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I predict that:
.SMWC will have a SMW grass land theme.
.SMWC will have a "Bad Hacks" section below "Hacks"
.SMWC will have more tips
.SMWC will have an EASIER way to post Pics
.SMWC will have A General Guy( from Paper Mario) boss ASM hack.
.There will be 99999999999999999999999999 members(of which 50% are staff.)
.SMWC will have 20000000000000000 forums.
THese are my predicttions for SMWC in 2012. :-)
@ 2 technogeeks! Upload it to my files? THANKS!! Its been along time since ya replied to me! I'll get to it NOW!
@2technogeeks(again). WHAT'S Kuribo???? I don't know what that is. Is it a website to post some thing?? Or we could all be at SMWiki!!
@ FlareFox7921. Sorry. It was included in Pac's SMB3 GFX. IDK why. When I remove the wood ground, it revealed this ground. It also is in the "Add objects" dialog in LM. That's a weird ground,Pac!! But, is the Levelhard?? If not, I'll improve. The hack was MEANT to be hard. SMB:LL inspired me to do this.I need to work on 106's BG because, IT LOOKS corrupted. EDIT: HiddenMissingo, how did you cross out"Ur doin it wrong."? I could STILL see it. I'm NOT kidding.I saw it W/ my OWN eyes!!
I came up W/ my username like "Super Mario" "Link(From LoZ)"64(N64)"
it was going to be SuperMarioLink64,but, I named it SMlink64 to make things easier,and NOT ending up like mockingod.AND, SMlink is a cool nickname for my username!! someone called me that in one of my forums! But, I prefer to be called SMlink64. AND.. that's HOW i came up W/ my username. Quite a loooooong story, eh?( My hands are sore from typing ALL this!!!!!!!)
Demo 2 of Super Mario World The Lost Levels For Super Players has been RELEASED!! I worked on the OW, improved the title screen, made a title screen intro!! Sadly, I won't be able to put the bonus level in the final becaused I promised, If the ALL demos of the hack were released W/ out REJECTS, I would put a bonus level in the final. I can't do the bonus level Because I got a reject =(. Sorry, but that's how the hack's gonna go,my friends. But, I'll WORK ON IT!!!
@ highwind. You have to WEAR a fireman suit before going in( bring an AIR TANK W/ You too!) a burning house and rescue one or BOTH ( I'd save both.). If you DIDN'T wear a fireman suit, you're going to die becuz of the TOXIC gases in the fire. I've NEVER saved anyone from a fire before!!
Has any one noticed that in the first part of the first vid, the SMW credits music is played?Also, I REALLLLY want an E- Reader for my SMA4 game. Does the E -Reader thing work on DS? I don't have a GBA. Will the E- Reader work on DS?? Tell mE!! EDIT: What's that music at 8:15?
I found a Super Mario World glitch!! In the YELLOW swich place, BRING the P- Swich W/ you to the Yellow switch. Put the P-Switch on TOP of theYellow swich. JUMP ON THE P-SWITCH. You should end up pressing BOTH switches!! It wont crash your SNES or GBA. Its a COOL glith!!
sorry if I posted this in the WRONG forum. Please move if i put this in the WRONG place!
Freakirby!! I didnt know that PM2's your FAV game!! Thank you for reminding me of PM2!! I have NOT played that since like..5 months ago!! I been playin SMW GBA.
HEY, pressing a P- Switch and a Switch Palace switch AT THE SAME TIME is a glitch!! I JUST found it when playing SMA2 on VBA!! I THINK it works on SNES.... not sure.
pkhaxor! You doing it WRONG!! Youre sopposed to put the P- switch ON TOP of the yellow switch!! THEN, jump on the P- switch and you SHOULD step on the yellow switch after hitting the P -swiTch, UNDERSTAND? Now try it out on SNES! I did this on the GBA version!! Try!! Its SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO easy!!
2technogeeks, I already knew that!! Someone named "Chester" PMed me about it. The Kins moderates SMWTLLFSP,huh??
Originally posted by 2technogeeks
And you might want some beta testers before releasing the next demo. I guess I'll be one.
