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One thing I didn't see in those outdated archives:

I created the Giant Shy Guys as well. (custom sprites)

My old user ID number is 715.


Palette B color 7 is also the light shade used for Luigi's skin and the tips of green Yoshi's shoes. The default sprite tile used behind the border-bound Mario is 8x8 tile 7E in GFX10.bin (or 10FC0 in ALLGFX.bin).

In addition to what S.N.N. said, the last 8 indexes of palettes 0 and 1 are all border colors, with the exception of the light blue ones.


Don't you know the Acmlm's Board cycle?
  1. The board is shut down due to drama/being hacked/etc.
  2. It comes back shortly.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2.
But yeah, at first I came to Acmlm's Board primarily for the ROM Hacking forums.


Originally posted by S.N.N.
The Pianist's Rest. It was (and will be later) a peaceful iceberg, but with the rage of whatshisname, everyone's dead, for now. Sad, eh? That's why we have this new, haunting song to go with it:

"Discord Bells Toll"
I like the tune! It really does fit the cold, lifeless theme well. (I know this reads similarly to what Boingboingsplat just posted, but I started typing this post before he finished)


Just download SNES Palette editor(which can be found at Zophar's Domain), open your ROM in it, and go to the address listed in the ROM map.


Originally posted by BMF54123 on Acmlm's Board (Archive 2)
If you just want to disable #64's cycling altogether, change the following ROM addresses:
$262C: EA EA EA
$2632: EA EA EA
Keep in mind that this will disable all of the default flashing colors, including the red and yellow dots on the map screen.


Originally posted by mimic
Or how about every time you get a 3 up moon, you get one heart since most reasonable hackers hide 3 up moons there is usually one per world.
Yes, that seems like the best way. I've always thought that the dragon coins should behave like cherries, but that would qualify as a totally separate patch altogether.

KilloZapit: There's one thing that you seem to have overlooked. When you start the game, you have three hearts and you're small. To make it more like SMB2, Mario/Luigi should start out big. But then again, if you make items that change the maximum number of hearts, the default number should be 2.


Originally posted by darklink898
I got another suggestion for it, could you make it so it changes the level tune to something else while the hammer is used? We could insert the Hammer Tune with addmusic and make it use that. :D(the tune from Donkey Kong)if you still don't remember it, the one that plays in SSB when you grab a hammer))

This should do the trick. Just make changes here:
	LDA #$01		; State = Mario has Hammer
	STA $C2,x
	LDA #$FF		; Set Hammer timer
	STA $1540,x
	LDA #$29		; Play sound effect
	LDA #$12		; Change music
	JSR CheckForHammer	; Check to see if a Mario already has a Hammer
...and here:
	LDA $1540,x
        CMP #$01
        BEQ StopHammerMusic
	CMP #$1E
	BNE NoSound
	LDY #$24    ; \ play sound effect
	STY $1DFC   ; /
	BRA NoSound
        LDY $0DDA   ; \ resume regular level music
        STY $1DFB   ; /
If you do this correctly, the Bonus Area music should play when you grab a hammer, and the level music should resume when its timer runs out.

However, I'm not sure if this will work correctly with the changes mikeyk is making, or if the hammer music will stop playing when addmusic is used(this seems to be a common issue with it).


Originally posted by Troopa Pride
And Pac or Davros if you are reading this, I am being cunstructive.
You are not perfect and if you havent realised yet, both of you are abusive and huge snobs.The whole board is enjoying it more without you guys harrassing the members.
And do we need any more mods then the current ones, who are doing a MUCH better job then both of you guys EVER did?
Case closed.
SMWCentral has MUCH better staff now and Pac and Davros should not be re-hired just to harrass members and give annoying titles.
Don't think I have anything against them. As I said, I am being cunstructive while having enough balls to say "that person shoulden't be hired."
Personally, I don't see how calling people 'huge snobs' is constructive. And the statement about them not being perfect? It just so happens that no one is perfect. I can't even attest to that statement myself.

Besides, Pac has been rather inactive on the internet lately, so unfortunately I don't see him coming back anytime soon.

On topic: You know what I think we need? An archive of threads with questions that have already been answered. I've seen so many questions that have been answered hundreds of times cropping up again and again on these forums, and it would be good to have all of these answers within reach for our new users. Either that, or an updated F.A.Q....


Here are the ROM addresses that change Bowser's music:
1937 [16] Bowser Music, 1st attack phase
1A902 [17] Bowser goes away
1A9A8 [1D] Bowser's fireball attack
1A9C2 [18] Bowser returns
1AA49 [19 1A] Music for the other two attack phases
1ADF4 [1B] Bowser's demise

Edit: I just realized that many of these were already in the ROM Map!

And the default level music playlist:
286DB [02 06 01 08 07 03 05 12]
(Order: Plains, Cave, Athletic, Castle, Ghost House, Boss Battle, Bonus Area)


Yes, it is possible. I had something like this working in the past, but it screwed up the way that Lunar Magic views the palettes. I also had to get rid of some colors (post-special world map palettes; animated colors) to free up more palette space.

Here is a document of addresses related to the hardcoded default palettes:


Originally posted by Aiyo
So if I port music using matrizzle's way,does this mean no more custom music?
Yes, as my way uses the SMAS N-SPC engine, while addmusic uses SMW's sound engine. The formats are different, thus they are incompatible.


Originally posted by S.N.N.
Just curious, which values at $1DF9 are the Wrong/Right sounds? I need to know for a password system I'm trying to implement. Thanks.
The correct/incorrect sound values writable to $1DFC are #$29 and #$2A, respectively.


It turns out that the game actually recolors that tile of GFX01, as its stored version uses the first eight colors of the palette. However, It doesn't recolor this tile in the ExGFX files.

To correct this, all you have to do is change the colors that the berry sprite graphic uses, as follows:


If you have YY-CHR, you can do this easily. Just select the tile and click the 'Replace color' icon(the second icon from the top right).


Yes, I've known this for a while. There's also a way to disable it, but I won't get into that unless someone asks.

As for where the berry graphics are, they're oddly intermingled with Mario's in GFX32.


I found this a while back when looking at palette-loading code:
2F1E-2F24 [01 00 03 04 03 05 02] Palette IDs to use for each submap


The answer to your question was posted in this thread before the forums were wiped.

There's one thing I left out of that old post: The flashing animation will still appear in Lunar Magic.


Um, we need a reasonable character limit for user names, so that this doesn't happen.

EDIT:</b> Geez, guys. I didn't expect a pointless number of "I second this" posts to come pouring in. Give it a rest already!
Unexpected end tag (</b>) at 309, expected </span>
Tag (span) was not closed.
Tag (span) was not closed.
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You guys have to fix the numbering of your tips.

114?) Before asking a question, check the whole site(including the forum archives) to make sure your question hasn't already been answered.

I cannot stress how important that one is.


That's because the patch only works on a clean, unmodified ROM. If you patch it to a hack already in progress, you risk overwriting level/graphics data with the music, which is why I warned everyone to make a backup of their hack before attempting to patch it!


I think I pinpointed the problem. It's a big one, but it's easily correctable.

You see, I didn't test any of my music patches with Lunar Magic, so I overlooked the fact that LM plops some of its modified code at around $7F19F. This just so happens to be in the middle of the sound sample data! To fix this, I'll have to move the sample data to a different bank (and put a RATS tag around the sucker).

EDIT: The patches have now been updated.


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