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I agree w/ Blumiere. It's not a ghost!! It's the LIGHT
tricking ya. But, I've SEEN a real ghost b4. It waz when
I slept overe W/ my friend. I saw it on my DSi!! True!!
NOW, I'm too scared too go back in my basement( That's where I saw
the ghost.)! O_o EDIT: It appears that I found a twin of another ghost. Her name is Toommy
Have you heard of the 1938 storm(Which was a 200-mph winds
hurricane)? THAT was destructive! It hit my state's capital,Albany!
I live in New York. Now, a hurricane(or what I THINK is a
hurricane) has hit my state. The winds are pickin' up now.
Still, IDK why Im connected to internet.=/ Rains are stopped,
may restart later. Has a hurricane hit your area before??
EDIT: It wasn't a hurricane!! Probaly a tropical depression.
The other day, I saw a hurricane headindg for New York, but it broke before it even hit Pennsylvania. The 1938 storm hit NY before!!!
I searched," Super Mario World hacks" and, HERE I ARE!! I waited a few months b4 i joined!!
I don't know what the mushrooms is up w/ MARIO RIDIN' A BIRD!! But, I can't mave the starting sprite I wonder WHY! ASk FuSoYa about that, please!!! Also, TOMMAROW IS EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WELLLLLLL , its time people... I ANNOUNCE my TOP 5 fav Mario games!!!
1........... SM64!!!! (N64/VC)

So... THESE are my TOP5 fav Mario games!!!!!
I love SM64 better than SM64DS. SM64 has Mario's classic"YAHOO!"
And, you get to do a cool glitch named, Backward Long Jump(BLJ)!!
I LOVE the "YAHOO!!YAYAYAYAYAHOO!" Mario does in BLJ!!! Try it!!
BLJ uses, Z,A& UP on the control stick!!!!!!!!!
Super Paper Mario. WHYOHWHY!!!! Nintendo NEVER pays attention to their fans about Paper Mario games!! Exept for the first 2!! SPM IS NOT AN RPG!! The only Rpg in that game is Underchop battle....
I WANT A PROPER SEQUEL TO PM2!!! Fine!! I'll write to Nintendo about how much we want a proper sequel to PM2!! PLEASE, Nintendo, Don't make a SPM2 game!! It'll be WORSE!!!EDIT: I LIKE SPM only 50% of the time and some times its HARD. Like the LAST battleO_o.
SMW GBA. I kept losing to a REAL hard part in Bowser Valley 2!!
Ya know, the one where if you make ONE wrong move, OH, MAMMA MIA!!!
*Death music plays* But, I got past THAT, Now, Im having trouble on Bowser valley 4! =( :(
Nintendo should make a NEW SMW game for DS and the story HAS to be changed!! Also, I want Super Mario AllStars+World& Super Mario AllStars game for Wii VC. Nintendo, Im WAITING...
@ Troopa. RIGHT!! The romhack would have a lot of: Blatant level edits, NO gfx changes, no modded overworlds, no text edits AND, alot of unedited levels(I think thats similar to Blatant lv edits)
I'd save BOTH. Becuz I'd GIVE the homeless man the 1 million. So he could have a home.
@aj6666: I knew that!! Thanks 4 reminding me!! But, my little cousin thinks the infinite stair music is SCARY!!
Whats your FAV character in Mario&Luigi RPG series??? My FAV character is.....YOU GUESSED IT, Luigi!! Because he's like, "WAHH!"
"Oh,NO!!!" AND"MARRRRRRRRRIOOOOOOOO!" here and there!! Post a reason Along W/ your fav character!! Luigi IS so funny!!! He makes my game!
*Makes my game means that (S)he makes the game more fun.*
I have an idea for a hack!!! I will name it,"Super Mario World:The Lost Levels For Super Players"!!The hack will have TONS of new levels, SMB3 gfx AND an experience we'll NEVER forget!! The only problem is: it'll take 4 YEARS to make the hack!! I have to apply the SMB3 gfx hack by: WHOEVER MADE it!! I forgot the creator's name! Can you find the SMB3gfx hack and its author?? Anyway, there will be NEW levels that are 5/5 difficulty!! I can release demo1 on April 6th IF you want!!(Thats tommorow in my reigion.)But, I have to try to re
lease it by 4:00PM EASTERN STANDARD time. If I can release ALL demos,W/ out rejects, I'll have a bonus level in my hack!!!If I tell you, I'll SPOIL the surprise!! We all don't want THAT to happen, DO WE?? I'll need some beta testers!! I won't tell you the testers' nicknames!! Now, to work on SMW:TLLFSP!!
*SMW course clear music plays*
EDIT:demo 1 has been released.EDIT2:HOW DO I POST PICTURES!!
@iRhyiku. Sorry. But, its gonna take a long time to do all 1FF levels.
I need to take the time to make this hack in 4 years!! My deadline for the final is: 2014,4/5.Error52, THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!! I have it in my hack now, and I give credit to Pac for THE SMB3GFX!!!
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