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I've submit a hack on SMWC and it's waiting to moderated and has a piranha plant in what means this piranha plant?
thanks i hope they approve it :)
ajuda! eu vi um tutorial do blocktool dá tudo certo só que quando eu dou save aparece 'Lunar magic ASM Hacks are not installed,please save at least one level in LM' mesmo eu salvando um level continua isso!
i saw a tutorial on the internet of blocktool and it worked but when i save it appears 'Lunar magic ASM Hacks are not installed,please save at least one level in LM but when i save a level in LM it's still appearing this! how i remove this?
it worked thanks a LOT :D
hi all of you my question is how i make a level appear in a event?
i know how to make hills and other things but how i make level appear?
it worked thanks

also SMWC helps a LOT! every time i post question here on the forums it's a fast answer that work good job all of you of SMWC
can someone give me a link and a tutorial to install the scrolling pipes? waiting for asnwers
hmmm... try using inserting the GFX after you insert the ExGFX
it worked
how i change the camera settings like when mario goes up the camera moves up too?
i alredy adde them but how i connec with the zsnes 142?
how i know the game will be hosted by someone?
one day i was watching TV them i feel a cold im my back like someone holding it but when i turn back i see nothing, then i ran away to my room and got sleep
how i change the level tile to red when its a 2 exit level? also how i make 2 events one normal and one secret?

where is the red dot on the OW menu? and how i delete the other?
how do i put a blue OW palace? on the 16x16 there is only the yellow and green ones
but how i change the palette?
i changed now my OW pipes and castles are with weird palletes!
there is no red circle!
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