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Tip: Try sketching out ideas for overworlds and levels. Even if they don't manage to fit into Lunar Magic completely, at least you have a base to work from, instead of doing it all from scratch.Not logged in.
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check the request section etc etc
why care
Originally posted by Lorem ipsum
dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
Donec eget justo sollicitudin, aliquam leo id, aliquet eros. Aenean ornare maximus
fun game so far. might end up getting the full version one day. I've gotten all the collectibles in the first two levels, it was really neat to see there were 3 tiers and they had to be collected in one go (incentivizing "the perfect run"), although so far there's always only 2 paths, the one with a collectible and the one without. I got all the level 2 collectibles on my first run, which I can forgive because it's the start of the game. But hopefully they start requiring an actual challenge soon. There's not much they can do i guess, considering there's 1 button and 3 states they have to design the levels around.
Rally is pretty fun, but can be frustrating. I probably wont ever race a person with a Nintendo account linked up, as Toad is faster than Mario they can (and usually do) beat my score and there's nothing i can do about it besides make a Nintendo account. Which, bravo. Great incentive tbh.

I can see myself playing this for a while.
Maybe an hour a night before going to bed.

e: my one BIG COMPLAINT is the lack of distinction between a star power and a coin rush. Because, they're the exact same visually, except you can get hurt during one and not the other. that has cheesed me off more than anything so far.
Also ledge climbing is annoying because they space jumps out to require it (or you just walljump off), and it kills all momentum you have. i would've rather the ledge climb been used as a last resort for under-shooting a jump, not for doing it correctly.

who cares lmao
It's cool, my post was wrong anyways.

Originally posted by BLah
Originally posted by BlAh
Originally posted by BlaH
bangin' green link color
cool non clicked link color

Lol I'm never going to use this anyways but whatever who am I talking to?

This is a bangin' green link color among text to make sure it pops out.
cool non clicked link color
what does this have to do with anything?
Originally posted by Wywyman
Originally posted by Hobz
what does this have to do with anything?

You, my friend got Ninja'd

we asked two totally different questions:
you pointed out no muchers, i pointed out the failure that was this post and how it has nothing to do with basic smw hacking, considering it was a purposely fail romhack.
so you, my friend got pwned #w{=3}
alternatively, this is an option, if i am not mistaken.
and if i am, #w{=3}
or, and im probably wrong in many ways, you can try a different base rom. or you could try a different snes emulator, or even just snes9x, so you can record an example and post it on youtube, just so we can learn about the problem a little more.
Originally posted by wam09
inform me on what being ninja`d means, but don`t ninja me

to beat someone to posting a comment of the same topic, such as two people complaining about a topics irrelevance to anything...
i love how off topic an off-topic forum post can get #w{=3}
you can make them either way.
the invisible ones are only when you want them to appear through an event.
and if your asking how to make them visible or invisible, they're in the switch palace icon
this might be more of a request for a custom sprite or a patch.
i suggest you put this there
either that, or learn asm hacking and apply it that way #w{=D}
i haven't used it, so i wouldn't know, but:
-did you try making it act like tile 130?
-did you put the right settings, if it is a bin file. or if its asm, did you alter the code?

EDIT: or you could be using the wrong version of blocktool
lunar magic 1.7 tends to make hacks unplayable if certain things are inserted. i had the same problem when i inserted exgfx :\
my only suggestion is for you to use 1.65 for now
the show used to be ok for little kids, but its starting to get pretty gross, like the episode with the ick and gary was eating it off,
or something like this :\
and i agree with fakescaper, people are nude to almost nude alot in the show, like the one where squidward runs through town naked to get to the krusty krab.
also, im pretty sure they have forgotten they are underwater, like when squidward has a pool in the hotel episode.
but oh well, its still a decent show, if you have a small attention span and are immature #w{=3}
if you have ever said that about a show, which one, and why. do you think if they brought it back, you could still watch with the same love you had for it as a kid, (or slightly younger person)? a show that was moved to an obscure time period (ex. 3:30 am), counts.
Originally posted by mockingod
The thread title is deceiving... ¬_¬

well how else can i get people to look at this thread :)
the outset forest song in the legend of zelda wind waker. if you haven't heard it yet, knock yourself out. just be sure to turn up your speakers, so you can hear a faint piano hitting two notes over and over again.
and for a "musician" i'd have to say lady gaga- bad romance. 'ra ra, a a a, roma, romama. ga ga oo la la. *nonsensical gibberish.' i remember when it took talent to be popular. now shit like this can get 200,000,000 views on youtube '-_-
the palletes in the top right corner control to status bar, to my knowledge.
try changing the green in the top right corner to red and let us know if it works #w{=)}
to all you that are mad, post your love here
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