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i have mario 3 workshop (the smb3 editor) but don't know how to input enemies or objects. please help!
Done, done and done!

Thanks so much!
i can't find a good etidor
hukka(x) has made smb3 workshop.

i downloaded it, edited some stuff, but i don't know how to make enemies or objects!

thanks, it really helped!
no idea how.
i know i sound like an idiot, but where do you even get the ISO?
count me in koops

i can made good puzzles and complex levels for the switch palaces.
i can also make good secrets, bonus rooms, etc.

but if you want me to do anything, i can only work on Saturdays and Fridays due to busy schedule.
i was sort of thinking of a vanilla hack with custom blocks, but whatever floats your boat,Koops. you're the captain, of course.

get it? boat? captain? course?
alright, i think you can count me out, hate to say it, but i was sort of thinking of a vanilla hack, so you can put me out of the list.
how to edit the HUD? i'm making a hack starring luigi, and i need the HUD to show luigi instead of mario.
wait, is the status bar the HUD? and what tools section?
in lunar magic? YY-CHR?
remember finding this a long time ago and being literally STUNNED.
it guesses everything! hammer bro, miles prower, mario, koopa troopa,
my sprites.txt won't show up|-O
sprites.txt dosn't come with spritetool.
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