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Originally posted by Sadistic Designer
*sight* how often has this happened now...

TAS stands for Tool-Assisted Speedrun. This last word means that the creator tries to complete the level in a little time as possible, which is clearly not what you did. Therefore your video is not a TAS, merely a tool-assisted walkthrough. Like I said it's a nice vid, but not a speedrun.

To re-enforce that fact, it is more of a Tool-Assisted Walkthrough. To further specify Sadistic Designer's explanation of a TAS, I'd say it was where you must keep moving in the general direction of the end of the level, without stopping to, say, make a savestate to backup the TAS. TASes work much better with rewinds and slowdown, rather than relying on savestates.
Originally posted by 10204307
Snes9X can't rewind.
Besides, you NEED to wait.
Therefore, it IS a TAS.

True, you have to wait at SOME places. But not all of them.

Anyway, before I start a massive war of hatred, I can simply reccomend downloading ZSNES for your emulation needs. I think it is in the tools section of the site, or on the ZSNES site. Either way, it saves a lot of time. :D
Somehow, a war broke out all about wether or not it was a TAS. Seriously. Ok, heres how I am breaking up this "war".
Originally posted by Sadistic Designer
Let's get this straight: that video is NOT a TAS. You could have been faster at the following moments for sure:

1:24-1:39 can be skipped entirely

That is entirely true. Every word/number.
Originally posted by 10204307
It's a TAS if I say it's a tas. That's the point of the video.

So, what I'm getting at is that if you were to say that that was a flying chocolate donut of which spontaneously combusts in any conditotion, it would actually BE one?! THIS RULE APPLIES TO EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD: Unless proven by PROFFESIONALS, something is NOT what a person is CLAIMING IT TO BE. LEARN THIS. Okay?! So are we all clear on the fact that it isn't a TAS and that it is a TAW? If we cannot come to an agreement, then I vote for a professional to decide if it is or is not a TAS.
Originally posted by Ultimaximus
Your choice, is it a well-made TAW, or a poorly-done TAS? β)



I still think its a TAW though |-O
Originally posted by sym
Why is it that when I compare any other hack to Cool or Cruel, Cool or Cruel makes the other hack look like garbage?

It just seems like nobody has ever come close to matching worldpeace's level design concepts. I'm sorry if anyone is insulted by this.

I would really like to be proven wrong. Someone please show me Kaizo (or not even Kaizo, maybe just regular platforming) level design that's better than Cool or Cruel.

I look forward to your replies.

I'm in the process of making a hack that includes graphics I downloaded from SMWCentral (only the player is changed though :O) and custom music from multiple places (that I cannot remember). It's going to be my best romhack yet, but it would only be a single-level game. Not to mention the element of Kaizo added in...

But anyway, as I've said, I'm only in the PROCESS of making it, I've only just done part of the first room of the level. I need tips of how to make sadistic Kaizo traps. HOW DO I DOEZ?!
Originally posted by Sadistic Designer
I'm working on the finishing touches of my first hack, I just need people skilled enough to playtest it...

I could help you with those Kaizo traps, here's how I create levels:

1) Wait until you have an idea what type of level you want to make. A good example would be 'Line-guided' or 'Vertical Castle (moving Layer 2)'

2) Put some blocks together. Don't start making the start of the level, just start midway.

3) Make sure it is literally IMPOSSIBLE, that some parts cannot be played(!!!)

4) Break your own level.

5) Go to step 3, removing your path to break the level. Continue until at least 15 people say your level is impossible, now edit one step back.

Hurray! You have just designed a devilish trap!

Yes, but I'm lazy.

I mean ideas for glitches and traps, like having precise single-block jumps that end up taking you into a death hole. (WOW I CAME UP WITH AN IDEA BY BEING LAZY O.O) If you could actually EXPLAIN traps out to me, that would work. KTHXBAI :)
Okay, SOMEONE had to have made this comment EVENTUALLY about that glitch...

Super Flying Jesus Christ Mode disabled.

Off of that topic, I'm still working on my hack, and I need some moar ideas. I am getting kind of insane, because I inserted the P-Switch jump TAS trick :D
So what other glitches/tricks can anyone reccomend for my hack?
Originally posted by Hadron
Wall jumps, key jumps and block copy glitches.


