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Ok so yesterday I was working on my SMW hack and for some completely random reason all the games music exept the Nintendo Presents sound are all static fizzing noises-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPCNk2oDdEM
Can anyone help or should I port, I made a backup and it does the same thing :(.

I amde it ^^
1. No, I did not use any patches yet
2. Yes, there are some custom blocks such as a teleport block and an On/Off switch block, and I attempted to use custom music and a sample bank on the third level(Hint- Attempted, It didnt work and I got rid of the sample bank)
3. I usually email the thing im working on and the SRAM/ZST between my moms and my dads house, when I loaded the zst It was working but when I restarted it I got what you saw in the video.
Nope, I created A bank in I think bank 17, realized the music didnt work, switched the bank back to the default, deleted the extra bank, and used the regular SMW music, I dont think that would be a problem :S
I checked in the SMWS Sample tool(Im using 1.65 BTW, not 1.70) It said there was only one bank and that was bank 16. Im not sure what happened, I guess I deleted the wrong bank because on bank 16 I can hear samples of cymbals and other stuff that wasnt used. Ill try to replace the samples right away.

EDIT: I checked the original and obiously there the same, IDK whats wrong with my game, if you think I should port to a different ROM, just tell me, if you thhink there is any other solution feel free to tell me also

EDIT2:Welp, I tryed everything that you guys gave me, It didnt work so I decided to port, I finished porting around 8:30 or so, Its working now =D, no need to reply anymore, WYE,Blumeire, any mod can close this now!
This is a really good first attempt at a hack #w{=)}. The only things are you might want to change the pallete of the background, if not change it and the sprites, bullet bill shotter and the turn blocks definately</i> need re-palleteing.
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Yes, yes you should...
Originally posted by Sagittaire
Entry 4: Title Screen
Entry 3: Credits ("The End" Screen)

Same for me, [notserious]#3 is soo good, it should be a reward for playing the game to see it XD[/notserious]

I vote for #4 as the title screen and maybe the "The End" Pic could be #5 #3
I predict-

Ill be known more(Semi-likely)
Ill have 1000+ posts(Semi-likely)
Ill finish my hack(Likely)
Ill make at least 30 n00bish posts(Unlikely)
Ill stop making my posts all in perfect english(smy lkly lololololo!!!!!!11111)
A milestone event will happen while i'm still on this site(Likely)
The next prediction will be the last(Unlikely)
This isnt the last prediction(Likely)

Awww... I got the last 2 wrong D:
Whenever I touch the custom teleprt block I have in my hack, I always get stuck for some random reason and cant jump, just move around. Heres the exact code directly from the .asm file
db $42
JMP MarioTouch : JMP MarioTouch : JMP MarioTouch : JMP Return
JMP MarioTouch : JMP Return

	LDA #$05
	STA $71


If anyone knows what the problem is by what ive given you, please reply, if you cant tell what is wrong with what ive gave you, ill probably have to port, AGAIN T.T
4th and 5th levels are complete, here are the screenshots

This is the 5th level, a water level

Thats what happens when you hit the on/off switch

The secret exit room of the 4th level

The secret exit room of the 5th level

"You just lost the game!"

...25 translations later we get:

"I've lost!?"

I win

Hello, I've been away from SMW hacking for awhile and I've decided to do a little thing for me in my spare time. I dont really expect it to get finished but whatever. My plan is to make it vanilla, in a sense of more SMW styled, but in it's professionality more like the VIP Series. So basically I want it to have mostly vanilla graphics and palletes, with some touches of chocolate in here and there, I'll probably put a few ASM hacks also. So without further ado, lets get to the screenshots!


I have only got 4 worlds done, if I ever need to make more I will.

This is the main map

World 1 is Grassland
World 3 is Desert/Beach
World 4 is somewhat of a seasonal Mountain I guess

This is the first submap

Ignore the level name.It is the sky world, you can also see part of it from the main map.


I only have 3 levels done so far, one of them has a secret exit


Purple coins are little hint markers, they stand out a little more than regular coins, that doesn't mean that all the hints are marked!

Uh oh...

Small coin bonus room. Yes I used MAP16 so the lava side tiles kill you.


