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"All right. Me and Xewi will move south while you three move north. That okay with you, Xewi?"
Head down-right with Xewi and leave the others to go north.
Swap with Xewi and follow her.
Blast some Sonic Waves.
Use the Invalid Object.
Use the Invalid Object again.
"fuk u"

Level HP, BP, END and AUR.
Move on.
"I'm not quite sure what's happened back there, but it sounds like they've had a rough time..."

"Say, I could use a bit of a break from yesterday. Wanna walk around together?"

Hang out with the Sandile.
"Hey, that sounds like a great idea! Lying down in the sun, maybe I can see for myself what like... photosynthesis is like..."

"Last job wasn't too bad, I'd say. Didn't do too much, personally. Just sorta... followed behind Xewi."

"I think for our next job, I'd like to lead the way. Maybe you could even tag along this time!"
“Aye. I understand your concern. I know we’ll succeed though! What with you and the rest of us working together now... We just need to work hard...!”


“Well, I can’t say I remember anything about myself... But... I have this... feeling... I’m not sure how to describe it...”

“It’s as if I feel... bonded with you and the others. I don’t feel a stranger here, I feel... connected...”

“It’s as if I had a duty to protect the people here in this world.”
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