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Could I please have a tutorial on how to insert sprites via hex (typing it in and it appears). I want to use Bowsers Bowling Ball (A1) but I need to manually insert it and I don't know how.

EDIT: Also can I have a custom boss tutorial.
Hello people I'm having lots of trouble patching MORE.asm to my rom. Im using Xkas GUI and it has a 0x200 header, its been expanded to 4mb and I point the asm to free space using Lunar Address and Free Space logger. But when I patch it, it says its sucessful, i add some music, open it in lunar magic and load the rom, its cheksum is ok but it wont load. HELP PLEASE!!!
Thanks. i used revx and it worked, but when I addmusic it says it needs a 0x200 header, when it does. Its weird.

EDIT: It's ok I forgot to expand the rom. Its all working great!
Have you tried making the random shell shooter go away, it may have something to do with it, or you have something wrong with your exgfx in the level. And is that all sprites of screen block, sprite or whatever on the central, I would like to use it for my new hack.
There is an expansion to the SMAS pack, for the ones that were left out. It is above the SMAS pack.
ROM downloading is illegal, which is people don't offer it on the central, but tons of other websites do.
XVI32 is an alternative, and it can open things up to 2gb in size.
Looks like a fun hack, I would love to play the level with the rideable Banzai Bill (if it is).
Try placing a door then have to random shell shooter and the boss in their.
Sort of like The Hidden Missingno's idea, I would love it if there was just the main overworld, start at a place called Storm City, Mario's hometown, then he must go to 4 islands and activate all the switches to create a bridge level made out of switch blocks to the middle island, where you must fight all 7 koopalings, then unlock the gate (using a key and lock in a level) to a long mountain level, made out of lots of parts, but the same level. Then at a sub-map, covered in Dark Clouds and thunder, is a bridge then the epic castle. But after Bowser is defeated, you must escape the breaking castle using a time limit patch (i think there is one) to escape. This was a hack I was making until it corrupted and I didn't back it up. Lol.

EDIT: I forgot smw already has time *faceslap*
Yes, it is in the tools section and it is called SMW Thank You Message Importer or of the like.
Is the level ender sprite in the database, if so,, what is it called, because I can't find it their.
Hey guys, I think it's time for me to get a layout. Here's my request:

The Background (May have to be resized to fit post)

In each corner

And a transparent-fluro box, one for post and one under for sig.
Credit will go to the creator in the sig if made.

Guys, no-one has even bothered to mention my request...
Hey guys I have played a few hacks that seem to counter this problem but how on earth can I use more than one custom palette in each level for example, I have a tree and mountain BG, and a grassland FG, however, I used the BG's palette on the FG and it looks okay and suits the level. But then with a custom sprite, if I use its palette, it messes the colours up and looks like a bunch of rubbish.

For Example

BG Palette Used

Sprite Palette Used

Help is not ignored!
I would use a different xkas, becuase I switched from GUI to the original cause I had problems with it.
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