Originally posted by SMlink64
You MAY be one,2techno.* Thinks up a new level.* * SMW boss clear music plays* Ok,I'll try to THINK of who should be a BETA tester.EDIT: I don't now how to quote w/ out putting a quote box w/ my username!!

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The levels SHOULD contain cutoff? This is about what NOT to do in a hack? WOW!! I could try to make tons of cutoff!! So this is basically about WHY THE HACKS GET REMOVED? Oh..man!! This looks awesome!!
DEMO3 has been released. The bad ground is NO LONGER SEEEEEEEEEEEEN again. I have totry to make the bonus level now. I WILL INCLUDE THE BONUS LEVEL AS PROMISED. its ok if i get another reject. I'll STILL include it. I really have to,for 2technogeeks. He said its silly to include a bonus level if there are no rejects. So, I agree with him.
And oh, I'll need to see someone TASing the hack. I want to see how far they can get in about 2 mins.Can someone TAS the hack so I can see how far you can get in 2 minutes or less.
GIVE UP?? No way I'm doing that!! I want to CONTINUE it. The other hack(Super Mario World Super Worlds) isn't gonna be continued anymore. But iRhyiku,Im NOT giving up until the final is COMPLETE!! No matter how many rejects I get!! I'm STILLLLLLL not giving up!! Anyone agree?? I have the " Hack Spirit" THIS TIME, right?? I only gave up on Super Mario World Super Worlds.. BUT, NOT THIS ONE!! Sorry if I'm TOO excited. 2technogeeks, I know what you said about caps,and I don't NEED to bring up the CAPs thing again,alright??
PIC(someone MAY need to TOSS my filebin again =/) EDIT: Rabees said: 1FF is 511 in decimal. O_o. I'll NEVER make that in a year!! I'm NOT doing FIVE HUNDRED ELEVEN levels in ONE hack!! I will not, I repeat,not do 511 levels in 1 IPS!! Now, I'll settle for the normal levels for editing!!
O_o I'm glad HE doesn't know my EMAIL.If you get hacked, make sure you don't have my E-mail. If you don't,thats good. If you do,he'll DESTROY my laptop, LIKE THIS: *hacker acesses my comp, sets a comp bomb & runs away.* THENNNNN... *BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM* byebye computer.This is what would happen if the hacker got on my comp.He'd blow it up....... who knows anyway.
Has ANYONE had a SMWCentral dream? Yeah, I have. Now, there was this thing called"ANNUAL SMWCentral OYLIMPICS". ALL the members from this site(Even the staff were there) came. I think MARIO and PEACH were in the dream. Mario told me I lived with Peach. O_o. Now, at the end, Blumire banned me from going home!! And I had to STAY inside the building that S.N.N owned for A YEEEEEEAR! Peach cried because she would NEEEEEVER see me for 365 days!! I think 2technogeeks was in my dream. Well, after a night in S.N.N's building, I woke up =/. I think I might NOT have another dream about SMWCentral again. That dream I just described was LAST NIGHT'S dream!! How about you? Any SMWCentral dreams, anyone?? EDIT: It seems I just remember another part!! Ok, so there WASN'T enough members to have partners in the 2 legged post(LOL) So I partnered up with MARIO!!!!!! Or, was it Bowser?? EDIT2: Wow. I can't belive that this thread got 48 posts in ONE week!! #w{=)}#w{<3} EDIT3: Well, I've updated!! Now Mario-related dreams are ALLOWED!!Green light for members who have Mario dreams!!
Ehhhh, I have a feeling the hack's going to be REJECTED again....
The feeling looks like this: WARNING!! WARNING!! SMLink64!! YOUR HACK,SUPER MARO WORLD THE LOST LEVELS FOR SUPER PLAYERS,IS GOING TO BE REMOVED!! I better have the NEXT demo ready by tommorrow.(Ok,SMLink, Shake it off!!) WHEEEEEEEEEW! Well, how's the hack going??? Any errors I need to fix??
Well, SADLY, last night, I didnt have a SMWCentral dream again.But, I remember the dream I described in my first post in the thread FROM BEGGINING TO END!!! I don't remember last night's dream!! But all I remember from last night's dream is this: I saw a white light. THEN I woke up. Strange you can remember SOME dreams and you don't recall some. Wierd,huh?
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