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Originally posted by Aja
And that sums up my experience with gachas. If I had to say anything from it, I'd say it was more frustrating than satisfying and I'd rather stay away from these games.

Despite saying this a couple of months ago, I've been playing Genshin Impact recently and I've been enjoying it a lot. Unlike the other gacha games I played before, this one doesn't feel like an endless repetitive quest until I can pull one of the low-odd characters only to make said endless quest slightly easier. While the game does have some repetitive/endless grind in it, it also has an open world, great aesthetics and gameplay and an average story (which is better than what most gachas have anyway), to distract you from the fact you're playing a gacha, so it's hard to get tired of it.
Originally posted by BeeKaay

Let me add a few:

-Imprisoning heterosexual and cis people (gay and trans people have been imprisoned for being gay and trans and are still being imprisoned in several countries to this day).
-Kicking cis and het people out of their homes (gay and trans people are still being kicked out of their homes by their parents, even at very young ages and forced to live in the streets).
-Murdering white, het and cis people (black, gay and trans people are still being murdered solely because of their skin color, sexual orientation or gender identity. Some countries even do this legally).

You can probably add more. So yes, I can't beleive we live world where the poor majorities are being bullied by those evil, evil revengeful minorities.
Just like RPGhacker I keep returning to Yu-Gi-Oh every few years, but it's hard to stay when I have no contact with the people, I used to play back in 2008-2009. Playing with random people is not my hit either since the average yugioh player tends to be pretty toxic.

I haven't played in a few months so maybe I'm not updated with the latest sets, but I know how to Link and Pendulum. If anything, I'd say those extra deck monsters are easier to summon each time. Back in the xyz era I joked that the next extra deck mons would just say "2 monsters" as materials, and that's pretty much what links are, the only way you can get easier from there would be "2 cards from your field or hand" but I doubt they'll go that path.

I've played over two free simulators recently: EDOPro and Duelling Book. The former is automatic while the later allows custom card matches of which I've made a few. Unlike other times, I did venture to make a competitive deck: Numeron, which I like because it doesn't rely on spamming half of the link monsters in your extra deck during your first turn like most modern yugioh decks (this duel pretty much ilustrates what I mean). But I'd rather play casually and I have several casual decks too.
Originally posted by RPG Hacker
(except for Ritual summons, RIP)

Ritual summons did appear in Arc-V, albeit not as prominently as the others; but ritual were always the least played type of monsters anyway.

And yes, it's true the game has become unnecessarily complicated over time. I once tried introduce a friend who never played past the Duel Monster era to all the new rules, summons and mechanics. I couldn’t get to explain him about links because he was starting to have a headache from all the info. The game is not beginner-friendly at its current state. This video is pretty accurate.
Originally posted by RPG Hacker
You're right, it did have a few niche appearances. But yeah, after the original Duel Monsters era (and maybe the GX era), Ritual summons never seemed to play any prominent role again. The last time I remember them being popular was during the GX era, when a deck built around Demise was kind of prominent.

There is the Nekroz archetype, which uses several ritual monsters and was meta not too long ago, but then it stopped being played after some of its key cards got banned. And that's about it, yeah. I've seen some casual decks play Blue Eyes Chaos Max Dragon, but never competitively since Blue Eyes decks tend to brick a lot. It's a shame though, since I really like ritual monsters.
Congrats, goose boi, I knew you'd make it.
Originally posted by Noivern
Disable their account for violation of rule A9.

Wouldn't that be rule C5?
Even though I haven't watched the movie, I've read Hachiko's story and it made me cry for like ten minutes.

CrossCode is the only video-game that has made me cry so far
After Lea gets kidnapped and escapes, she goes to see Emily only to find out she's mad at her for diseapering without warning. Lea is unable to explain what happened because she can't talk so the two part ways (they eventually become friends again later).
Un peu tard, mais je voudrais faire un post en honneur du vieux sous-forum français qui maintenant repose près des forums de media et anime et manga.

Je me souviens quand le forum est apparu en 2011 et peu de temps après, Lexator avait été élu comme mod pour celui-ci. Au début le forum était très actif mais peu à peu cette activité est devenue éphémère jusqu’à disparaitre complètement. Je me souviens d’avoir proposé d’archiver le forum en 2013, mais cela ne ce n’est pas fait parce qu’il y avait encore de l’activité a l’époque (pas beaucoup mais il y en avait). Mais à la fin, la mort éventuelle de notre sous-forums était inévitable.

Originally posted by bebn legg
Il y en avait quand même plusieurs auparavant, dont certains hacks bilingues avec une version anglaise et une version française (ce qui est une option pour ton hack aussi, si ça te tente.) Something Else et Pokémon Darkness me viennent à l'esprit, mais il y en a d'autres, je pense.

