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I was wondering...
Does anyone know how to edit object/sprite/etc. locations without using Eggvine? (That is, by using a hex editor or something?)

(If you're wondering why I'm asking, it's because Eggvine doesn't seem to work for me. I've only tried v0.81+, though.)


This was sort of a strange thing to ask when I was new to YI hacking. (Then again, I was new.)

Also, it shows how much I liked hex-editing, even then. (Though I don't like hex-editing so much that I would feel like creating actual YI levels in a hex-editor (which I do know how to do now, sort of).)

Anyway, if you're reading this, I have a feeling you're looking at the list of my posts.

Thanks in advance for reading my posts! I hope you find them useful, or interesting, or entertaining, or random, or something!

- Zeldara109

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
Originally posted by Blumiere
What's the problem when running Eggvine 0.81+?

Eggvine crashed every time I tried to open it.

I was just curious about if anyone even knows how to edit any more than what I can find in SNN's ROM map and the offset topic here.

And yes, editing with a hex-editor seems very time-consuming. My experience is basically a little more than this YouTube video. (It took maybe 4 hours to do this. Is that a lot of time for my first attempt ever? By the way, the video title is somewhat of a joke.)

I doubt I would try to make a full hack with a hex-editor, more like so I could make something new out of my favorite game. (Though I would make a full hack if I could do it in a relatively reasonable way - I do have the motivation.)

Edit: The specific error in Eggvine... It says it cannot find something called Library MSVBVM60.DLL. This happens the same way with v0.80, v0.81, and v0.81+. (It does not exactly crash, more like not launch at all.)

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
Originally posted by Yoshis Fan

It works! Thanks!

There will probably be a Yoshi's Island hack video (of a fully edited level) on my YouTube channel sometime in the next few weeks.

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
Note: A Timely Change is on hold until YIKR2 is complete. (Not until a SMA3 editor is released as I may have stated earlier. I've started the hack on the SNES version, and if a GBA editor is released before I finish (or even after I finish), I'll port it.)

Note 2: Please do not bump this topic, all right? It's outdated, and when I have noticeable progress, I plan on creating a new topic. Thank you. (If you have any questions or comments, though, you can send me a private message.)

Edit: Might as well close this (since, as I said, I plan on creating a new thread anyway).


Yoshi's Island: A Timely Change...

This is the story of Kamala, a Magikoopa who was once loyal to Bowser. However, Bowser didn't pay her much attention (not that he does with any of his minions except to order them around)...

So Kamala decided to create an evil plot. Something that first would annoy Bowser, but (hopefully) be so impressive in the long-term that he would finally pay attention.

She decided to steal Bowser's Flying Fortress (that random unexplained time-traveling fortress from YIDS-- it was unguarded because Bowser considered that game non-canon and forgot about it). Her plan was to travel to the past, when the Mario Bros. were still being carried by a stork... and kidnap the other baby.

"Go on, Toadies, find that stork and grab one baby! AND ONLY TAKE ONE BABY!!!"

"Kamek will take the other baby. The Yoshis will never discover the first baby, so they'll never begin the rescue mission... And Bowser will never have Mario defeat him! Ever!"

Of course, as with any evil plot, not all goes as planned...

"What do you mean, you let it fall onto Yoshi's Island! You were supposed to leave the second baby with the stork! Yoshi's Island is the worst place that baby could be! You know what happened last time!"

"Wait... I just have to make it so the Yoshis will never find this baby... Toadies! Bring the Flying Fortress close, and ready the Timespace Beam! When the Yoshis are near, send them into another dimension!"

So, besides Kamala, this is the story of Yoshis, babies, a different dimension, an evil plot, a Flying Fortress, and time travel. (And Toadies, let's not forget about them...)

And keys.

The Flying Fortress's Timespace Beam creates six keys. These keys are what hold the alternate dimension together.

Each of the six keys is attracted to a high concentration of one of the six elements: Light, Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Shadow.

