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I have my selection of songs chosen and cut into clips, so I can host one whenever, so just give me a month, doesn't really matter when.

As far as I can tell, June hasn't been claimed yet; that would be great for me.

EDIT: If certain spots drop out I'm more than willing to fill in for them.
not as confident as with the previous contest, but we'll see

when is the deadline?
people who don't have the DLC characters are unlikely to main those characters, but they can still play vs other people who play those characters online, so not allowing them in tourney wouldnt make any sense imo.

not to mention, like leod said, those who do main DLC characters get shafted because they can't even play their mains.
here are some thoughts on your ruleset:

- I disagree with the choice for a best of 7 for winners/losers finals and grands. Best of 5 is already rather exhausting mentally. Smash requires a lot of focus and a bo7 can be really draining, especially if you're behind 3 games and have to make a 4-game comeback. I'd rather just see best of 5 throughout the whole tourney. Do note that this is coming from a mid-level Melee player, but even with Sm4sh I feel like it's the same deal.

- Why are grands 1 stock 2 minute matches and WF/LF 3 stock 6 minute matches? To me it doesn't really make sense to arbitrarily mess with the stocks like that. Just stick with 2 stocks throughout the tourney, it makes the most sense and it's what you see most commonly.

-"Winner is locked to the character they chose": seems a bit arbitrary, but I guess it could work, though I don't see this ever making an impact. Usually what you see is that after the first game, the loser picks a stage, the winner picks their character and then the loser picks their character. (because they get the counterpick) But again that's just common rules.

-"Grand Finale is not guaranteed and all depends on if one of the final contestants never lost." what l0l? Just play grands. The winners of WF and LF play, with the person coming from losers having to win 2 sets instead of 1, that's it. Just roll with the punches, I feel like you're changing regular rulesets for the sake of changing them when it's not necessary.

that's all I have, I hope you take this into consideration.
Originally posted by ninja boy
the final is played between the winner of the normal matches and the winner of the loser bracket

this is called grand finals

Originally posted by ninja boy
if the winner of the normal bracket loses they play another match in a grand finale.

this is called grand finals set 2
i'll give it a shot. watch out people, the resident champion is back
Originally posted by ergazoobi
Anyway, I think Halzyn's contest is next month so make sure you guys all participate in that, it should be almost as rad as this one!

*even more rad

that said, woo second place hooray. I just sent in my initial guesses and left it at that, bit bummed out about a few of the songs I didn't get but y'know, that's life. congrats Lui on first place!
yooooo fam. i'm hosting a contest, how rad is that?

basically i just picked songs i really enjoy listening to, along with some obscure picks 'n stuff. gotta keep it fresh, neh? if anything, my goal for this contest is to get people to discover some cool new tunes while doing this contest!

well you know it's your generic vgm guessing contest. guessing a game correctly will net you 1 point! almost getting it but not quite (i.e. a franchise guess, for example guessing Mario Galaxy or just Mario when really it's New Super Mario Bros.) will net you half a point, and solo guesses will net you a half bonus point! so get crackin'!

I'll have a nice personal chat with the top 3! I'm sure we'll figure out the perfect prize for you. I have a decent budget, so we'll see!

The contest ends April 25th, 23:00 or 11:00 PM CEST (that's Central European Summer Time). Get your guesses in before then! (or feel the wrath of my mighty blade) (idk)

Alright, you didn't have to yell at me.

Here's the archive link. If people want me to upload this archive elsewhere I can do that too (e.g. Dropbox/Mediafire) -- I will, however, not upload the songs individually. (too much work for me imo)

Good luck and beyond that, hope you feel enjoy! Sorry for disturb.
smh snn tryna hijack my contest

what a fraud
Just a small heads-up, but there are approximately 11 hours left to enter the contest! If you have answers ready but haven't sent them in, make sure you do so!
Originally posted by Lespna1
Even though I'm only positive on two of the answers, is it still good to send them in? Like I mentioned before, I'm afraid I might get last place, but it doesn't seem like there's a lot of people entering

That's up to you, man. Personally, I don't mind you sending them in.
So, the contest has ended! I'm pretty happy with the results, people got some stuff I didn't think they were going to get, so good job!


Live Google Sheets version
.xlsx format

I've written commentary on every track, if you're interested in my motivation for picking it, or just for a fun quip about the game.

If you're not interested in reading the full results, then here's the simple rundown:

1. SomeGuy712x (14.5)
2. AxemJinx (14)
3. fsvgm777 (12.5)
4. Blue Leaf (12)
4. Deputy BS (12)
6. SMW green man (10.5)
7. Centipede (9)
8. RanAS (8.5)
9. ergazoobi (8)
10. xHF01x (6.5)
11. cloudyboy (6)
11. DaxterSpeed (6)
13. Lespna1 (sorry dude :[) (2.5)


I will send the 3 winners a PM shortly, so we can discuss your prizes! Tune in next month for Tokiko's probably hella rad contest, which I'm going to totally win maybe perhaps.
Originally posted by imamelia
Huh. I could have sworn I sent in some answers, but I don't think I got any of the tracks anyway. Oh well.

I didn't get anything from you. :o
spade, tatrion, roy. i wish i could talk to these people now rather than being a complete disappointment like 7-8 years ago
while it's tough to accept a loss like this, there's not much else to really do 'bout it -- with that said, congratulations to the winners! y'all deserved it. :]
As a Melee player and spectator I would love for Melee -- and I guess Smash (6)4 along with it -- to be recognised as an official eSport, if only to watch Leffen participate in American tornaments again. Currently he has a temporary visa so at least he'll be able to play at EVO this year, but who knows after that... :[
January 12, 1997
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