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some more tracks for you guys

I'm Evil, Bitch

152 BPM distorted kicks and fun melodies


unfinished 206 BPM madness
Originally posted by GvS


i am a sad man
oh this sounds p. great

i'll friend you if i indeed get picked or whatever
a new ep and stuff

Denial EP

it's hardstyle, if you're curious

support would be coolio
happy birthday to me c:
Originally posted by Egadd
Nice 3 Doors Down (?) sampling on the third track #lm{owsprlist}

nope. i sampled Metallica - One.

thanks for your feedback!
wow i'm posting!

just going to share some music things i've been making the past few years:

here's a DK Rap remix i made yesterday, it's very much non-serious so enjoy if you're into that sort of thing:


then, there's the Ice Cap Zone DnB remix i did:

i put this on YouTube as well but it's outdated, i changed some stuff in it, but if you're curious: Clicky!

i also made some trap in which i sample the cool dude saying a funky line from Donkey Kong Country 3:


and last but certainly not least i'm working on an EP based on the runes from DotA 2, it's all UK Hardcore... 5 songs are finished, and i'm working on the final one, but here are the finished ones:

Double Damage

enjoy listening! i'd love some feedback, i barely get any ♥
what is originality

I like the name itself more than the actual creature.
Originally posted by LatexHydra
I like how aggressive it sounds. I'll try to keep up with your music. Keep up the good work!


here's an update on stuff:

let's start with the serious stuff, here's a new proper UK Hardcore track I made:


then there's this incredibly unsettling mashup i did of MK64 menu music, Super Mario Galaxy Bouldergeist boss breakbeats, VVVVVV pause music and Banjo-Kazooie pause music, it's pretty bad but i'll leave it here anyway:


and finally, Face told me to make some noise, so:

Soundcloud (extremely loud and bad)

This is kind of a mix between Drum n Bass and Gabber, had a lot of fun producing this.

Also, this means the Rune Control EP I'm working on is pretty much finished now, just need to fix a lot of mixing issues with most tracks and it should be good to go.

oh and i need a cover but i'll figure out something


Buy it here!
Small update, but here's a remix of Atlantis from Banjo-Tooie:

i tried so hard and got so far......

almost made it into top 5, but hey, an honourable 6th place isn't too bad i think, especially for someone who hasn't played any Mario RPGs / has played 2 Gamecube games in his lifetime / has played no Wii U games at all / etc. seems like i'm lacking a lot of newer game soundtrack knowledge...

good job and congratulations extended to those who got the big money, big profits!
your face when GvS is just my display name l0l

But yay, I won!! going through 300+ OSTs pays off apparently. :>

Congrats to the other winners too!
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