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Tip: Try sketching out ideas for overworlds and levels. Even if they don't manage to fit into Lunar Magic completely, at least you have a base to work from, instead of doing it all from scratch.Not logged in.
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Booyah Mario

Figure I should've posted this earlier
Originally posted by Sadistic Designer

@Scrimpy: I broke your hack, you can get 2 feathers in the first level. Also your hack seems really typical for an unexperienced Kaizo hacker, but a bit better than average.

Well, thanks for playing.
This hack was, in fact, my first time hacking Mario and I gathered a lot of experience while making this hack. So, it suffers from all the beginners' problems too, I guess (slowdown, sprite memory issues, etc.)

Well, if you allow the question, how exactly did you break the hack?

Wow, There sure is nothing like seeing your game being broken in every way imaginable. Very cool!
Hm, I don't really want to touch this hack again. Instead, I'd rather make a new Kaizo hack using the experience I have now.

I sure do like my hacks vanilla. How is this?
Damn, I can see this working too well with an autoscroller.

A vanilla level with multiple paths to take. In the water, you find a P-Switch that you can use to get a 3up moon or as a race to the secret exit. All other paths lead to the normal exit. The second part of the level uses Layer 2 tide water as an experiment to see how well it can be used as opposed to Layer 3 tide water.
Originally posted by Ownerthugz

my first tas. Criticism please.

This doesn't belong here, does it?

As for the TAS itself, you wasted some frames at a few points, e.g. turning around and bouncing on that Rex. A quick try in ZSNES resulted in a remaining ingame time of 260 seconds, try to beat that.
I have an idea for a joke hack:

Hotel Mario

One screen level made out of 4x4 (or any other number) doors. Entering a door will lead to the same screen, but with that particular door removed. Once there is no door on the screen anymore, the player can exit the level.

Anybody can calculate how many levels/screens this'd need to work?
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World 2 secret fortress of my hack. How is this?
Originally posted by DrawingYoshi
@scrimpy: Really good! You did a great job on the BG. I also noticed you put a reset door (0:38) and a fair auto-scroll part. Keep up your nice work!


For the auto-scroll part, I actually placed the coin block there so the player would hang around there for a while so he wouldn't get killed by the grinder he couldn't see.

Useless trivia is always one of the most delightful things to share.
Yo, new WIP level from me.

The basic gimmick of the level is to not get any of those coin blocks because they'll give you stars only if you're already under the influence of one.
How is this so far?
Originally posted by Sadistic Designer

Also there are quite a lot of levels with that already. I don't see why you would need a star for this section, are you forcing the player to come back later?


Also, I can understand not using stacked munchers in a normal hack, but a Kaizo hack really should have some slack on this. I mean, as long as you can easily tell what the something does, it's fine with me.
Wow, Kaizo hacking is srs business, apparently.
Originally posted by Selin

My first ever TAS!

Originally posted by Youtube Description
This is my First ever TAS (Tool Assisted Speedrun!) I didn't go as fast as I would have likes, mainly cause I hit a wall that slowed me down, but i'm proud of it.

C/C would be really nice.

Nice, although unoptimiyed in places.
This is why you backup save in case you mess up some place. <- tasvideos' SMW game recources. Among other things, it details how to get the fastest runspeed which, honest to god, I still haven't quite understood myself.
I do have to say though, making Tubular look easy is quite an accomplishment.
Originally posted by Ultimaximus
He can still walljump, thus breaking your hack (maybe).

Muncher Generic thing that's supposed to hurt you wall?
SNes9x also works and is arguably better suited because it doesn't need external applications to dump avis. Only thing you need then is a decent codec.
I'd go with the levels starting similarily difficult to the original SMW with a rather steep difficulty curve.

But, when hacking SMW or playing hacks, you're obviously very familiar with the game and thus'll make things hard to get at least a bit of a challenge out of it. Plus you also got an emulator with save states, slowdown & rewind at your disposal if things are too hard for you.
Originally posted by Selin
My latest TAS. This time, its Super Mario - The Cookie Crisis!

Sorry for no sound, I'm still getting Hypercam to work out the sound for me.

Why don't you just directly dump the .avi from the Emulator?
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