Yay Yoshi Coin!

I like the effect here, better than just an item box.

Yay money!

I hit the switch here


This level has a secret exit that divides the world into almost 2 separate paths!

Some difficult enemy placement!

Stay on the top path and...

Be rewarded!

Whats behind that chuck?

Another Yoshi Coin!


Chuck pit!

But where's the secret exit?

Not that hard! But it's not marked...

Here's one of the palletes i've made, it's supposed to be a mossy cave pallete.


This is a shorter level, you get it after the normal exit of 1-2, I might improve it/make it longer later

This is where you start, but whats with the item boxes?

Oh I see...

I like doing this don't I, but I don't care, Yoshi Coins shouldn't be that hard to get.

Little challenge here

I'm not big :<

What you dont see is that theres about 5 screens between the shell and this.

This can be somewhat challenging if your big!

And some easy Yoshi Coins at the end.

If your wondering about plot forget it, I dont plan to have any good plot and if you can make one feel free to tell, I don't play video games for plot I play for the challenge and action, so don't expect too many puzzle levels for me either, i'm not good at making them anyway.

Feel free to leave ideas below, you are the people that might possibly play my hack in the future and you want stuff that you like in it right?

Not much more to say here so thats that, thanks for reading.
Originally posted by Maxodex
I'm really getting the vanilla feel in this. Excellent OW man! And I loved the green-ish palette in your "mossy cave".

Thanks! Palletes and overworlds have always been my better side, the only problem is that my style of level design isn't the "oh lets have 10 different paths and have so many bonuses that you will never explore the whole level" I don't mind nonlinear design, I try to have some minor bonuses in my levels but dont go all out.

Originally posted by FamilyTeamProductions
Your overworld looks great, but your level design is a bit flawed: there are many cuttofs and you could use more custom palletes.
Otherwise, proper good joob mate!

Thanks for the comment, where is the cutoff? I didn't see any, and I could make custom palletes, but the main point of it is to be more on the pure vanilla side than the "fancy" vanilla with MAP16 and palletes, I'll use custom palletes, just not as often as you see as in any "fancy" vanilla hack.
Originally posted by Luigi370
I like this. I sould play that hack after you finish it.

Lol, that is if I finish it! The 1st world is setting itself to be 12 Levels, And the hack is planned to have 9 worlds, some worlds might end up having like 15 levels, especially the later worlds xD! I'll probably release demos world by world. Hopefully I might have world 1 done in a month or so...
Originally posted by EvilGuy0613
Are you sure that 12 isn't to many levels for World 1? Not that it's a problem are anything but just mentioning considering the amount of levels you're able to use isn't unlimited.

But yeah nice work.

Yeah 12 might be too much for world 1, but theres 94 usable levels and in the 4 worlds that I have made theres 41 levels so far, 41x2 is 82, I still have 12 levels left for the 9th world, and the 8th and 9th worlds are mostly going to be bonus worlds with not as many levels as the normal worlds. Ive made overworlds before with 10-15 levels for 8 worlds and never ran out so I think I should be fine. If I do run out of levels I can just shave off 1 or 2 in the longer worlds no problem :>

Originally posted by 1UPdudes
Very nice vanilla feel this hack has! Good job!
The levels seem well designed to. Looking forward to seeing more! :>

Thanks! I will try to get out a level or 2 more out over the weekend!

Wow I wasn't expecting this thread to get so much attention!
Looks interesting, theres not that much to comment on, I like the grass tileset, but it does look somewhat like its from a pokemon game, even though I haven't played those games much. Keep up the good work though! Nintendo would be so proud to see that we have made their game into RPG style games! Romhacking has come so far...
Originally posted by FamilyTeamProductions
Cement block spam and cuttoff at the bottom.

I wouldn't say 20 or so cement blocks would be spamming, I could Map16 some stuff, but that would take away some of the vanilla "feel" from the hack, and I could probably move the cement block 1 more over to the right since its only purpose is to keep the koopa in that one spot.

I started making the pallete for the secret level after the 2nd level!

I mostly just made the grass lighter and the bg a green color, how does it look?
I'll join this, I just got a cool idea into my mind :>
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