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My Entry


Lava Rush
Option 1: If you know Hex Editing, yes.
Option 2: Make Mario start on the main overworld. It will disable Yoshi's Message.
It's is confusing but you will learn.

Click on the ghost house button on the overworld editor to edit levels, castles and all that.
Click on the blue poison mushroom in lunar magic.
Have you named your grapics as ExGFXxx (xx = number 80 - FFF). In The ExGrahics Folder. Then Press The Yellow Mushroom.
Just edit the sprite list with a diffrent number for your next custom sprite then reinsert it with sprite tool.
Too many sprites on screen.

Or wrong sprite memory setting.
You Don't Hit The Red Mushroom, That's For Graphics, You Hit The Blue Mushroom For A Empty ExGraphics Folder.
Courrupted Rom Maybe?
You Don't Have A Background On Layer 2. You Can Have A Layer 3 Background.
1. Open The Overworld Editor.
2. Open Another ROM. DO NOT Close The Overworld Editor While Opening Another ROM.
3. Move A Tile On The Overworld Editor And Then Save.
4. Done!

You might have to redo the palettes.

Edit in 2013: Not anymore, you can just export and import palettes (to new users viewing this).
Can you show us a screenshot.
Rom Files Are Not Allowed Because They Contain Everything and IPS files contain diffrances. Rom Files Are Illegal.
Not if you own the orignal copy.
If I Remember Correctly, The Offsets Are -1 And 0.-1 Means Do Noting When The Block Is Touched In That Manner And 0 Means Do Somthing When You Touch It.
They should come with sprite tool
Some Of The Slanted Munchers Look Like They Are Floating
It Sounds Like You Are Using The Wrong Inital Positions. Click On The Door With A 1 To Change Them. If None Work Then Click On The Goldfish (next to the lakitu head) And Try Selecting H-Scroll:None V-Scroll: None.
Can You Show Me A Screenshot Becaue I Never Heard Of This Background Problem Before.
Have you clicked the bridge and set the exits correctly on the tiles.
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