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Get Noibat to chuck an Oran Berry at Espeon.
Belt out some Sonic Waves.
Make more joyous noise (Sonic Wave).
Stay still and wait for them to defeat the Grimer.
Move right towards the stairs.
Do some HP Draining.
Hoad for the bottom corridor.
"Go on ahead. We'll let you know if we hit the stairs."
"What good'll that do? Then only the leader can attack."
"OK then."
Use Solar Beam on the Skrelp.
Recruit the Skrelp, then send him back to town. Move down and left towards the bottom corridor.
Head down and left and go up the stairs.
I clicked on the thread hoping to see the badass turtle dragon, and instead I got a weird looking anime girl. 2/10

Trying a new pic idk
Head right to pick up the coins.
Go down and right through the right corridor.
Forget Psywave. Move down-right, then down.
Turn around and face the other members:
"Say... How d'ya guys think we should tackle this room? I was thinking of heading for the bottom while Noibat heads across the water to pick up the item over there."
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