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Hi folks. I'm completely new to hacking and Lunar Magic as of a day ago. I've been scratching my head over this problem all day today:

I've got a castle, and it's set to collapse after its event is passed. But when I look at the layer 2 event editor, the collapsed tile is waaaaaay over on the other side of the OW, and won't be moved. Naturally, the castle doesn't collapse right in the game.

It seems like I have the destroy level tile thing set up all right. Any clues? I'm betting it's something really silly.

Here's a picture?
Thanks for the warm welcome, guys! Glad to be here.

I tried seeing if it was a leftover tile on Layer 1, like Quick Quack suggested, but no luck! It seems to definitely be tied to the destruction event I set up for the castle.

Next I tried changing my event from 8 to 11, as that tutorial suggested. But sure enough, as soon as I page to event 12, the castle is cut off, and the destroyed tile is floating in the sea.

Maybe I borked the OW somehow, stumbling about?

Thanks for all the help and suggestions!
Hmm, I made some new tiles by copying and editing a few of the 8x8s to make some of the paths work, but I didn't edit any of the castle tiles. Would that still mess with the 16x16 stuff?

I could be mucked up between layer 1 and layer 2, like E-Man suggests, too! I'll try deleting all my events and see if I can get a castle to destroy at all, before I start in on the paths again.

You guys're great. I'd be banging my head against this all week!
I got it!

I think I'd laid some things down in layer 1, instead of layer 2, when working on the events and it confused the heck out of things. My test castle is now properly blowing up!

Thanks a ton, everyone.

If anyone has time for another question: what causes that weird flashing when event paths go off in the game? (Maybe I solved that by fixing this, though.)
Perfect! Thanks, E-Man!
Hi again! I've got a new one!

I've been redrawing some sprites, and I used a custom palette for two of them - the mushroom/one-up and the fire flower. I set the palettes using Sprite Paint. Everything looks dandy in the game, except when the items go into the item box -- then it flips out. Is there any way to fix that?

The mushroom is the little ice cream sundae there:

Here it is in the item box, after I picked up a fire flower:

The other redrawn sprites I did are fine in the item box. I presume because I didn't use a custom palette for them.

Any help is much appreciated!
A-ha! Thanks!
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