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I created a boss using the Newbie Boss thing by Maxx, but i do not know how to place it in my level!!! When I imported it as a regular sprite, it crashes the ROM whenever you go near the boss, and it looks all glitchy!!! Please Help!

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I tried the boss with each one:
0,1,2, and 3 for the EXTRA BIT...

What does it have to be?

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I started using iceguy's Newbie Boss. It works, but it still looks messed up!

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I have a sprite that i found in the sprites section that works fine, but i need help making adjustments.

1: How can I make the sprite activate the blue p-switch when it has 3 health left?

2: How can I make it Invincible to being killed by a block? (like if its standing on a block and Mario hits it from below)

3: Make it end the level when it dies?

4: Make it never run or fall off the screen

and last,

5: It lays on the ground for a while after yo hit it, but you can still hurt it when it's laying down. How can I make it so that when it's laying down, you can't jump on it until it's back up. Also so you get hurt if you do do that.

Here's the code:

MaxxEdit: Post this externally.

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Here is the code. I don't know very much at all =( but I could try to learn(but to me it all seems like random #'s and symbols, and a lot of $.) I guess if you know what you are doing, then you obviously know what your doing. =)

Roy edit: whoa

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the Noob Boss that maxx made doesn't work.
(Nothing against maxx, it just doesn't work)

1: Read the READ-ME.

2: Open the .asm file.

3: Do whatever it says. It will usually say "Spits Fire $01 for YES, $00 for NO. Or something like that.

4: Insert it with Sprite Tool(assuming you already know how to)

5: Use it in your hack! I recommend creating a room(obviously) and then
go to Mario's head, and select # of screens, and set it to 1.


PM me if you have more questions
(although I can't help you with ASM)

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1: Make a copy of your ROM and place it in the same directory as Sprite Tool.

2: Create a new text document(notepad) keep this minimized for a little while.

3: Open your CFG file and make sure at the bottom it says the name of your ASM file.

4: Drag the CFG and ASM into the folder called SPRITES

5: Now open your notepad. Type in a number of a sprite you won't use in the level (doesn't really matter what #) in HEXADECIMAL!!! then type the name of your CFG file.cfg

ex. 1A my_custom_boss.cfg

that's all you type in!!!

Now save it as sprites.txt

6: Now, open sprite tool. Type in the name of your ROM (ALWAYS PUT THE FILE EXTENSION AT THE END!!!) which would be .smc

7: Then type in Sprites.txt

8: A bunch of numbers will flash. Press any key...

9: Open your ROM

10: Go to your boss level room.

11: Now press INS on your keyboard. You must be in Sprites mode

12: It will say a whole buch of stuff.

13: remember when I said to pick a number when we you were in notepad... Type that in in the first Bar.

14: Skip all the other bars EXCEPT FOR the last one! Type in 3.

15: Go to the top left corner of your map. Drag the sprite wherever you want your boss to be. It will look messed up, but that's OK.

16: Now save and test!

PM me if you have trouble with it!

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I will try that.

What I mean for #4 is that sometimes it runs off screen (even though there is only 1 screen) and dies. Also, If you move away so that you can't see it's starting position, It respawns!! Thanks for the help!

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How do you create GFX? I know you have to draw or RIP them, but how do you make them into an ExGFX file, and whet format must the images be in???

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I know I should have made a new thread... Oh well.

I have an Idea for how to do It...

I'll make a new thread.

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I didn't know where to put this, so I put it here.

I am working on a hack, but I cannot think of a name for It. In the hack, you must play through 3 castles, with other levels in between, and then beat a Yellow Switch Palace in order to get access to bowser's Moon Base. From there, you must go through a very, very long castle in order to get to Bowser. I was thinking of calling it "Mario's Adventures: Lunar Trouble" but that sounds a little cheesy. Maybe just "Lunar Trouble" or something...

Please post Ideas!

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I have an Idea on how to do this, but I don't know if it works...

1: Open YY-CHR

2: Create a new file and create GFX

3: Save as ExGFX and insert to ROM like normal GFX


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Just tried it. I will use another GFX file because mine didn't work.

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I don't know. I asked the question, then Roy said that it didn't fit and moved it, then I made a new thread.

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Originally posted by I8Strudel

You may want to work more on the plot before coming up with a name, that way it's easier to think of a name for the hack. "Lunar Trouble" does sound a bit off though, considering a good chunk of the game is going to be on Earth or whatever planet Mario hails from.


I do think that you are right about the whole planet thing.
I've been thinking about the name. No ideas yet, though.
I will keep working on the plot. (Maybe I can turn it into a full hack instead of a Mini-Hack)

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How do I insert a map 16 edit?

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Multiple levels that I have created have had parts of the sprites cut off. The one I am most concerned about is a castle level that only has about 6 sprites, 1 or less per screen! Can anyone help?!

P.S. I have seen the patch for this, however your sprite header must be 10, and the castle set is 1.

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I don't actually know where this belongs:

Do ANY original SMW levels use SNES register level mode 1E (Transparent Horizontal Level)

I'm just wondering... :D

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It's a cool effect though...

Maybe I will use it in my hack.

**It makes all objects see-through.
I Wonder how this could be used in a puzzle...

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In one of my castle levels, I have a dark room with the Layer 3 Smash sprite. The dark room makes layer 3 appear "Outside of the Window" It does this even when the light is on. I wish there was a way so that you can only see the part of the Smasher that is in the light, but if anyone can fix it normally, that would be great!

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