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I'm pretty sure this is the place to post this. I would like opinions on this level, it is the first in my SMW hack and the only one I believe is worth posting right now.

Level 1
Level 1-2
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5

I think it's a pretty good start but I'd like opinions. BTW, it's a replacement for Yoshi's Island 1.

(No ExGFX or anything special, just a vanilla hack. These are uploaded in the Lunar Magic format.)

Edit: Added links to my other 4 levels. They suck. The only interesting part is the additional stuff I added to level 5 but I can't seem to get the camera scrolling upwards to show where you are.

Edit: Added the underground area of level 1. Changed Level 1 and the underground area of it to levels 001 and 002 respectively in LM.
Thanks, I didn't realize you could use HTML here. I thought I had to use the option to put in a link through the posting editor.

Ie: Link

EDIT: No clue what has happened here, I can't even edit most of the post.
Currently working on the level cutting off platforms and such. Removed most of the banzai bills. Also rebuilt the area after the midway point cause it didn't work well. Also a warning to anyone who tries to enter the yellow pipe, it currently leads to the bonus game.

Just re uploaded the .mwl file with some of the updates.

Screenshot of part of level 1.

Edit: Fixed the majority of the issues bullethead22 had with the level. Deleted about a third of the sprites since they weren't spawning and got rid of the 3-up moon. Fixed all of the cutoff problems. Hopefully.

Edit: Found one place at the beginning of the level where there is still cutoff but it's really easy to miss even looking for it. Can't figure out how to successfully get rid of it though.

Edit: Followed bullethead22's advice on changing the music and background. I personally prefer what I had but I'd like opinions on this. Also changed the yellow pipe. Currently only leads to Yoshi's Island 2. At least it doesn't lead to the bonus game now.
How about an achievement for not touching the ground after your first jump in a level. And flying doesn't count.

Edit: Testing for custom post stuff.
Wow, I kinda lost interest in this for a while. If I get around to it, I might start working on my hack again. I'm installing Windows 7 before hand though. I hope Lunar Magic works on 64-bit, I believe it should though.

Edit: Testing for custom post stuff.
Wow, I feel really stupid about the HTML link now... I should have known that. And as long as Lunar Magic doesn't cut off any buttons or menus I shouldn't have too much trouble if it cuts it off. Got 7 installed so I'm thinking about figuring out where I left the folder for my hack and starting work again.Although I'm thinking about changing the background back to the dark red from black, I preferred it that way. Still working on a name for it though. (I was thinking Mario in Hell or something but I'm pretty sure there's already a hack by that name and the Mario in Hell thing seems to have already been over-done.)

Edit: If anyone could check out my level one and help me, I'd appreciate it. On screen 07 there's an exit to level 1CB and I seem to be unable to get rid of it. (I'm probably doing it wrong, but then I haven't used Lunar Magic in 3 months.)

Edit2: I realized I had already had a new theme going. I still don't know for sure what to name the hack though. World 1 is the land of Schizophrenia and world 2 is the land of Phobia. (Haven't gotten far enough to worry about subsequent worlds.) And I also have a question. Does anyone know what happens if you add more than 7 castles?

Edit3: Will these questions ever stop coming? I'm trying to edit the overworld to at least get Yoshi's island changed for now and despite following the directions in the help file I have instead gotten the game stuck in an infinite loop at the intro. (The part where you get the message right before you move up to Yoshi's House) I have my Yoshi's house level in the same spot as the original, the only thing that has changed is the pathing around it. Any help would be highly appreciated. Here's a pic of what I have so far.

Yoshi's Island AKA Schizophrenia

And yes, level 3 is flagged as Yoshi's House.

Update: Still having the infinite intro loop happening, I have looked at everything I can think of and still can't figure it out. I finished the first island though:

Finished Yoshi's Island

I have the path overlay active as well as level numbers and event numbers. Maybe someone will be able to figure out what I did wrong so they can tell me and I can feel stupid cause it was obvious.

Yet another edit: I think I figured out part of the problem but it still doesn't fix it: I was putting the Mario sprite in the wrong spot. Since you start the game below Yoshi's house I was trying to put it there at first but it actually goes a square above it.

Note for self: My request for help is here
I'm just going to post a link to my hack's discussion thread since I've already posted the problem there. (In the last post. With some pics.)