Kamala, realizing that she would have a much higher chance of taking the remaining baby if the Yoshis were in the more dangerous parts of the dimension, decides to (be a typical antagonist and) give the Yoshis a general map of the dimension, and tell them about the keys. Then she begins searching for the keys herself, to prepare for the Yoshis' arrival...

"Kamek used all sorts of traps to try to stop the Yoshis... And I've studied every single one of them! And thought up quite a few upgrades as well!"

"And it's a time paradox... Anything could happen now! There's no guarantee they'll get through this time! I certainly won't start off easy like Kamek did..."

"So now, all I have to do is find the keys before they do, set up my traps, and take their baby! Hehehehehe..."

Will the Yoshis survive the traps and collect the 6 keys? Or will Kamala succeed in her evil plot?

And what will happen if the Yoshis do manage to collect all 6 keys?

Well, it's a time paradox... Anything could happen now.



This hack, abbreviated YIATC, is my first Yoshi's Island hack. There's not much yet, due to my effort mainly going into YIKR2.

The hack currently contains a few modified bosses (including one "new" boss), a (still pretty glitchy) 7-level-per-world system (plus an Extra and a Secret), and some modified level names and message texts. And that's about it.

I plan for my hack to be pretty difficult, but it shouldn't start out any more difficult than the original World 6. (Can I successfully create a reasonable difficulty curve? I know I can create extreme difficulty in YI levels, as well as super-easy levels, but...)


This hack has been significantly redesigned since my first few posts. This post (a little farther down this page) is the first post about the new idea.

Original first post (original topic title was "YI-27LPH" if you're curious):
Originally posted by Zeldara109, before this post was edited
YI-27LPH, or just 27LPH, is my Yoshi's Island hack. If you're wondering where the title comes from... I'll reveal that later.

27LPH is planned to be a puzzle-oriented hack. (Though there are no real puzzles, yet.)

The difficulty will likely be around the same as the original YI, at least regarding survival. For the puzzles, though...


So far, I've edited various text, as well as the intro level.

Most of the effort so far has gone into the text. I'm editing it now so I won't need to edit it later. (I'm not sure if I'll change the rest of the pre-title screen at all, though.)

I'll be numbering the levels of 27LPH sequentially from 1 to 55, including the Extra levels. I hope that these numbers won't get confused with the Eggvine level numbers (e.g. the intro level is level 39).

The intro level (1- Start-Select to Exit) has a few red coins and flowers. There's currently no point in collecting them, other than for the flowers' 1ups.

A video of the introductory scene and level:
This shows a little bit of the style my hack will be. (Including 4th-wall-breaking Kamek.)

(How do you include a video directly in a post?)

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
I've been editing 1-1, and recently tried to add another XA4 (the yellow flower decoration).

It is consistently (that is, always) causing Eggvine to crash.

I already have several XA4 objects in my level, and the bytes available are nowhere near full. Creating other objects/sprites appears to work normally. Any idea why Eggvine is crashing?

Edit: I just experimented with creating some other objects/sprites. Eggvine crashed on the first one, but now it seems to be creating them normally, including the XA4.

Also, does anyone know:
- How to change the HP of Bigger Boo, Burt the Bashful, Sluggy, Prince Froggy, Naval Piranha, or either form of Baby Bowser
- How to change it so the goal ring never gives you a bonus minigame (to make it like in the original Extra 1, but everywhere)
- How to determine which message a message block will show without actually going into the level and hitting the block
- How to remove the large pictures (e.g. Yoshi throwing an egg) from the message block messages
- Whether screen exits can be used in the intro level (and if so, how to add them)

(I'll also be posting these questions with the next update in my hack topic.)

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
Level 2 (1-1)- Shy Guy Field.

I'm not going to describe it here, as it is already described on YouTube. (Unless people would prefer that I copy and paste the YouTube description.)

One thing I'm wondering - do you think the level needs more/different enemies?

