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Hey I was wondering if I made a level that appears to only be
beatable by preforming a glitch but there is a way to do it without glitches, would that be acceptable?
For instance if I put yoshi in a cage of cement blocks and two browns, and also inside is a purple p-switch. the player's first thought is that he/she has to do the glitch to be able to get yoshi but there is another hidden p-switch elsewhere. The glitch in question is the one with spinjumping with
a block under and above you, one thing I'd like to mention is if you
do the glitch you get yoshi faster than the normal way. Since it's
not required to beat the level does it make a difference?
Sorry for the wall of text but I've always been into hacking SMW
and up until recently haven't thought much about doing it for real rather for the fun of it, thanks for reading.
Yeah I hid the p-switch in a sub area beyond a pipe, your idea is much better, would I be able to use that idea? Also there is a keyhole in cement blocks to give the player the illusion that they need to glitch,
but really there is another keyhole elsewhere out in the open albeit more hidden.
I've got a problem with sprites disappearing, I made a level with not that many sprites and yet some sprite go missing. It started when I put punting chucks into the level, any idea? Also is lunar magic able to take screen shots? If so how?
Pressing the print screen button doesn't do anything, do I need a printer? Because I don't have one.
Oh, but that one is a false one, even though you could use is with the
glitch there is another keyhole hidden in the level meaning you don't have to do the glitch to beat it. Also would you know how I could make it so that the p-switch appears behind other sprites? I tried to put a chuck over it but when I saved it in lunar magic it just came to the front again.
My level only has 19 sprites, I just checked in lunar magic.
Five of them are the ones that are always loaded(I think)
three p-switches, a yoshi and a key. Would that do it?
Hey, thanks for all the advice guys, I took out all the glitch parts
and worked with what the level was before, I was wondering if anyone would want to lp my level or something so I could get an idea for what needs improving. If this isn't the best place to ask this just let me know. By the way nothing but this one level is changed(not even the name).
Is there a way to pm something without having to install a program on my computer? if not then all I can do is send it by way of email. World 1 is completed so far but the switch palace isn't changed and the first level has a secret exit. and the boss idea is just something I came up with a while ago.
The thing is I don't know how to send pms. I made a quick fix of the problem though, just click on my user name and it's in my files uploaded. for future reference if anyone wants to LP this just let me know by sending me a message on youtube my user name there is hypershadic88.
Can anyone tell me how to keep the current music playing when
I go through a pipe or door and enter a new area?
Thanks a lot, I should have known it would have been that simple.
Actually addmusic has been working greatly. One thing though, why is it
that when I patch my rom with the more.asm trying to add more music with
addmusic makes my game unplayable, when I try to play it it doesn't
even have the nintendo presents logo come up.
I used xkas to patch it, also it'll work correctly if I put
the music in first then add the patch. The only problem is if I want
to more music I'm kinda screwed.
Probably above thirty, but some music such as SNN's crystal king
requires it.
Thanks for the help, would you happen to know which key to press that
saves the map16 graphics when you change them?
thanks it was F9, I'm using Carol's addmusic, it's the easiest for
me even though it's in a language I don't understand.
Oh and to kinda clear things up for the music issue it's not something
I can't get around it's just that I have to put the music in before using the patch.
That's ok everybody has been very helpful, I've gotten things worked
out. Thanks for all the help!
Hey I was trying to make it so I can hide a pipe behind scenery
but have it still work, does anyone know how I can do this?
For instance I have a pipe then I put floor tiles or anything else over
it but have it still work, whenever I try to put something over it
I can't enter it anymore. Any help would be appreciated.
Is there a way to make a level use layer 2?
Thanks I finally got the results I was after.
How would I do that? It sounds pretty interesting.