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I vote Mario's amazing adventure (fixed full) because it has good level design and use both normal smw stuff and custom stuff very well
What are the Musics of the bosses in Luigi's Adventure Overseas 1 and 3 and the music in Chapel tower?
Sorry i know the music of chapel tower in luigi adventure overseas my question is what is the song in heresy of chapel in world 9 of that game?? sorry for the mistake
This looks a nice hack. However the sprite gfx clash with the fg and bg, you could put icegoom's lost world redrawn graphic's like you put in Master quest 6 or the koopas and goombas of master quest 7. Also add a bg for the underground level.
This seems to be a very good hack. i like your style. I have a question respect it. The bosses would be the ordinary koopalings or there are custom bosses. If plain to put some custom bosses i would help you to edit there. I' ve just edited the homming thwomp boss for my hack ( so it isn't very boring and overused)

...And that vanilla BG looks really good LM 1.7 is very useful to make vanilla hacks.
This hack isn't bad at all, otherwise is good for be a first hack. But you could improve a lot of thinks such as:
· The OW you could make more relieve and also more decoration.
· Springboard pallete
· Changing the status bar

Also i've see the video and i think that the fortrress is to short, linear and repetitive. The two principals rooms that has the level are similar, i think that you should change one of them and make the other room more theme with the level. If the fishing boo is the boss here you could put some boos ( with YI) in the previous room before meet the boss. You can make also less linear and repetitive the level without turning it a maze or confusing. The rest of the hack looks good.

An idea for you: you can use an sprite that is in the custom sprite section called SMW hammer bro stationary ( by Sonikku) it uses the main smw amazing hammer bro gfx. If you replace that hammer bro gfx by the Ukiki of YI ( here is the you could make a good touch to your hack putting that sprite in the top of a palm tree in jungle levels.
this could became a great hack if you want. Also if you want i could beta test if or giving you some ideas (only if you want). At least for be your first hack is an example for hackers that put floating munchers, bad slopes, palletes, etc.

Nice hacking! And don't quit your project for some negative or not constructive cristicim.
Thank you!!. PM me if you can. When i have time i've put the support bar in my profile if you want.
what is :Mario's amazing adventure: fire fortress music ( world 3 larry's castle) ?

Super Mario Infinity 1: what is called the first level music? ( is a remix of both smb1-smw theme but upbeat)
Here is the thread about my first hack SMW EXPANSION. So far here are the screenshots:

New thwomp boss

A Frozen Valley level

NSMB WII inspired level

New OW Graphics

YI big boo

A Kuribo shoe level

Fry Guy Boss

Bowser Jr. in his clown car

A desert level

The hack features:
Custom blocks
Custom sprites
Custom bosses
Custom music
A few Custom GFX
Hex edits ( for example the harder koopalings bosses, and the smb3 palletes of them)
Patches ( Smb3 powerdown, Luigi's graphics for player 2, etc.)

It has nine worlds and a miniworld in world 7:
1)Yoshi's island- castle boss: Larry Koopa
2)Coffe plateau- castle boss: Lemmy Koopa
3)Gusty woods+ chocolate mountain- castle boss: Bowser Koopa Jr.
4)Frozen valley- castle boss: Morton Koopa Jr.
5)Blooper sea- castle boss: Wendy O Koopa
6)Sandy desert- castle boss: Iggy Koopa
7)Cloudy heaven+ piranha island(secret mini world)- castle boss: Roy Koopa
8)Valley of Bowser- castles bosses: Ludwig Von Koopa, Bowser Koopa Jr. (in the clowncar), King Bowser Koopa (in the clown car)
9)Special World- castle boss: King Bowser Koopa (custom)

Medium-Hard difficulty for begginers.
I think is not the best hack ever, but at least it hasn't any floating muncher, i believe.

The hack is in the moderate section, and a previous version is in the hack section.

Questions? Suggestions?, etc?

Thanks guys. If you have question about secret exits or has some problems or found a glitch post that/there here or contact me!

Edit: if you want some custom material or anything, also contact me.
Originally posted by 2technogeeks
Looks great! Although, the Flames in the Thwomp Battle are a little cutoff.

where is the cuttoff? in the ground? I think about that twhomp flames could be make cuttoff in the ground. However i prefer to use this thwomp boss instead the other good but overused thwomp boss.

Originally posted by nnn
Edit: if you want some custom material or anything, also contact me.

Are we asking for your custom stuff, or requesting that you put certain custom stuff into the hack?</div></div>

For example if you need some GFX of my hack like Bowser Jr. or some other stuff i will give you if you contact me.
Originally posted by Hobz
looks like alot of fun, but does the thwomp boss really have to be there :\
its not bad, its just pretty overused, and not really fun. besides that, it looks great, and i'd love to beta-test when you need one.

Yes is overused and for this i edited yoshicookiezeus thwomp boss, it has another routine in this hack: he's faster and instead of throw a bom omb it creates a sumo brother flame and you have clear the throw blocks ground to make it falls ( but layer is an obstacle)

I don't know if i need a beta tester because the hack is in the moderators hands now. You could find in in the hacks waiting to be moderate section. If mods don't accept the hack probably i would need beta testers.
Originally posted by Hobz
Originally posted by nnn
you have clear the throw blocks ground to make it falls ( but layer is an obstacle)

or you could use the thwomp crush block and make a vertical level where you have to make him crush the blocks (mixed in with cement blocks). it would actually be a fun puzzle, especially if you use the moving bullet bill shooter on each section. i can try to make a level/video if you need.
and if you follow through with this idea, credit would be nice #w{=3}
EDIT: and ill download and try your hack tomorrow. cant today, sorry

You read my mind! I've tried in a clean rom to make it but it wasn't funtional. I tried to edit the twhomp crush changing the sprite value in tha asm but it didn't work for my, after that my i decided to make this twhompp boss, but if you could make funtinal the thwomp crush block and give me the config i will change that thwomp boss and i give credit you for that.
Originally posted by Hobz
Originally posted by nnn
I tried to edit the twhomp crush changing the sprite value in the asm but it didn't work for my rom

what do you need fixed? i cant try it out today, but i can tomorow. please tell what i should look for :)
and btw, do you want me to pm the .asm
EDIT: you would probably change the following:
LDX $15E9
LDA $9E,x
CMP #$26       ; Thwomp.

and make the 26 whatever the custom sprite is inserted as,
or is that what you did #w{=D}

i tried to change that but it doesn't work because sure i have to change another code in SpriteV. I will tried to edit it again but i don't know if it will work.
This hack looks the best Super Mario world parody hack. The GFX looks awesome, and the foreground and BG graphics look very simple but add a nice touch of your hack.
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nnn's Profile - Posts by nnn

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