Also, does anyone know:
!! How to change the HP of Bigger Boo, Burt the Bashful, Sluggy, Prince Froggy, Naval Piranha, or either form of Baby Bowser
!! How to change it so the goal ring never gives you a bonus minigame (to make it like in the original Extra 1, but everywhere)
How to determine which message a message block will show without actually going into the level and hitting the block -- Well, I made my own reference sheet for this.
!! How to remove the large pictures (e.g. Yoshi throwing an egg) from message block messages
Whether screen exits can be used in the intro level (and if so, how to add them) -- Yes, screen exits can be used, and they're created by going into Screen Exit mode and clicking the "Create" button.

I have plenty more things I'm wondering about; these are just the ones I can remember currently.

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
I'm not a fan of 1-level hacks, but these screenshots look like there's a good variety in this level. I'll probably play it when it's done, at least to see as much of the variety YI has to offer as can be fit in a single level.

Does anyone have a list of those underused sprites (and their original appearances, if any)? It would be nice to have for whenever I get around to continuing my YI hack. (Or I suppose I could just replay SMW2+2.)

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
I have a few (actually, more like a lot of) SMW hacking questions. (Sorry about the generic title, but I couldn't think of a better one. And is this the right place to post this?)

(Note: The title was "Various questions..." when I first posted this.)

Edit 3 (2010-3-10): Checked off questions that I no longer need answered; marked the rest with "!!". If a question has no symbol, I have received an answer, but I have yet to try it out and confirm it myself. As for questions I marked with a "?", I'm not sure if these questions make sense anymore given my current knowledge.

By the way, if you have an answer to any of my unanswered questions, feel free to bump this topic, even if it's over a month old.


   1- Is there a way to show more than 6 objects/sprites at once in the Lunar Magic's add objects/sprites windows?

√ 2- Is there a way to have your custom music titles (instead of "Not Used") appear in Lunar Magic?

√ 3- How do you use Reznors in non-boss rooms without having glitched graphics? (Like in TSRPR and VIP4)

√ 4- Is there a way to increase SMW's maximum life counter? (It does not matter to me if the first digit turns into a letter.)

? 5- Is there a download here for Boss Bossanova (DKC2 boss theme)? (Or alternately, a way to convert a VGMusic MIDI into addmusic form?) I saw a few forum posts saying that they were using it in a hack.

? 6- Is the SMB3 patch form of the music available without the SMB3 patch? (I like those particular remixes (especially the airship theme) much more than the ones in the All-stars music download.)

!! 7- Is there a way to modify the original SMW music or insert modifications of it? (I'd like to make the land level theme minor and transpose some of the other themes.)
Edit: Are .txt files of the original SMW music (this includes map music, course clear, intro scene, etc.) available anywhere?

√ 8- Why is it that my automatic level does not come out the same every time? (The level only contains being shot out of a pipe and bouncing off a lot of red Koopas and Paratroopas to the goal. I'm careful that I do not hold a button too long when entering, and I always start Super or small.)

!! 9- What exactly on the overworld can be modified without needing to erase the save file?

√ 10- I changed the tileset of the first room of Sunken Ghost Ship. Why does a glitchy cage appear? (I'm guessing it has something to do with Layer 3?)

   11- How do I make Mario warp to another level without pressing anything (this is for automatic level purposes)? I've seen a lot of teleport blocks in the block section, but I'm not sure what to download.

√ 12- Why doesn't Mario's starting position change in boss rooms? (And why doesn't the forced timer reset work?) Note: By boss rooms I mean Morton/Roy/Ludwig/Iggy/Larry/Reznors.

!! 13- How does Chocolate Island 2 / Level 24 work? (Such as: Are there ways to edit the coins/times needed for each room?)

Edit 2010-2-14:

!! 14- What can be modified in boss rooms? I've had success with changing music, making it slippery/underwater, adding sprites to Iggy/Larry, and adding sprite generators to all of them. Anything else? (Not counting ASM or anything really advanced. Or hex-edits; I've already looked through the list of offsets at the Koopaling-related ones.)
And is there a way to make the boss rooms load the correct sprite graphics (if I use e.g. an Eerie generator or a diagonal Bullet Bill generator, the graphics are glitched)?

