't sent and I was taken straight back to my inbox.

I modified the code to include the extra bit. However, now it'll always fire to the right regardless of the Extra Bit.

Here's the code I changed:

LDA $1783,x
AND #$40

Here's the Extra Bit label I added:


LDA $178B,x
AND #$10
LDA #$00

The STORE routine it Branches to starts with "STA $00C2,y" so I assumed the LDA before it was to set the direction. The "LEFT" code is the same as the extra bit label code but with an LDA #$01 instead of LDA#$00.

How do I set it so that only the sprites that actually have the extra bit set will fire to the right? Should I use a BNE before the Extra Bit label instead of a BEQ?


Found this background while browsing the baseROM yesterday. It looks like it hasn't been used yet (was it intended for one of the World 4-B levels?). So, I decided to try it out on Smouldering Shrine since it still needed a new background, and since this BG fit in with the theme. However, it feels a bit empty as is, so with some extra graphics space, maybe we could spice it up a bit to complement the action of the level its self?

By the way, do we need new graphics for the lava or is it fine as is?

My Entry.
Used Chocolate Island 1 (22) as the base.

A few days ago I purchased a new Linksys e1200n router to replace my WRT54G. As far as the setup, it went pretty well (though, had to power-cycle my modem to get it to talk to the router). Though, if I want tocheck it's settings, the setup page will sometimes take a long time to load, unlike the WRT54G which always loaded it instantly. All other websites load normally. What could've caused this?

Also, after hooking it up, the speed increased to 50mbps for download speed on my dad's computer. His is directly connected to the router while mine is connected to the router via a set of two Asoka PlugLinks (which sends internet signals via the copper wiring). However, my download speed remains only 10mbps. Is it the PlugLink/copper wiring that's bottlenecking the speed, or is the PlugLink's port only set to 10mbps instead of 100?

Other than that, everything was fine (aside from Windows having to register it as a new home network), but I'm still a little worried since this was my first time installing a new router.

Thank you very much for the suggestion! Though, I checked in Control Panel and the setting is already at maximum speed. So, the issue isn't my network card. As for the wireless adapter, my computer isn't close enough to the router to get a good wireless signal (even though it's Wireless-N).

Also, I ran into another problem that I noticed today. Since my computer uses Asoka PlugLinks to connect to the network, the signal is going through the electrical lines. because of this, I noticed that my internet speed goes down if I turn on my HDTV (which is in the same room). Asoka's FAQ says that interference can be caused by electrical "noise". Though, how can a single TV generate so much electrical interference that it cuts my speed in half? o.o

Here are the results for both situations.

Normal speed for this computer:

Internet speed for this computer when HDTV is turned on:

Is there a way to fix this interference/electrical "noise" problem? Also, is there a way to get a better base internet speed via the electrical lines to begin with? I can't exactly wire an Ethernet cord down two floors.


Here's the speed my computer gets (though, I'm surprised it picked a New Jersey server instead of the Philadelphia server). My speed should be around 50mbps, since I bought a new router, but having to use a set of Asoka PlugLinks to get my computer a wired connection slows the speed down. Either way, I'm still happy with the speeds we get!

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