The thing is, I can barely EVER do key jumps, let alone wall jumps. I don't even know how to do the block copy glitch, anyway...
Originally posted by mariofan1000
It's not a glitch, but a general screw you. I want you to imagine the cruelest trap ever, and PM me it.
I designed a kaizo trap a year or two back, it's not really the best, but I think it works. I call it the MMAT trap :D
anyway, it's pretty much a kaizo trap where you would have a P-Switch. there would be a long line of coins beyond the exit, and you must hit the switch to survive. BUT THERE IS A CATCH. The line of coins isn't long at all! At the final coin, there is a single-block gap above it, and after the gap is a gray cement block (or anything stable). If you are tiny mario, you die. That's where the switch comes in AGAIN. After you hit it, you must RUN LIKE CRAP into the exit to turn the flattened switch into a mushroom. The reason it does this is because it acts as a carriable sprite, even after it is hit. All sprites you can carry (even baby yoshi) can be used at the exit as a power-up if held through it.
As I said, it isn't the best. But it works in puzzle hacks, or levels that have timers that seem so unfair that you neglect anything in your way that could possibly help. If you use this trick, please, either ask for permission or give me credit. Or both. I'd appreciate it a lotly. :D
Originally posted by Sadistic Designer
I hope you are joking me, this is one of the most well-known and overabused blatant "Kaizo Trap" edits. Chances are ZERO that anybody will ask you permission for that, because, well... almost every hacker came up with this trap him/herself without copying ANYTHING from you.

I'm sorry, it's just not possible to claim credit for something so simple, obvious and well-known. I'm using it in my hack, and I could symbolically ask for your permission, but I'm not going to use any credits nor remove the trap if you tell me to as I came up with that idea without ever having heard of "MMAT" or you... So I could claim that to be my trap as well.

Sorry to sound insulting, it's just that you in general cannot claim this type of thing. You can, like you did perfectly, ask for people to take your effort in consideration, but it seems a bit ridiculous with something so well-know.

(I think you meant well known:))
I expected as much. I thought that it was commonly used, since it is so simple XD
I guess in order to make a trap I can call my own, I must make it rube-golberg like. TIME TO LOOK INTO THE LAWS OF HUMAN PHYSICS IN ORDER TO MAKE A KAIZO TRAP. See? Smartynesh is a good thingy :D

Because this was bound to happen :)
Originally posted by sym
a segment i'm working on:
Looks good, but there are a few things I have to critisize. Firstly, why are there star blocks in places unreachable? Unless it is for decoration, I don't understand it at all. Secondly, the intro to the level is far too easy. Did you try putting munchers between the blocks to add difficulty, and the need for slowdown? Finally, at the first part you see a shell, it's also too easy. You can shell jump off of the left wall and use the slowdown to accurately land on the safe blocks. You may have to move that wall to the left to make it harder. I find the rest of the level fair (pretty easy in my opinion, but to a less experienced player, would be difficult). I can't wait to see the followup to the level, or the next level(s) :D
Originally posted by ima9000
The secret area of my kaizo hack I'm working on :3 (picture)

Suddenly, "I love you, ima9000 secret stage" is a meme. You win GRAND PRIZE :D

Anyway, it looks decent, but is there ANY way the image in the background could look LESS like crap?
Originally posted by ima9000
I can't make it look less like crap because I suck at ripping -_-
The thing is, it's not how crappy the actual GRAPHIC is, it looks pretty good for a 16-bit romhack. It's about it's color. Try either editing the BG pallete or picking a different pre-set one.
Originally posted by ima9000
And yay! I won grand prize :D
Just because of that, "you win grand prize" is gonna be my signiture :D SO DONT COPY IT.
Actually, I find that some parts are very simple to pass on that part of the level, sym.
(I will be using a "grid" form of the blocks to do examples, so you'll have to do some counting. Remember to use the X,Y method for it :))
The fall from (10,12) to (12,6) can be passed by jumping out of the hole, probably using slowdown (if you are lazy and/or very inacurate with jumps), and pushing against the left wall, until the player gets to about block number (11,8). The player would then move to the right at a certain moment (it's easier to do than to say...), and ending up in the hole. This can be done with 1 block gaps easily, let alone 2 block gaps.
The hole between (4,4) and (6,4) needs no slowdown, in my oppinion. It just relies more on the player's speed. If you run through it, you can pass it. The jumps to get to (10,12) can be passed easily with slowdown.
As for the end, I think it depends on the way the fire ball things (I forgot their names :O) are going, and might be passible without slowdown, so long the player jumps at the correct time.
Wow, I have overused the parentheses key, and somehow it made me look smarter :D
Originally posted by sym
absolutely.. it's not really meant to be a gamestopper. this is more of a 'bump' in between the actual level segments. it's something that is used very much in C|C... and i love the idea of short little tests of timing (or patience, lol) every so often.

i also just came up with this.. i don't think i've ever seen this concept used before:
the idea is you have to bounce between the thwomps to get over the wall, the catch is.. the water tiles = death blocks. the weird thing is the whole tile is not one big death block.. it seems like just the surface is what kills you. so you can actually float in the bottom of those tiles without it killing you but as soon as you go up to the top, you die. i actually kind of like it that way.. gives the obstacle a little bit of extra flavor.