Edit 2010-3-10:

√ 15- I created an overworld pipe, but when I warp there, Mario can move in any direction (and will become trapped if you press a direction other than downward). How do I make it so only one direction is enabled?

!! 16- How can I can make bonus stars add to the coin total instead of the bonus star counter? (And how can I then replace the bonus star counter with an exit counter? The exit counter does not need to have large numbers.)

Note: Questions 15 and 16 were (for a short time) numbered 14 and 15, until I realized I already had a question 14.

!! 17- How can I use custom music for the course clear theme, castle destruction music, etc.? When I try to hex-edit in the custom music numbers, the game does not play anything at all. (It works if I change the castle destruction music to the standard course clear theme or the boss victory theme, for example, but not if I try to make it play the SMB3 end-of-world theme.)

√ 18- Is there a quick way to delete all original SMW events?

!! 19- Is there a customizable patch that restricts power-ups etc. between levels? (If not, can someone make me / tell me how to make a patch that, between levels, forces Mario to be Super (not small), removes the reserve item, and removes Yoshi, while leaving everything else (coins, score, etc.) alone?)

Edit 2010-3-12:

!! 20- What determines which No-Yoshi intro (castle with light BG, castle with dark BG, No-Yoshi sign, or ghost house) a level will have?

I apologize if any of these are answered somewhere else (there are so many SMW help topics and tutorials here that it would probably take months at least to check them all...)

Edit: Yes, that's quite a lot of questions I asked here...

Edit 2: Added numbers to questions so it's easier to tell which question someone is responding to.

Edit 4: Added questions 14-19 (and removed 14-18 from later posts).

Edit 5: Added question 20.

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
Thanks for the responses.

By the way, I'm not expecting every post to respond to all of my questions.

Expanding on my questions...

1- I'm referring to the windows in Lunar Magic that contain long lists of objects/sprites, where you select one to be added. It gets pretty annoying to scroll so often in those windows.

3- I'll try it at some point.

5- I searched for "Boss Bossanova" on this site. Apparently SNN ported the music at some point, but then removed it.

8- Thanks. Is there somewhere where I can find automatic level advice? (That is, what not to use because of inconsistencies?)

9- I know that some things at least can be modified. When I changed the level names, they worked. Also, I'm pretty sure I changed some Layer 2 (non-event) tiles without a problem.

10- Now I'm wondering where that glitchy cage comes from...

11- I'll try that as well.

12- I think that question's answered.

2,4,5,6,7,9,13- Can anyone expand on these?

√ Also, is there a way to quickly find forum topics that you created/posted in?

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
About the Extra levels, isn't there a byte or something that determines which level is unlocked after a given level? (That is, 1-1 unlocks 1-2, 1-8 unlocks 2-1, etc.) I saw it somewhere on this forum, but I couldn't find it again.

Anyway, if anyone knows it, what if you set it so 6-8 unlocks Extra 1, Extra 1 unlocks Extra 2, etc.? (I actually had this idea to have GBA-style secret levels that way, though I would replace something other than Extra levels.)

EDIT 3/1/2010: I tested this. It does not work. The Extra levels will become locked again, permanently, once you change worlds or reload the world map.

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
!! Now I'm wondering... Does anyone know how to make it so the Extra levels will be unlocked without 100% on every level of the world? (That is, 100% on certain levels of the world.)

My idea was a hack with fewer than 8 levels per world. (That way it could be a shorter hack without removing bosses.) However, I think there should still be a reason to aim for 100% in those levels. (I'm not sure if I would be the one making this, but I'd like to at least get my idea out there.)

Also, does anyone know how to change which levels are entered from each map icon? (For example, to have 1-1 lead somewhere other than level 0? I'm mainly concerned about changing the level arrangement in case I do not like my level order.) -- Yes, using the entrance editor, or using at hex-editor at xBF600.

Edit: Removed the dashes that I had used to separate my questions; the second question looked like a signature.

