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Hello there. I am a newbie to the SMW hacking community and Lunar Magic, and thus need some help on several things I have trouble figuring out. If I encounter any other problems, I'll post them here.

*How do you set/change Mario's starting position on the overworld map (so he's not always stuck starting out at the bottom of the Yoshi's Island sub-map?)
*How do you enable pathways to appear and be used upon the completion of a level via both normal and secret exits?
*How do you link two different rooms to another? (I.e. when you exit/enter a building)
*Is there, during play-testing, a way to simply unlock every accessible level without having to beat them all one-by one?
Thank you all very much. I am having slightly less problems with the overworld editor, so hopefully I may be able to construct a working overworld with playable levels in the future.
Okay, here is another problem I've recently encountered.

I'm trying to modify the secondary entrance in level 105 (Yoshi's island 1) that when Mario exits from level 1CB (Yoshi's Island 1 Underground Room), he re-enters level 105 from a downward pipe, not shooting out a diagonal pipe. I've tried figuring this out for myself, but I have yet to find a solution.

If anyone could help, that would be great.
Thank you for your assistance. I have successfully adjusted the entrance. :)
Hello there. I have been experimenting with Lunar Magic for a bit, and so, after gaining some good advice and assistance, I've decided my very first SMW hack will be a full remake of the DOS game "Mario & Luigi", which is an unlicesened Mario clone created by Mike Wiering.

I do not have any screenshots or videos of this hack yet, but the following video should give you a idea on what this hack is meant to resemble.
<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/aL3TJnhBTe8&hl=en_US&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/aL3TJnhBTe8&hl=en_US&fs=1&" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

And also because I am having a tad bit of trouble with the overworld editor, I'm going to make the overworld just Yoshi's island. (with the rest of Dinosaur Island being absent) This hack is six levels long, and will have an actual boss at the end of stage 6, which is the final fight against Bowser in the Koopa Clown Car. I am planning not to put in a save feature yet.

I am unable to insert brick or donut blocks into Lunar Magic as of yet, so they will be replaced with turn blocks.
The main reason why I cannot insert custom blocks is because I was unable to get BlockTool to run. I'll try to incorporate as many creative things as I can to the final version. For now, here are two screenshots of the in-development version. (Yes, the BETA, far away from the final version.)
I just started this yesterday, so I had only enough time to complete the first of six levels. I plan to make minor quarks in the main color palette as well, but I'll accept any help I can get.
Originally posted by mariofan1000
First screen has cutoff at top of pipe.

I'm aware of that. In the original DOS game, Mario can walk right over the pipe. The final version of this hack will have the pipe going all the way to the top.

|-O Ignoring the "remake" part, and to answer your question, I am completely unaware of how to change the in-game graphics, which is why the hack uses all pre-installed graphics, blocks, and whatnot. I would love to, but I no knowledge on how.
Mario & Luigi DOS does not have a sprite sheet available anywhere online, and I cannot rip the graphics myself because the game does not have a option to play it in window, so that you can use the "print screen" key to take a screenshot. (If you try doing that, nothing happens.)

But whatever happens, I'll try to modify the graphics of this hack so they at least resemble their appearance in the DOS game, even if I have to make them myself.

@Ambu Lance:
This hack doesn't look like a remake just yet, I will say, and I know how you make the levels, it's just the overworld and inserting custom blocks I have problems with. 2technogeeks has given me a utility to use to modify the game's graphics, so I'm holding off posting any more screenshots until I make some good progress.
Originally posted by Blaze.128
Originally posted by Superjustinbros
Mario & Luigi DOS does not have a sprite sheet available anywhere online, and I cannot rip the graphics myself because the game does not have a option to play it in window, so that you can use the "print screen" key to take a screenshot. (If you try doing that, nothing happens.).

You could look up some screenshots on Google and base the graphics on that, no?

Well, Mario's sprites from the DOS game are based off his SMW sprites, just without the white sections of his eyes. The enemies' sprites (Goomba, Koopas, Spinies, Fireballs) are based off their SMB3 (SMAS version) appearances, with the exception of the Pirhana Plant, which has an entirely custom appearance, and the Cheep Cheep, which is based off its SMW sprite.
Originally posted by JeRRy86

oh, and i could PM some screenshots of the progress graphics if you want, Superjustinbros :P
(i am going to use this graphics myself, too)

I would highly appreciate that. Thank you very much.
BTW - maybe you could get someone to help you make a custom OW?
I'm not the world's greatest OW editor, or I'd offer my services, but I know many other users here are better than me. I wouldn't want to bring down the quality of your hack by making an OW that's not super-amazing. </div></div>

I would love that, because I have big trouble making a properly functioning overworld. (the event-editing is what bugs me.)
Well... It appears i have two new situations.

*When I try to use the vertical jumping fireballs in a level, the game instantly freezes when they enter the level, How can the fireballs be placed into the game so that they work properly and do not corrupt the game?
*In one of the stages, there is a pipe that leads to a room that is supposed to, upon leaving the secret room, sends Mario forward further in the level, but when you exit the secret room, Mario lands in a blank area and instantly falls to his death. I had made sure I configured the exit/entrance route correctly so that Mario re-enters the current level ascending from a pipe, but even with that Mario still dies when entering the secret area's exit pipe. How can this be done so Mario returns to the main level safely?
Okay. here's the settings I have for the "broken" exit.

As you can see, I'm trying to make an exit that leads from Level 0E9 to Level 009. Level 009 has the "Secondary Entrance" set up, but does not function properly.

If you still need more information and screenshots, I'll be happy to provide them. Thank you for the fireball part, though.
Well, regardless, I fixed the exit/entrance situation, and now it works perfectly. But now I have another minor problem, with the save feature. I have it set so when you beat a specific level, the game is supposed to bring up the save menu to save the game, but when I was going through play-testing, it never saved. I made sure I had "Save prompt" checked on the Level Properties pop-up, but still, it never game me the save menu.
It works now. Thanks.

But now, here's something else that's bugging me.

In some of the levels, some graphics and tiles, such as the Spinies, do not display correctly and are glitched up. Is there any way to fix this? If there isn't a solution to this problem, then is there a way to copy/paste all level data to a different level without using "save level as"?
Problem solved, and another question.

How do you disable the candle sprites in the castle levels? Because when I modified it so that Spines can appear correctly, it glitches up the candles as well.
Well, I had the "view level exits" button turned on, which hid the candle generators.
Well, it appears we're good to go! I just finished constructing and play-testing all the levels, so all we need to do is adjust the graphics so they resemble the original game. :)
Okay. I've got some new screenshots up of the other levels. It's still a vanilla hack as of now, but I'm pretty sure the final version will incorporate new graphics.

Note that a few of these screenshots come from secret rooms not shown in the video, but are in the actual game itself.
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