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10 years ago, I was looking for Nyan cat variants in YouTube and sharing them with my friends at college. A lot of things have change but our favorite kitten is still wholesomely flying through space and spreading joy.

Originally posted by qantuum
Tribute Level Design Contest - Must make a level that tributes to other games, judged on how the referenced game is recognized by judges + how design is executed. To make it fair there's only a few 3 or 4 targets designated and the judges are trained on possible references already.

This sounds like a fun idea, actually.

Originally posted by qantuum
Fixme Level Design Contest - The host submits a level that's been ranked last at another LDC and contestants must improve it while still preserving the level owner's idea.

Fix Epic Nothing contest.
Compra un teléfono nuevo.
I've been playing the full game and I still enjoy the card system, it gives a lot of replayability but at the same time I think it makes the game more random than it should be, like if you get a good card on stage 1, the whole game suddenly becomes easier.

Right now, I'm using Saki and Megumu's cards as starters, as this combination boosts your power by a lot. I don't have the third slot yet, but when I unlock it, I'll probably use it for the hell bribe.
Back in my early SMWC years I saw being a moderator differently than I do now. I used to see forum staff as the most super-ultra-awesome-greatest shit you could ever be, like if you were staff in a big community like this one you were already one step above the average human being. So, if you were a moderator, you were pretty much like God's left hand in my eyes, and if you were and administrator, then you already achieved God status.

Now, I don't see being a mod or admin, or any staff role as anything particularly special. There are a lot of communities in the internet and it’s not uncommon for most people to have at least one such role somewhere. And it’s really no big deal, being staff just means you get some authority over a small internet space in exchange of a lot responsibilities.

So, like, these days, when I talk to someone who has a staff position in this site or elsewhere, I no longer feel like I'm talking to a divine being or someone who is above (or bellow) me in the food chain. The same goes for me when I was a staff here in 2011-2014 and in 2019, during the later, I didn't take my staff job too much to hearth like I did the first time.
Originally posted by GbreezeSunset
As the melodious sounds of the garden warbler and the blackbird drift from the gardens to his luxurious bedroom, FPzero awakens and taps the silver bell to his left. Immediately, a butler comes forth and hands him the tray: a breakfast of seared foie gras and white Baca la luz figs, accompanied with a delicate balanced glass of Dom Perignon Reserve de L'Abbaye. After taking a few sips and ushering the butler away, he taps the second silver bell, prompting a second butler to enter carrying a large piece of parchment paper. FPzero glances over the scroll. Ah, the daily lists of bans. One of the most delightful aspects of his morning routine (aside from the daily polo match, of course). He reads through the list, feeling a small twang of pity for the sad bunch, the dozens of names soon to have their access to SMWC wiped for eternity. He takes one last look at the names before ringing a third silver bell, a larger one with the words "BAN" inscribed on the side. Immediately, the user's accounts are wiped from existence. Wiping a bead of sweat from his brow, it was time to relax after such exhausting labor. It was time for afternoon tea. As he sipped in his stateroom, he scrolled through the SMWC forums, carrying out the ever important duty of finding accounts to remove. One sorry lad had forgotten to use a period to end a sentence. Ban. Another poor individual had inadvertently stretched the table upon eagerly posting a screenshot of their new hack demo. Account disabled. Did he feel sorrowful for them? Perhaps. Yet, a moderator must carry the great burden of moderation with honor and dignity, regardless of the consequences. He dinged the silver BAN bell one last time for the evening.

Wow, this is so fake. FPZero wouldn't ring the BAN bell, he'd call another butler to do it for him.
Originally posted by Torchkas
Originally posted by Katerpie
Originally posted by Torchkas
Originally posted by Minish Yoshi
Originally posted by Koopster
Originally posted by Torchkas
i used to be a moderator

I remember!

i don't

i wish i didn't

You were one of the good moderators though!

demoted by god emperor lightvayne #smw{-_-2}

I'm Lightvayne
Mr. Switchy Vs. Banzai Bill-der ultimate C3 mascot showdown when?
I admire your dedication for keeping the work on this project and polishing it to the end through nine years.
I remember this idea being discussed by the PR team last year, back then it was dismissed because it was deemed too hard to judge. I'm glad you found a way around it and it's also nice to see the qualitative judging format from 2013-2014 back.

I already started working on my level. I showed this on discord, so I'll post it here too. Colorful munchers, each with their own behaviour.

I got an average spot, but I'm fine with that, really, and I agree with the critcism from the judges. I wasn't aiming to score high as much as I was aiming to make add a relaxing and fun level to the base compilation for a change of pace.

My only regret is making the level too long, I definitely could have scored a few extra points had the level been shorter.

Congrats to the winners.
I only know it exists because my classmates watched it when I was in middle school. I always hated it because

Originally posted by NopeContest
it was stupidly violent and had no substance beyond that.
SMWC is Hotel California, you may have plans to leave, but you cannot, and even if you do leave, you will eventually come back.
My name means "Aja the Pocket Knife" in Spanish, which isn't as cool when I say it in English because it doesn't rhyme.
Everyone looks so awesome! I couldn't take a good pic of me this year, so I didn't participate, but I totally will next year if this happens again.

This was a really nice morning surprise. I woke up today and saw some people were congratulating me, at first, I was confused, then I remembered the QLDC results came today, so I assumed I either got 2nd or 3rd or a QORB. I definitely wasn't expecting first place.

This was a really fun contest; I played and saw a lot of levels I liked that broke all conventions in really creative ways. It's truly an honor to have been selected as the winner out of all these entries.

Now I have to think of something fresh for QLDC2, because I have to idea what to do right now.
I really liked this contest and I want to thank Amper and the judges for making it possible. I loved the ambiguity because it led to a lot of different and unexpected entries.

I'm happy to see qualitative judging is a thing now and I hope it can be applied to other contests in the future.

Regarding feedback, all I can say is I think a few people might have interpreted "Questionable" as just "really hard", and I just hope this won't become a trend for similar contests in the future. This isn't to say there shouldn't be hard or even very hard levels (my level can also be considered hard) because a lot of the harder levels were really creative and questionable beyond just their difficulty. I just think, if the only questionable part of a level is its difficulty, then it’s not really questionable, just a regular hard level. Maybe a clarification on this could help.

Thankfully the above doesn't apply to most of the entries, and as I said, other than that, this was a really awesome contests with really awesome entries. I'm totally looking forward to participate in QLDC2.
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