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if it's possible, can i have just sublevels 8D and 8E?

i'd like to use them as almost side quest levels with potential item or dragon coin gain.

if someone is willing to link to them, that'd be nice, too. just let me know if i should add items or specific stuff in there.
we are all 😎 but some are more 😎 than others
Seeing as I managed to (almost completely) miss SMWCP, I'll have a hand in this.

ONE: Level E, sublevel E1, E2 (34, 45, 51)
TWO: Level F, sublevels F1, F2, F3 (freestyle!)

warning: they will be almost-kaizo.

also, i volunteer for bug/beta-testing, and making a (relatively good) TAS of the finished game.

i'll be done in a week.
we are all 😎 but some are more 😎 than others
count me in, i'll do both.
we are all 😎 but some are more 😎 than others
Originally posted by mootboxxle
@algorithmshark: please do what you can to ease up on the difficulty. If it means removing a few sprites, or making some jumps easier, please do that. Anyway, thanks for joining.

oh, fine. :< how about some glitches and simple puzzles, then?

also, i noticed level E is what was Ludwig's Castle; should i do anything boss-wise?
we are all 😎 but some are more 😎 than others
i'll judge, if there's still room. i like puzzles, but can never make very good ones.
we are all 😎 but some are more 😎 than others
Originally posted by Brad172
Originally posted by XXSMWMastahackerXX
I think I'll make a level, I haven't decided what level number though.

Basically I will use every single sprite in the game on one level (not generators)! That includes fireworks and the bonus game.

Wouldn't that go passed the limit (around 84) and perphaps make the game crash during gameplay?
I know this is a joke hack but we dont want the game to crash...

couldn't SMWMasta just use the 3 sublevels options and split it up? and possibly use some general common sense regarding which sprites to use?

also, what's the deadline for level submissions?
we are all 😎 but some are more 😎 than others
i can easily help with any aspects of the overworld, if necessary, Zeldara109. your idea is also pretty great, except maybe we should randomize the long events a little more.

the fact that the OW doesn't have to be perfect makes the job that much easier, huh?
we are all 😎 but some are more 😎 than others
hey guys, remember when i said this?

Originally posted by algorithmshark
ONE: Level E, sublevel E1, E2 (34, 45, 51)
TWO: Level F, sublevels F1, F2, F3 (freestyle!)

yeah. i have no idea how neither i nor anyone else noticed that E2 is a boss level, but it is. can i have sublevel E3 instead?

also, i won't be needing sublevel F3, so you can mark me off for that one, moot. (i'll still be using F, F1, and F2 as a FREESTYLE!, i just no longer need F3.)

i'm about half done, so my levels will be up soon...

EDIT: just found some good sources of inspiration for levels: the exact opposite of the Tips just beneath the user list.
we are all 😎 but some are more 😎 than others

Well, seeing as it's C3, I figured I'd quietly start a thread about a hack I've been working on for a while. It's my second, and seeing how my first one turned out, I don't expect it to go anywhere. However, I will try on it.

Anyway, it's called 2^13. (This is taken from the level names as they are increasing powers of 2, and they get exponentially [that was a pun] harder throughout the hack.) It has 13 (no wai) real levels (besides the two secret ones and the Yoshi House/Tutorial level) and a total of 17 exits. The founding idea was that (nearly) every level exited on a key+keyhole exit. It is somewhat PRETTY DAMN chocolate, as it has:
  • custom blocks
  • (very) minor gfx edits
  • clever map16
  • As of right now, I have finished the title screen, the overworld, the secret levels, Yoshi's House, the tutorial, mostly everything besides the levels themselves. However, I do have some evil, puzzlish plans.

    Here's some screens of what I do have right now. (Hover the mouse on the screenshots for captions.)

    Please excuse the lack of variety in the images: there is no level content other than this to display besides the secret levels, and they would no longer be secret.

    If you want to submit a level idea you want to share, beta-test, suggest something else, or give me a good reason to put your name in the credits, let me know. Constructive critism is also appreciated.

    And no, no userbar (as of now). Updates will probably NOT be weekly.

    TL;DR mario hack + math + pics.
    we are all 😎 but some are more 😎 than others
    I'll put up what I have as an IPS patch as soon as I figure out what I'm doing with the blocks and the tutorial level. Responses:

    @Midnight Mist: Another betatester would be excellent. Glad to have you help.