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
Originally posted by Jeorge535
Which looks better?

I think the second picture looks better. The sky color gives a sunset feel, and I find the first picture too bright for that.

Anyway, I was looking at the YI hack level titles in your profile. Do you realize that most of your level titles have resemblances to the level with the same number in either SMW2+2 or Yoshis Fan's hack? (Though I know SMW2+2 did that with YIDS.)

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
!! I was experimenting with modifying the Raphael battle.

Can anyone tell me how to completely remove one of the logs?

Two years ago, Romi posted an image here (no longer available) of an edited Raphael battle with only one poundable log:

I experimented with removing various logs, but it does not change the appearance of the battle; Yoshi just walks through the logs. (Though if anyone is wondering, the 2nd and 3rd logs from the left are the top and right logs, respectively; the rest seem to have no effect.)

Also, for a completely unrelated question, how can I change the goal music to be x-8 boss victory music, the way SNN did in Kamek's Revenge 3-4 and 6-7?

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
Originally posted by Jeorge535
It played the x-8 boss victory music because the x8 boss music or Room Before Boss music was used previously in the level.

Originally posted by S.N.N.
In 6-7, it was actually the Kamek music that did it. If you use any of the two listed above, or that one, it will change the goal music to the x8 boss.

Thanks. So to change it, I would need to use x-8 boss music somewhere, or use Kamek music in a level?

I'm not sure if pre-boss music counts. Isn't it used in 2-4, 5-4, and 4-Extra? None of these have x-8 victory music.

And for that matter, Kamek music was used in Prince Froggy's room. I suppose it doesn't count if Kamek actually appears?

Originally posted by Yoshis Fan
In my 5-8 in the Tap-Tap Reincarnation-part I could determine which music plays during the battle by changing the music values.
X-4 boss music are track 03 and 05 respecitvely 19 and 21
X-8 boss music are track 07 and 08 respectively 23 and 24
The X-8 boss music track itself is number 09 respectively 25.
There's no value for the X-4 boss music.

I completely do not understand this. Can you clarify?

But it reminds me, does anyone have a list of which numbers correspond to each music track?

And does anyone have a link to Mattrizzle's Welcome music patch?

(Yes, I ask a lot of questions. I think I'll link my unanswered questions in my profile like Yoshis Fan does.)

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
Originally posted by Mattrizzle
The following lists the every music bank in the game, in order by the music setting(s) attached to them...

Thanks, but that was very confusing. It took me a while to understand. It does clarify the x-8 victory music question though.

I had already been making my own reference sheet via testing each setting. Does this basically have everything needed for basic YI hacking purposes?

Originally posted by A text file on Zeldara109's computer
YI Music Header Settings

00- Grassland "Make Eggs, Throw Eggs"
01- Jungle "Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy"
02- Castle
03- Pre-Boss
04- Cave
05- Kamek
06- Minigame
07- Pre-Boss (x-8)
08- Kamek (x-8)
09- x-8 Boss
10- Athletic "Hop! Hop! Donut Lifts"
11- Bonus Area / Invincible Mario
12- Nothing
13- Pre-Boss (same as 03, except does not disable items)
14- World 6 title screen music, sound effects become glitched ("Welcome to Yoshi's Island" with patch)
15- World 6 title screen music, sound effects become glitched
16-31 Same as 00-15 respectively

Note: x-8 settings (7,8,9) mean the level victory theme (used at the end of a level) is replaced with x-8 boss victory theme.
Note 2: Settings 3,5,7,8,9 (but not 13) disable items.

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
I made a slight modification to my music list to include which settings disable items.

Is it important to know that setting 12 loads the final battle music if all of the other settings override track 01?

!! Could you tell me how to make the final battle music usable in other levels? (Or would using that music cause problems?)

