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Originally posted by Tailsko
I heard this yesterday from my sister. The earthquake was so strong, it shifted the earth's axis. It has shortened our daylight hours by .3 miliseconds.

i think the press over hyped what this thing done... i know it was a bad earthquake bue shifting the earths axis... can a planet do that to its self :/ ?

i mean i took geography and i have never heard of anyting like it xD

still; poor people, good luck to those rebuilding thier lives :/

it wont exist if 2012 is the "end" xD


how about a giant chuck... (any size bigger than the other chucks xD)

-you could have his intro of him crashing through turn blocks :S (like chargin' chuck)
- he calls splitin' chucks (and or thows em xD) to attack mario
- he runs from left to right on a sky platform and/or elavator shaft-like level
- if he is too big to jump over make a extra platform for mario to jump on while he runs past
- he throws a buzzie beatle after every 2 splittin' chucks (+1 splittin chuck after every hit)
- 4 hp
- gets faster after every hit
- but he also starts jumping after 2 hits
- he thows out 2 hot heads after 3 hits that circle the platform
- after 1 hit he causes earthquakes after he throws a sprite

its a basic idea that can be manipulated and i havent seen a chuck boss yet

if u think of using this idea... can i test :D

ah, this is awsome :D

love the randorland series but this is an awsome hack branching from it, wow u gunna do demo's? *crosses fingers*

Originally posted by xKingBulletBillx
here my new TAS:
Item Abuse TAS in 8:05

haha, i just saw it in my subs... awsome vid man :)

i am realley lookin forward to your hack, when will the next screenshots be out :/ ?

i think my internal organs just collapsed after hearing that stuff xD


you seem to find the best wallpapers out there xD

(ill edit this post later... i got a bunch of stuff to blank out on my desktop xD)

Originally posted by Bowser's Level Designer
I've had several boss ideas in my head, so I'll submit them here over time. I have no ASM knowledge, so IDK how difficult these would be to code. Sorry if they're not very good, useful, or just unplausable.

My first idea is basically a giant flopping fish. He'd be 48X48, or whatever you said the limit was. He'd flop around randomly, just like a regular beached fish (don't know if you can code that, or copy it from the fish's code or seomthing). When he hits the ground, he creates stunning quakes. He also spawns hoards of other, regular flopping fish.

There will be water raising-lowering during the fight. When the water is high enough, the boss stops flopping and starts swimming like a regular fish would. If possible, he'd be coded to follow mario while swimming, but the real danger of the rising water is the other fish he spawns. If the player doesn't constantly kill off the fish while they're vulnerable, they'll become a threat once submerged.

The method to beating him is waiting for the water to rise, then swimming to the top of the screen and grabbing a pow block/key/shell and tossing it at him.

An alternate/joke version of this boss follows the same pattern, but without the rising water. You'd beat him by kicking him like any other fish. Best used after the real fight, to fake out the player.

I know I said I had more ideas, but the real world beckons. Later, I'll share the rest of my rambling concepts.

that sounds epic... and same im just learning the basics of ASM and im not too sure how hard my boss would be to make...

liking the 1st method of the water rising and throwing things at hm... that awsome :D

Originally posted by JeRRy86
Originally posted by sym
Originally posted by mariofan1000
Could you release the current version of WoP?

Also, better get started on that contest.


please penang, WoP is the closest thing to Cool or Cruel that i've found yet and i'd love to see any other work you've done on it.

i think one of my kaizo hack also is like C|C :)
(i am going to use a newly discovered trick in it, you will see it probably tomorrow)

could i beta test this?

i would like to play this :)

Originally posted by JeRRy86

well if you really want it:
i still have to design the overworld, and and cool music in it, and send i can send you guys a beta :P
also gotta polish up sone stuff to make it more fun and less breakable.

(bet xKingBulletBillx is gonna make a TAS xD)


thats one sweet glitch... did you find that? because i havent seen another hack use this :O?

and sure i'd love to be sent the beta :D

This has never happened to me before using the sprite tool:

when i add in my sprites they all come out as the red and green koopas on a fence... (they even act like them)

my rom is clean (i even used that tool smwc has just in case)

and i inserted the sprites in at : 22 23 24 25 2A (if that matters)

any help please?

Originally posted by Sadistic Designer
Ow c'mon that's just one of the maaaany side-effects of the double yoshi glitch, there are tons more and all have been used already in other hacks, trust me on that one.

I actually used this glitch to break SPW3, it's hardly new...

it may not be "new" but i havent seen it being required for the player to use it complete a level xD

Originally posted by JeRRy86
you have to set the extra bit to 2 or 3

yeah it just comes up with a "invalid custom sprite"

EDIT: dont worry its just the sprite was showing up because of the tile map... even though it had no graphics at all, i know how to fix it now thanks :)


thats nice.

could you post the final version of that wen its done?, i'd like to see how it plays out/

hmmm... i find castles the most difficult... i can never make them "fun", to me a castle is either kaizo or boring :/

EDIT: hence my avatar : 1 thing i hate = castles, 1 thing i love = coheed :]

ok so im making a 1 world hack with a rpg overworld,
i have used hex editors for mainly my 360 but i have never used it with smw, until now :/

it says in the .txt in "RPG-OW" to go to offset x21460 and change it to 15... but it never told me which hex value to change or text string,

so could som1 tell me what i have to do and how i am supposed know what to change in the future, thanks :)

Gah! thanks for the help but all it did was glitch out mario's GFX....

what am i doing wrong?

EDIT: fixed! thank you

i have done the hex values but it still insists on not doing anything....

-it was a clean rom
-mario walks to yoshi's house and stares at a cliff for 15 seconds then looks at the camera
-i have done the ctrl+G stuff
-i have even changed my hex editor to tranlhextion

what do i have to do to the OW and/or hex values to make this thing work ?

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