I edited the overworld and have the Mario sprite in the correct place. the problem is that when I go to test the ROM, I get stuck in an infinite loop at the intro (the part where you get the message about Bowser kidnapping Peach) where when it finishes, it just starts over again.

Edit: Forgot to link my thread.

My thread
It's a vanilla hack. Or do you mean if I have any patch for it uploaded? In which case it's a no cause I haven't gotten around to doing that. I'm not even sure I have the program downloaded to make one.

Edit: Crap, I think I found out why I'm having problems. I didn't know you aren't supposed to edit the map up to Yoshi's house (at least a tutorial I just read says you aren't supposed to.) So I'll have to restart and import my levels then redo the overworld. (Which sucks cause I've already gotten rid of nearly everything in preparation of editing it.) I'll re-edit this after I've done that and let everyone know if it works.
No, at the moment it's still the basic intro.

I made a new copy of SMW and imported all my levels and didn't mess with Yoshi's house though and it's working. Despite all the work I already put into the overworld, I think I'll just keep it this way. My version of Yoshi's island looked a little too much like the original anyway.

And just a note, the intro started the infinite loop only after I moved Yoshi's House and moved the Mario sprite.

Edit: So now my problem is, well not so much a problem as much as I just don't know how to do it yet, is how to get paths to got from being dark to being light after finishing a level. Honestly I always figured that would be built into the pathing tiles...
I'm thinking something I did is what messed up the intro. It seems to be fixed since I started over. Luckily I wasn't very far in the hack and had all of my levels backed up to SML files.

Calvin, I already knew not to select an old save file.

Kaizoman666, thanks a lot for those instructions. They will help me a lot.
Originally posted by Alcaro
To delete a screen exit, hit the door with the +- in the toolbar (leftmost one), use the menu there to choose the screen the exit is on, and hit Delete.

Adding more than seven castles should work fine, but then you won't have enough castle destruction sequences for them all. A workaround some hacks uses is to give each Koopaling his own world and put Bowser in world 8. Another method you could use is to not use the castle destruction sequences at all.

I actually found that out not long after posting that about the screen exit. Thank you for the help anyway though.

And the more than 7 castles one was just out of curiosity, I'm not sure if I'll use more or not yet.

Update: Here's the Yoshi's Island I made since I restarted. All those paths now disappear properly except the one from the castle and the one on the top left. I'll have to fix them but that's for another day.
Overworld 2.0

Edit: for testing reason.
Oh, thank you for those errors, I completely missed those. And I will probably have to partially rebuild the island since it doesn't quite match the overworld version I have yet.

Edit: Testing for custom post stuff.
That looks like decent hack, a lot less vanilla-y than mine.

Edit: Testing for custom post stuff.
I'm sitting on my computer.
I personally like the glitch where you duck under a block as super Mario then spin jump through the ground below it on SMW.

Edit: Testing for custom post stuff.

Linking the last movie I watched on another forum. (I forget how to work links on this site, I haven't been here in too long and it's quite different from other forums...)
Thanks, I knew about the HTML thing but I'm not very good with HTML nor do I know exactly what the site will accept. I didn't realize it would accept normal bbcode though.

Edit: Your text here

Copied so I could edit my previous post.

Also as a sidenote, just Onyx is fine. No need to append the numbers.
Any chance I can get help with my layout? The top and bottom don't seem to want to go all the way to the top and bottom of some of my posts since I changed the colors for links.

EDIT: I seem to have at least partially fixed it. But when the post is too short (Ie: in this case a blank post for simplicity's sake) the top and bottom of the image gets cut off a little and then my layout doesn't go all the way to the bottom.

And in addition does anyone have suggestions for making the signature box look less blah? I'm really no good with this sort of thing and I'm rather amazed that I had as much success as I already have. (Took me about an hour to finally get the signature box to stop going all the way to the far right of my posts.)

My layout code

I'm not sure how to post my code here without the site trying to use it. (On the site I'm used to posting on, it would be to just surround it with [noparse] and [/noparse] codes but I don't think that works here.)


It cycles between 47 different wallpapers but that one is my favorite. Also, I didn't bother minimizing anything on the second monitor because if my computer is on, there is always those windows there.
My own forum
raocow's Talkhaus

More or less in that order. All of those except Facepunch, my forum, and Cracked occasionally shift around. (And SMWCentral+racow's site were both recently added to that list.)
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