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Tip: When making your overworld, mix the terrain up! Add decorations to the overworld. Don't leave large empty grass or sea regions. As an example, angled land and multiple colors look much more interesting than square land and flat, plain colors.
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I'm new here, and I've been playing around with Lunar Magic a bit. I have two questions about palettes though.
1) In the level editor's palette menu, which rows only effect the current stage? I changed the palette of one stage, and some other stages got messed up (ack!), and I don't want that happening again.
2) For tiles, what palettes are constant throughout all stages? I don't want custom blocks changing color based on the background.


Fluffy video games by me and Raibys!

For question 2, I mean for custom blocks and such. I know palette 6 is constant (it's used for coins, blocks and such), and so is palette 7. I'm not sure about any of the others though.


Fluffy video games by me and Raibys!

I've been wondering that, too. It looks like a layer 2 scroll downwards. I think it's the 'layer 2 fall when touched' sprite used by the sinking yellow platform in the Vanilla Dome?


Fluffy video games by me and Raibys!

Super Ghouls n Ghosts.
Ninja Gaiden (NES).
Zelda 2.
Panel de Pon/Tetris Attack (used to be extremely hard, but now I'm a god at it).
Kaizo Mario World (does that count?).
Alien Soldier (It has two difficulty levels - Supereasy, and Superhard. I have yet to beat the latter).
Drill Dozer (Turn it on hard mode... hello, one-hit kills!).

I think that's a pretty good list.


Fluffy video games by me and Raibys!

I currently have a hobby of making awesome things with the music composer. This is my best one.
(Sorry if this seems like a pointless plug, but I think it fits the topic well. Mario Paint can do amazing things, eh?)


Fluffy video games by me and Raibys!

I don't have enough space or patience to list all my favorite VG soundtracks, but I must list one.

Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2.

There is not a single song in there I dislike, and "To A New Adventure" (extra dungeon theme) is my favorite song in any video game ever.
Drill Dozer's soundtrack also deserves a special mention. (When people think of 'good video game music,' they usually think of the Super Nintendo... it does, but SNES-style new games do too!)


Fluffy video games by me and Raibys!

I thought Prime 3 on the hardest difficulty was WAY harder than Prime 1 on the hardest difficulty. In Prime 1, hard mode felt almost the same (with no deaths for me) until Phazon Mines. In Prime 3... I died three times to the first major boss. And spent two hours on the final boss until I beat it, with only a sliver of health left.


Fluffy video games by me and Raibys!

Shouldn't this be in the World of Insanity?
Anyway... Hulk Davidson.


Fluffy video games by me and Raibys!

Hit Open in blocktool before you save it.


Fluffy video games by me and Raibys!

Originally posted by Showboo
Did you guys even notice the ship go through the purple bullet balls?

It's common in shmups to have the collision detection smaller than the ship (usually the collision is the size of the cockpit only). It's so you can have more bullets on-screen without things becoming impossible. Of course, usually 'more bullets' doesn't mean THAT many bullets...


Fluffy video games by me and Raibys!

I'm talking about the border of the level-select screen. I found the graphics and palettes of it, but is there any way to change the layout of the graphics?


Fluffy video games by me and Raibys!

Yeah, it's there. Hoping I wouldn't have to resort to hex editing, but anyway. Thanks.


Fluffy video games by me and Raibys!

I have three pages of Virtual Console, so I'll just list ones I really like.

Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2 - Very hard, sometimes frustrating, but enjoyable. NG also had the first in-game cutscenes ever! #2's easier, so if you don't want broken controllers, go with that.
Gunstar Heroes - a must-play.
Sin and Punishment - If you haven't picked this one up yet, do it now. Rail shooting at its finest.
lien Soldier - It's like Gunstar, but harder, single-player only, weirder... and it has 30 BOSSES!
Super Castlevania 4 - See what CV was like before SotN!
Super Metroid - Do I need to say more? SUPER METROID.

That's all my top picks.


Fluffy video games by me and Raibys!

New layout, based on the moon stage from Panel de Pon. It's still not entirely finished yet.
Edit: yes it is.


Fluffy video games by me and Raibys!

Thanks for that! I hope to become more active around here, so it would be good if people can instantly recognize my posts.


Fluffy video games by me and Raibys!

I've gotten a couple worlds into making my hack, but before I get too far to turn back, I'd like some questions answered about overall design.

I get the fact that levels should be non-linear. However, is it better to have a couple long levels, or three or four short ones? Is there any advantage to either?

I've decided I'm not going to use any ExGfx, except for new block types or enemies. However, I'm making changes to palettes, different for each stage. Good or bad idea? I think they look good, should I post screenshots?

For difficulty, I'm aiming at the middle road. Harder than SMW, but not quite Kaizo level (though the extra stages very well may be). Chances are you'll lose 1-2 lives per stage if you don't know what you're doing, and I've made some stages with two paths, one easy and one hard (leading to the secret exit). The difficulty in my hack is going to be through platforming mostly, so if you take it slow, there won't be many problems. However, if you try to run through, expect frantic jumping and dodging.

Speaking of secret exits, what's the best way to go about this? Hard to find, but easy to get to (AKA 'jump here to reveal a hidden block, use hidden block to reach secret exit'), easy to find but hard to get to (AKA 'find all Yoshi coins in the stage and you can pass through this block leading to the exit'), or somewhere in between?

Overworld. I'm trying to add multiple ways through as in the original, that seems to be a given. However, I've run into a slight problem. Remember when I mentioned seperate palettes for each stage? If one stage is blue and the other is red, what color to make the overworld? Should I pull a "SMB 1-2" and have short intros to each stage with some explanation as to the level not fitting in the stage?

I think that's most of the feedback I need. Any other comments welcome.


Fluffy video games by me and Raibys!

What I was trying to say is... which is better:
One level with 20 screens, or two levels with 10 screens each?


Fluffy video games by me and Raibys!
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