Je me souviens bien de Pokemon Darkness, je l’ai joué justement en 2010. C’est dommage que Lexator (l’auteur du hack) ne soit plus par ici, il était parmi les plus importants impulseurs du hacking francophone de l’époque.
My impressions on the direct:

-Pyra ditches Rex to go play Smash (seriously though, I loved how they introduced her).
-Square Enix FE: Three Houses (I'll check the demo later this week).
-No BoTW 2, have Skyward Sword with Joycon drift instead.
-Splatoon confirmed to take place in a post-apocalyptic world (also, Splatton 3 releasing 5 years after the switch means the console probably still has a long lifespan ahead of it)
-Too many other games to remember of which I'll probably play very few if any. Except maybe Legend of Mana, if it’s also on Steam.
I already gave my thoughts on Pokémon Snap in the thread for that game, in short: I'm not interested in it and I'd prefer an open world Pokémon game...

...and fittingly an open world Pokémon game was announced, which is awesome, or at least in paper. I love the design for the protagonists, but unfortunately, I can't say the same about the world around them. I also have mixed feelings on the usual battle system being used for this, on one hand I love that battle system and I'm happy I get to play it again, but on the other hand, a turn-based gameplay could take a lot away from the open world experience. I could elaborate more on my concerns bout Legens Arceus, but I'd just be repeating what RPG Hacker said.

As for the D/P remakes, I never played the originals, so I was never too hyped for this, and I'm not a fan at all of the chibi artstyle, so I'll pass on those.
I've played the demo recently, and I can say the card mechanic is interesting. I really like how Marisa plays with Byakuren's scroll, it feels like the good old touhou 6 master spark that could instantly delete any boss spellcard.
Gotta hate on those Discord Moderators for not letting you post memes in #general

Well, yes, this site has had its fair share of hate towards the staff over the years, more specifically against particular former staff members. But I'll spare you the details on this though, because I'm sure most of us don't want to hear those stories again. Instead let's talk about something more interesting.

So, I'm currently an admin on a fairly big* Spanish-speaking Touhou Discord, and you gotta love how many people love hating on the staff over there for overly ridiculous reasons. We've warned/banned a number of users for showing discriminatory behavior or content, as we take this matter very seriously, and of course, being "those type of people" they refuse to accept their mistakes and instead decide to speak shit of us at any opportunity they can.

I've read a lot conversations about us in smaller servers complaining about the staff "being too strict", "being SJWs" (like who even uses that word in 2021 anymore?), "banning people because they have different opinions" and a lot of shit like that. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot more hilariously ridiculous complains about our staff, but I don’t want to get into specific examples here for confidentiality reasons.

*For most servers that fall into the same category
Originally posted by Alex_X8

What if the bees are face-down though?
So, I asked this question in the previous OLDC, I just want to make sure it's still allowed.

Also, can we use different settings for the main and midway entrance given that they're both still in the same level?
I actually though on doing a similar thread recently lol.


ALDC - Aesthetic Level Design contest
*Participants must create a good-looking level. Level design is not judged or judged with a very low score.

DLDC- DLC Level Design Contest
*Participants must create a level that feels like it could be a DLC for SMW.

TLDC - Timed Level Design Constest
*Pariticpants must create a level with a set time limit.
Popsicle Glacier

I did consider naming it "Glacy Glacier".
You're not allowed to edit the #lm{sprhead} Sprite Vertical Spawn Range for horizontal levels, nor can you turn on Smart Spawning.

Just making sure, this is an LM 3.0+ feature, right?
Originally posted by Slash Man
Speaking as someone who has served on the staff team here twice, once in 2011 and again in 2020 there definitely have been improvements regarding staff/user relations which is always a plus. Things 10 years ago were, to some, nothing short of unpleasant. Staff and users would be at eachothers' throats (myself included as both staff and regular user). I've had a few falling outs with some fellow staff in the past but I mainly chalk it up to us being young and dumb. SMWC grew quickly and it left a lot of the old staff running around like headless chickens on how to deal with the site's presence. Lots of new ideas, tools, social changes, etc came in so fast it was hard for some to keep up with the times that it turned into a stigma for some. When I returned to the site in 2020 I noticed a big shift in what I once remembered and having grown up a bit myself after departing in 2013, it was a welcomed change in my personal opinion. Things are a lot more open and relaxed here.

Yeah, I was also staff in in those years, and my time as staff in 2019-2020 felt a lot more pleasant than in 2011-2013. My first staff run was very stressful, more often than not I would come to heated disagreements with other staff members on how we should run the site, and I had to spend a lot of time and energy arguing with several people and postures to get my point across. In 2019, there was a lot more unity and organization in the staff, making communication way smoother; it felt like it was a completely different site, and it definitely didn’t feel like the big battlefield the earlier staff was.
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