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Hi, I've been working on my hack for a while. And I'm currently trying to edit the graphics of the midway point (not the midway point bar) using yy-chr, but I can't figure out which graphics file it is. So which one is it?
Um...Which graphics file? That's what I am trying to find out.
There's a little problem I'm facing in Lunar Magic. Whenever I try and change the 16x16 attributes, it won't won't save to the Map16Page. Even when I press F9. Am I doing something wrong or is there something wrong with my ROM?
Thank you so much! I've always been trying to figure that out!
I've been working on the Overworld for a while but I can't figure out how to make crossing paths. I know it's possible because there are crossing paths in the original game. So how?
The level tile thing doesn't work. Mario just stops like he does in a
normal level tile. Isn't there some specific tile number that can be put in between the 2 crossing paths that works as an intercect path.
Yeah, I already tried that, I still would like him to actually cross that tile, but I guess there's no way around that. Thanks anyway.
Here is an SMW Hack I am currently working on. It's called "Mario's Adventures In Ice World". The basic storyline of this hack is: Bowser has frozen the world and only Yoshi can use his eggs to unfreeze the world because his eggs have magical powers, but Bowser's minions have captured 7 of his eggs, and Bowser has also kidnapped the Princess. This hack includes: Changes in the storyline, changes in the levels (duh!), graphics changes, Overworld map changes, ExAnimation, and ExGraphics. Here are some screenshots:

Please comment!
I knew somebody was going to comment on the palettes being too blue. It does get a little old, but when you you beat the game, the palettes on the overworld change to normal palettes, but the level palettes are still the same. And as for the custom music thing, probably not, I have made some music that I planned on inserting in .mid format but since I don't know how to use addmusic, the answer is probably a "no".
You need to set an exit destination. First, click on the Layer 1 16 x 16 Editor "The Ghost House". Click on the bridge tile, then go up top and click on the Exit Level Tile Settings "The one that looks like a red bridge", then you should know what to do from there.
It might be possible with ASM Hacking or something, but I have no idea how to do that.
Originally posted by snowguy1372
Looks nice, though there are black borders around the mushrooms and such on the title screen.

Yeah, I know. Maybe I should try a different border for the title screen.
Well, for the FG, I'm thinking change the palettes to a light bluish color like I did in my hack, and you could also make things like icicle GFX, and make alot of things look like they've got ice on top of them, like the Snowy Field ExGFX used in "Mario's Keytastrophe".
Well, first of all, to get the right colors in YY-Chr, you need to press "F12" then open the one that says (Name of ROM File).zst, but you have to open your ROM in Zsnes and make a savestate. (Prefferably in one of your levels) As for the pipe glitch, you need to set the Secondary entrance FG Position to "C0". I can tell you're new to hacking, so go to "" and download the one that says "Super Mario World Haxn' Guide".
You just open yy-chr. Edit an already existing file, (Do not open a new file because when you insert it, it will say the file is too big) then when it's finished click "Save As", save it in the ExGraphics Folder. Save it as ExGFXxxx where "xxx" is a hexadecimal number between 80 and FFF. Then open Lunar Magic and click on the Yellow Mushroom to insert the ExGraphics, then click the Red Poison Mushroom, click on one of the drop down menus and click on the one that has the number of your file name. Use BG1 if it's a background and FG1, FG2, or FG3 (prefferably FG3) if it's a foreground. For the Map16Page, open Map16 pages 2-1F, click on one of the blank tiles, choose the 4 8x8 tiles, then what palette it uses, then choose if you want it to have layer priority, then you choose what tile number it acts like. Then right click the space you want the tile to be, press "F9" to save to ROM. Then press "F2" to save to a file. And that's it.
Originally posted by 554
wow thanks that help alot!
and i said inserting ExGFX was hard...
bah! its easy!

No problem! :)
No offense, but the pipe GFX...they just don't work.
And why would Yoshi's House be in hell? Maybe you should change the idea of your hack around a bit because some parts don't make sense.
I am not sure...Maybe your ROM isn't clean.
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