Edit to avoid a double post:

!! I'm planning on making a hack with 7 levels per world (plus an Extra/Secret) instead of 8. Assuming the Extra unlocking can be changed to work, which level would be best to remove (actually, change into a Secret)? For example, for Yoshi color purposes? And would there be a way to remove that Yoshi from the world map as well? Or at least stack it on top of the next Yoshi? (I would prefer removing the x-6 levels, but that may cause a problem with Yoshi colors. It seems either x-6 or x-8 would be the choice, though, for level select screen purposes.)

!! Alternately, could the Yoshis on the map screen be removed entirely (while still having the map below the level icons, and having it scroll to your position)? Or, could the inactive Yoshis be removed, and the active Yoshis remain? Either of these would allow me to vary the Yoshi colors between worlds. (I would still keep them relatively the same though in each world.)

!! Also, can the x-4 fortress and x-8 castle on the level select screen be moved/removed? (I'm planning on having my mid-world bosses vary between x-3, x-4, and x-5.)

I'd like to know this before I really begin work on my hack, as it will affect which levels I use. (Unless the levels each map icon leads to can be modified... Edit: Yes they can, but I would still like to know about the map icons.)

Yet another edit:

How do you modify screen exits? (I mean add/remove screen exits from a given level - for example, the original 1-5 has no screen exits.)

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
I do not know why people would complain about something that is Yoshis Fan's choice. If someone is looking to play a full version, they can wait for the full version and just not play the demos. (Like I am.) If someone is looking to play 8-9 levels every once in a while (there probably are people who have played every demo so far), they can play the demos, and possibly find something that can be fixed before the full version is released. (Once the full version is out, there will likely be people who download it and do not check back for any fixes.)

Besides, in the future, there will be plenty of people who play this hack who did not even know about the hack until after it is completed. Especially considering the rarity of complete full-length YI hacks.

Originally posted by Yoshis Fan
This eternal pointlessness is getting pointless!

(Not to add to an argument...)

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
Originally posted by Y for yoshi
I think this level is short, make it longer

Originally posted by ManuMaster654
Oh. yes. Longer.

Yes, I now realize this level is very short. It was mainly an Eggvine test. I am probably not going to use it in its current state-- maybe as a portion of another level later in the hack.

Originally posted by ManuMaster654
And, do you think the red coins and flowers are a bit tight at the level?

Apart of these issues, I really like the BG/FG combination.

You like the BG/FG? I do not remember putting any effort into that, other than to change it from 1-1's default.

What do you mean "a bit tight"?

Also, did anyone notice that the first flower also appears in the intro level?

And did anyone like my intro messages / message blocks?

By the way, I now have a different idea for a hack that I like much more than 27LPH, but I am waiting until I have more ideas before I begin. (Also, my plan is for my new hack to have 7 levels per world + 1 Extra + 1 Secret, as well as edit all of the bosses' HP (well, the ones that have HP); I am waiting for people to find the edits I need.)

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
Originally posted by Mattrizzle
SMW2+2 was capable of using 16 different Yoshi colors with the ASM tweaks I made, but only 12 were used in the end.

SMW2+2 had 12 colors? I only remember 11. (x-1 to x-8, Extra levels, Secret levels, and Golden Yoshi in the final level.) Where was the 12th?

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
To show that I am still hacking YI...

This is a video of two simple rooms I made using the sewer tileset. (Yes, I like challenges. It actually was not as difficult as I thought it would, though I certainly had to move objects often when testing to line them up.)

A Sinister Intro to Naval Piranha

The first room is a "sinister intro" room that would work well before the final boss. (That is why I placed a final boss door there.)

If you're curious, the invisible floor is actually a row of 2-width stone sewer ceiling objects, with the actual ceiling off-screen. Feel free to use the basic idea of this in your own hack.

The second room is an edited Naval Piranha battle that is much more difficult. (Of course, you can still skip it - it just takes 2 eggs or one very well-placed egg.)

Any idea why Kamek's magic is so dark? (I copied the 3-8 colors into 4-8, but the magic still remained dark, so I changed them back. The header is exactly the same as the original Naval Piranha.) (I would have asked this in the FAQ topic, but it seemed like doing so would be an unnecessary post.)

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
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