    @mockingod: The pawprint is gone and the yellow vine is actually something I hadn't thought of. Thanks.

    The blue munchers are supposed to be safe to step on, since it would be requiring Yoshi without them there. BUT I don't want to touch the palettes... Any ideas?

    @2taco: I planned for that. It doesn't actually look too bad in the ending, and it's optional either way. The ending doesn't play on the final stage, but at the last secret one. (I was also planning drastically changing this level, however still having the same ending, making it correspond in a cool way.)

    For the message blocks, only the Hurt and Kill (from BT's binary set. Oh ho, nostalgia.) blocks have their own message block, the rest are harmless and are required to be used to beat the tutorial level.

    @Brad172: It's semi-puzzle. Generally, no. One or two levels may contain (basic) shelljumps and the like, but nothing as hard (or contrived) as Kaizo or Item Abuse.

    @moltensnow: Why thank you. </sarcasm>

    That aside, custom music: yes or no? I patched MORE.asm already because I was going to, but I can't seem to find nice music, so I'll open this up to the public.
    we are all 😎 but some are more 😎 than others
    Alright. The IPS is in my files-storage thingy. I'm currently working on the level design of level 1 (more below) and figuring out how I'll ExAnimate the ON/OFF blocks.

    First tidbits (scraps, rather) of the storyline:
    - INTRO (quoted): Mario has severe head trauma (!), and dreams of a 3D world. He goes on a quest to find it. SPOILER- HE DOESN'T.
    - Level 1: Him getting to (not evil) Charlie's plane, which will see him into enemy territory.
    - Level 2: Ninja-power-action though the forest.
    - Level 3: Underground detour due to illegal cement dumping.
    ...And that's it for now. Also, every level will have a (non-ASM, thankfully) gimmick, such as level 2 will see Mario climbing trees and jumping from branch to branch, ninja-style. Again, suggestions welcome, ESPECIALLY in this area of the hack.

    The first level itself will be a puzzle level with a surprising (hopefully) and well-working (even more hopefully) gimmick: you get to choose on of six items (a bob-omb, blue P-Switch, springboard, mushroom, shell, or baby Yoshi) to take with you into the puzzle. No, the puzzle will not be different for each, but rather just will have multiple paths to the same goal. Also, some items will be harder (yet more rewarding) to complete it with. The other levels, you'll have to wait for.

    @MarioAwesomeness: Great, and I will. That makes two.

    @OGS93: Thanks. {see also @Spud}

    @Kaizoman666: Half-right. The Koopas are walking on Mario-Only blocks, featured with their counterpart, the Sprite-Only blocks. (Yes, that's right, smkdan's (relatively) ancient BlockTool binaries). However, the ones in the last image are, and they will be ExAnimated at one point or another.

    @Spud Alpha: I guess I should've clarified. I meant no good music I knew and liked as of right now. Which, to be fair, is only really most Mario tunes and few other tracks from Nintendo games. (I'm somewhat of a n00b, music-wise.) Yes, I do have some of worldpeace's ports and select other Addmusic paraphernalia. Yes, I'm open to suggestions. I just need to find the time to insert and try out the music before I consider it chosen.

    I shall conclude by saying very likely no custom palettes, nor much GFX/ExGFX (besides the aforementioned ON/OFF ExAnimation).

    See you next week. (Or likely the week after, with my level of commitment #w{O.O})
    we are all 😎 but some are more 😎 than others
    Oh man. You're not patenting your MAP16 use, are you? This, along with SMW Hacks 101, really make hackers look at those 8x8s in crazy new ways.

    As well, everything but the blue/brown palette looks beautiful. Possibly a different shade of blue?
    we are all 😎 but some are more 😎 than others
    I didn't know we had one of these. It seems I... came a bit late to the party. :D

    My birthday's 6/7.
    we are all 😎 but some are more 😎 than others
    Regardless of how much you lurk forums, you still miss the coolest things.

