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So, this is my first hack that's going to be at SMWC. I call it Super Yoshi Adventure where you play as a green yoshi who cannot eat...

Anyway, here is some screenshots.

Title Screen (It moves)

Intro (Hooray for Japanese)

Overworld (The Japanese at the top is gibberish, it used to be English)

The End of Stage 1 (Or is it?)

I have tried my best to make things look nice.
I have a LP of stage 2 by FlammingNinja24 and me here.


The glitched grpahics in the 4th screenshot is me using Block Tool without knowing how to change the graphics yet... I'm going to fix it. I also don't plan to make the whole hack Kaizo, just the second level and the first bit of the third. The first level isn't actully Kaizo, just a fake exit there. As for the floating stacked munchers, there are no more stacked ones, but they are floating.

Okay, I will put those Kaizo levels into a different hack, and if all you people really hate the pink water so much, I'll change it. But I am keeping the Japanese.
Originally posted by Midna
there's cutoff on the overworld

Uhhh, could you please point out where because I really can't see any...

Edit: That video will be for some other random hack I make later, but there's another one here that is more updated.

I don't know if you noticed, but this IS the SMW Hacking Forum, not SMK...

This is a hack I'm making with Flamming Ninja.

Title Screen

Overworld (will probably change)

Stage 1

Stage 2

Video of Stage 1 and 2

Cut-off is going to be fixed in the 1st level and 2nd level is not finished completely. I'm also thinking to make that 1st level maybe the 5th level?

Anyway, that's it so far.

Just to let everyone know, I'm not working on this hack any more as I have lost interest. I may still help Flamming ninja though as he is a beginner hacker. That stage 2 level will likely not be in the final version of the game. Here is the title screen currently:

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