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Hey guys. Back in 07 or so, I got into SMW hacking, but I never bothered to register on SMWC because I lost interest pretty quickly... I'm picking it up again, though. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish a hack this time!

I heard you like vanilla.

Castle tileset + Grass tileset + line guides = huge success!

It's not the easiest outdoor castle/forest. Especially with the grinders around! Ticktickticktick...

I smell money...

The rope mechanism's rope works well as a climbable object. The part actually isn't in the level. It's just an example.

I'm actually kinda making random practice levels to get the feel of designing a full hack.

Thanks for the feedback guys 8>

I'll work on the difficulty. Right now, there are a bit too many portions where you need a lot of trial and error in order to not get hit and killed.

As for the BG Palette... I'm gonna work on that. It DOES looks kinda funny to have all the FG colors different with not a lot of BG color difference.

@Dotsarecool The sky gradient is just... Win. Nice use of FG tiles, too!

My shade of pink is dangerously close to Jimmy52905's pink shade :o

I'm going to try and enter this contest... I have an idea >:3

EDIT: We aren't allowed to use the "No Sprite Tile Limits" patch?

Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday has some nice backgrounds.

Ripped from The Abandoned Mines level.

Is there a way to disable the punch on the climbing net tile?

SyStemkraSh: The BG and FG palettes work really well together. I like it!


A rip of level 3-4's FG from Yoshi's Island. Yes, there's already a rip of these graphics, but it isn't complete. This rip includes the extra shadow tiles for the walls, and extra platform ledges. I'm not going to release it just yet, because...

These stupid tiles look weird :(

Sewer levels, eh? I'm making a castle for my SMW hack, and one section (a fairly long one) uses the YI sewer tileset. It's kinda hard to put it all together but it's fun to do it. I think it's the feeling of watching it alllll come together. :3

These are probably dumb questions, but it never hurts to ask, right?

I'm making a vanilla gradient for my level, but I'm editing the solid color tiles to use palette colors 9 through F. Is this allowed?

Number 2: Remapping the upside down piranha plant to the fish stem (which will be fixed) is allowed in this contest, right?

Are these colors good?

And the background from my vanilla contest level... I want some opinions on the palette and the gradient.

D'awwww they're all gone. I kinda liked my shade of pink... It was the best dang pink shade I've ever seen.

I really like Mario walking on the title screen, but if it's possible, I'd make the ground move too.

Oh, this is the oldest post of mine that I can still edit.
Anyway, hello there, old post traveler! Many of my old posts aren't very interesting, but I guess I can't stop you from reading them. Have fun...?

Old reply below:

I'll probably go nuts and rip some graphics.

...Or I could just rip some extremely realistic backgrounds just to see how they look.

I love Mario's crazy eyes on the graphics you drew. Wonder what he looks like in action...

I don't think I gave myself a proper introduction... Let me try again.

My username is Usetheforce. I first found out about SMW hacking long ago in 2002 on the website "The Mushroom Kingdom". I saw a section about The SMB2 Level Discombobulator, which was on Acmlm's website. Through that, I found Acmlm's board (It was the 1st iteration if I remember correctly) and eventually Lunar Magic. I didn't get very far with SMW hacking, and dropped it after two weeks or so.

Much later on (mid-late 2007?), I saw some videos on YouTube about SMW hacking. I remembered the old hack I attempted to make, so I decided to "reboot" it. This time, I got much farther, and discovered SMW Central. Although I didn't register because I felt as if I'd end up being inactive after a few posts. Eventually, I just slowly stopped working on the hack. Fast forward to 2010, and now I guess I'm at it again.

Not much else to say, really.

Remember, what you post on the internet could stay up for over nine years! Always be mindful of what you post online, because you'll never know if that one time you used a >:3 emote stays around forever.

Old reply below:

Little things annoy me the most. There's no indicator on my keyboard that shows if my caps-lock is on or not... Well, Microsoft Works Word Processor has it, but still... #w{:<}

Originally posted by MechaWave
When I created a secondary entrance so that Mario comes out of a pipe from an exit-enabled pipe previously found, he always dies at the end of it.

I already created 2 secondary exits/entrances on previous levels and didn't do this, but this time on level 103, I used a pipe with a right end, and Mario coming out to the right. All the others were top/bottom pipes.

I'm pondering why he dies. Any solution? By the way, here's an image.

Hmmm, I suggest placing Mario one block forward from the starting position you placed. I think it'll work.

Also, is there a hex address that controls the Spike Top's moving speed?



A message from the future. You should make a backup before using a new tool on your SMW rom.

Original reply below:

The music doesn't "die" on my sample/custom music/custom sprite/ExGFX'd rom.

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