    Hey there, everyone, this is raocow I'm algorithmshark, and I'm an alcoholic a hacker. (Not just SMW, or even games in general.) 'shark' if you're lazy. (I'm also tubular on IRC, but I'm rarely on.) I've been here since late January, and this is actually a pretty cool place. I'm good for MAP16, level gimmicks (both ASM and not), betatesting, (somewhat sloppy) TASing, lurking, nested brackets, and procrastinating.
    we are all 😎 but some are more 😎 than others
    This hack is beautiful. It looks amazingly well done. The dirt palette in images 2 and 4 should be made lighter, and the dirt in images 8, 9 and 11 should have a little less RGB red (read: darker and dirtier).

    Besides that, I have two qualms: the trees in images 2, 3 and 4 look off, and the ghost level looks much too condensed. Possibly space the land out a little and lift the trees higher.

    Either way, looks great. I hope the level design/playability is just as good.
    we are all 😎 but some are more 😎 than others
    This hack is made of antimatter and win. An astounding success, good sir.

    I would, however, suggest a couple of eye searing palettes and the like to top it all off.
    we are all 😎 but some are more 😎 than others
    The 1up of life. Whoever would've guessed? :O

    Looking nice. However, I would suggest changing the status bar font to something that will show up in all BG situations, like having an outline to it (à la SMW itself, for example).

    As well, the simplicity of the statusbar is great, yet almost scaring me. How are you going about the items issue: a no-held-item patch, just no items, or something else entirely?
    we are all 😎 but some are more 😎 than others

    OH THAT'S RIGHT, I have a neglected thread to post in. Hey guys.

    What's been eating up most of my time (besides IRL) is other SMWC commitment shenanigans, and the problems of aesthetics and custom music. The levels are still coming along, just slowly.

    I have decided to add in some ExGFX and stuff so that my hack will look nice looking. Still keeping the vanilla GFX, (and using them, for that matter,) but now with ExGFX and ExAnimation goodness.

    On the topic of custom music, I have a stupid question. If addmusic requires your SMW ROM to be expanded to 1MB, will it accept more and larger songs if expanded to a larger size, eg: 2 or 4MB? (Yes, this means I am going to add in custom music. Any suggestions/requests?)


    @phenolatukas: I have no idea how to port. I mostly just hoard random files that sound like they'll sound good. I have my OW music picked out already, but that's about it.

    @Metalstriker: Those are Mario-only/Sprite-only blocks. This is the best GFX idea I have for it. Any suggestions?

    Next half-poll thingy: Between 1 and 10, (1 being not at all, 10 being RIGHT NOW!) how necessary is it for me to make this hack a userbar?

    I hope that next time, this thread won't slide down 4 pages before I post again. I assume it will, though :D
    we are all 😎 but some are more 😎 than others
    Originally posted by TRS
    So, how has the hack fared during the forums being down?

    i'm assuming everyone's kinda forgotten about it: the IRC channel (#teamjokehack) is dry as a bone, and neither m00t nor Brad172 has given us an update for what's going on with the beta-testing.

    so how are those levels coming along, guys? *ahem*

    on another note...

    Originally posted by Brad172
    Originally posted by UMA
    The stuff on the note isn't asm :<

    Can you replace it with something more ASM'y?

    Originally posted by Ex:

    LDX $1282;XD
    LDA #$23;ASM=
    STA $22;total
    PEI $7214;mess!

    Or stuff like that

    Yeah, i didn't actually know the format of asm so i just put some random stuff on it, but i will change it!

    not only is 'PEI' not an opcode, the three lines before it will 100% chance set off some dangerous stuff, no matter where you try to stick the code (you just put a two byte value grabbing random MAP16 data and 0x23 into layer 3's X position!). let's start from something more simple: what sort of result are you looking for, and furthermore, is it for a block, levelASM, or what?
    we are all 😎 but some are more 😎 than others
    i'd go so far as to say everything is hackable, one way or another.

    granted, usually windows binaries are pretty much 'do not screw with' and are pretty hard to decompile, but that's because it's something as advanced as the windows framework.

    if it's an ISO of feasible size, the first thing to do is disassemble it: find what language it's written in, and reverse-engineer it. (does ZUN have any public info on what he uses?)

    you'd have to be pretty dedicated to start this sort of thing: i'm guessing months of mucking about in command line and source code. but it'll pay off sooner or later.

    ...or has this just been permanently dropped?
    we are all 😎 but some are more 😎 than others
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