Oh and by the way, I think the water blocks could be substituted with message blocks. Sprites fall through those, too.
But as always, the annoying-as-crap critic part of me wants to say what makes the trap easy.
Firstly, if you go to the right thwomp and spin jump off of it and go right AROUND the water block of death, it makes the left thwomp useless.
Also, thwomps have always been an easy to overcome element in SMW hacks. Barely anyone has ever found a hard trap you can use it in. To enchance the trap, try putting other obsticles around it, like thwimps, bullet bills, or overusing the death water. (Maybe, if you are sadistic enough, you could put boo's or spinys that fall from the sky...)
I hope that helped some :D
Originally posted by sym
yes, it will be changed. the water was just used for a proof of concept because i knew the thwomps would move through it..

Thats a much more of a challenge, sym.
But I still am confused. How are the water blocks death blocks? Can't you just swim over them now? Or is there some kind of special sprite...?
Ok, as you all expected, I brought to you all another update on my hack. I'm not really showing pictures until I release it for testing, or maybe a bit sooner :D
(It's a REALLY short game, maybe just a few rooms and a SECRET BOSS OF WHICH YOUR BRAIN CANNOT COMPREHEND)
Anyway, I've finished the second room, and for the fun of it I made a game box, it kinda sucks, but thats not the point of the update.
I just have to decide what a harder trap to avoid is, the cloud through walls glitch, or P-jumps everywhere. Either way, I'm putting spikes everywhere, causing instant death :P
I also need to know if there is an actually hard way to enter doors, like traps underneath it or something.
Originally posted by sadistic designer
@LegendaryMMAT: I've got some standard tricks to make doors harder:

1) Floating 1-tile high door, requires yoshi/sprite to stand on
2) Invisible POW door on a brown block, requires POW and a second sprite such as a springboard OR a solid tile next to the brown block.
3) Door on moving layer 2, requires timing
4) Invisible POW door 1 tile high, requires POW and timing (spammed too often...)
5) Time limit from the level :P
6) Door floating above diagonal moving object such as a moving rope (ground) (Yeah I know it's hard to understand what I'm saying). Haven't tested this enough yet but it seems to be possible with just timing.
7) Door one above and next to an instant death tile, requires tile corner glitch.
8) Door next to a wall (up in the air), requires walljumping glitch (Walljump uses the one frame you 'stand' on the cutoff of the hitboxes of objects to jump, use can also use this frame to enter a door as far as I know)
9) Force the player to enter the door flying

Well, those are some ideas to make doors harder. There is one more glitch to make doors A LOT HARDER but as I'm using it in my hack I'll only reveal it after the release :P (don't be disappointed if you already knew it...)
Well, I know I cannot do the POW-door thing, the flying thing, or the layer 2 thing. I mean, if I tried hard enough, I could do those in testing (the flying one is easy), but I cannot put power-ups except for yoshi, and I cannot put anything on layer 2, because I haven't learned how to use it yet. As for the P-door thing, I haven't really done it yet in testing. I've done a ton of P-jumps, as for the door, it's hard as crap. But, I must ask, what is the "tile limit from the level"?
I came up with ONE actually good door glitch, I don't know if it has been used already. It's where there are 3 blocks on the ground, in this order from left to right: Brown (used) block, Yoshi container block, Brown (used) block. Directly above the Yoshi block is a POW door. You need the yoshi for the next level. There is a blue POW in the door. For this to work, you must hit the POW, grab the flattened switch, and throw it to the Yoshi block. I haven't tested it yet, but I'm sure it is useful :D

Thanks for the tips, sadistic!
Originally posted by sadistic designer
It actually reads 'Time limit', not 'tile limit'.
Did you know I read things really fast?
Originally posted by sadistic designer
I've never come across that door puzzle before, it sounds nice! The only ways to break this would be taking an item so you don't need the flat POW or breaking the level needing the yoshi.
HOORAY I came up with a trap all by myself :)
I don't think you could really break the screen that uses the yoshi, though, since usually it would involve jumping off of yoshi as soon as the room appears. Unless you know how to walljump instantly off of spikes while being tiny Mario, it's unbreakable. Sadistic designer, you'll hate the game: IT CANNOT BE BROKEN :P
Holy crap, I somehow got everyone to use the (x,y) block method thingy XD

Anyway, I'm almost done with my hack (again, I have to say it's REALLY short, and actually not that hard. It just relies on glitches, more over), but there was a giant bump in the road. When you enter doors with Yoshi, on the next screen, Yoshi dissapears... It's so weird. So I have to rethink the entire level.
Back to the subject of it being short. After testing it, I could make it harder by finding my average time of finishing the level and making that the level's time, but that would be unfair to people that don't TAS. Maybe I could add 20 seconds to it :D
I estimate that the romhack will be done today, and "released" to this thread today, if I get the testing over with quickly. Wish me luck!
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